A workforce management system for time and labor tracking.

About Synerion

The most valuable and important resource of your organization is its workforce. Understanding, managing, and controlling its impact on the company’s profitability is essential for improving business performance.

The Synerion Time and Attendance management solution provides comprehensive and accurate data of the working hours your organization utilizes, pays for, and allocates to facilitate the smooth and profitable running of your company.

Controlling Time, Absence, and Costs

With its wide range of functionality, Synerion’s Time and Attendance system, automates and tracks essential processes such as current and historical work hours, overtime, sick leave, vacation allowance and utilization, and all other types of attendance and absences.

The Synerion Time and Attendance software takes into account your organization’s specific requirements, including individual and collective employment agreements, business rules, labour laws and regulations, union contracts, and shift patterns.

When preparing the payroll, the Synerion Time and Attendance software consolidates actual working hours with irregularities in arrival and departure times and absences, allowing for accurate payment for actual time attended – resulting in substantial cost savings for your organization.

Key Benefits of Synerion Time and Attendance

  • Substantial cost savings by means of accurately tracking employee attendance, reducing overtime, and eliminating human errors
  • Increased transparency of workforce data enables the organization to analyze, forecast, and optimize actual workforce requirements
  • Accurate payroll calculations assure correct pay for actual hours worked
  • Enables organizations to be more effective, efficient, and focused when planning and forecasting
  • Minimal administrative tasks through the automation of processes.

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