TimeClock Plus

A multi-module management system designed by Data Management for startups and small organizations.

About TimeClock Plus

Time and Attendance Solutions for Small Businesses

Uniquely referred to as SBE, its design focus is to help companies control costs in today’s fast paced and competitive business world. An easy to use business tool for even the novice PC operator, employees can clock in or out using an available PC, or when in a multi-user environment, from any authorized PC on the network.

TimeClock Plus SBE automatically calculates employees’ time, both regular and overtime, premium pay, holiday pay, tracks tardies, absenteeism and accruals, provides labor reporting and labor costs forecasting, and more.

Those employees that do not have access to the computer where TimeClock Plus is installed use our real-time, RDT 100 Series employee access terminals for all their clock transactions. A conveniently sized, sturdy online serial or Ethernet device, the RDT 100 is designed to allow employees access to TimeClock Plus, from a source other than a PC, and to allow management to communicate with employees through its messaging capabilities. Badge swipe, external bar code readers, proximity readers and a digital output port (for loud bell alerts, alarms or door access controls) round out the RDT 100’s optional features.

Payroll Interfaces for TimeClock Plus

Don’t waste valuable time keying in employee hours!

TimeClock Plus takes the next logical step in automating the process of doing payroll by creating a bridge between the employee data collected by TimeClock Plus, and many of the popular payroll packages or services available today.

At the end of each pay period, depending on the payroll software to which the data will be transferred, TimeClock Plus will either create a file which your payroll software will import, placing all the employee data in the appropriate fields, or it will physically place the files directly in the fields in your payroll software. Data may also be exported to most spreadsheet and database programs.

Payroll information, such as employee name, I.D., regular hours, overtime 1, overtime 2, tips, department, etc., is exported saving valuable time in the once tedious job of processing payroll. There is no need to key all the information into your payroll package; let us do the work for you!

We interface with over 200 different software packages/services and very likely, the one you use is included. In the event that you have the need to transfer to a product with which we have not yet developed an interface, we will happily do our best to create that interface for you.

RDT 100 Series

Employee Access Terminals

The RDT 100 Series employee access terminals are uniquely engineered for TimeClock Plus, to operate in real-time, instantly writing critical employee data directly to the confines of your computer disk.

The RDT 100 is a real-time timeclock which can be desk or wall mounted in an area easily accessible to all employees, allowing them to perform any necessary clock transaction, without physical access to a computer. Available in many models, the RDT 100’s flexibility is unmatched in the time & attendance industry.

Each model interfaces with the TimeClock Plus database in real-time, ensuring that your employee information is protected appropriately. Management enjoys the availability of true ‘up-to-the-second’, on-screen or hard copy information required to accurately control labor costs in today’s hectic workplace. Also, under real-time clock operation, there is no threat of lost data during power failures as with stand-alone devices.

Choose From a Variety of Employee Access Devices:

  • Basic Pin Punch
  • Magnetic Badges
  • Bar Code Badges
  • Proximity Badges
  • Digital Output for Access Control
  • Auxiliary Device Support

TimeClock Plus – RDT 100/200 Series Employee Access Terminals

Completely interactive and in true undelayed real-time, the primary functionality of the RDT and 200 Series terminals is to allow employees to communicate interactively with TimeClock Plus. Employee time keeping transactions are not stored at the time clock, but written directly to TimeClock Plus’ database, as they happen. This means, when an employee clocks in using any RDT 100/200 series terminal, all the business intelligence of TimeClock Plus which is hosted on the server controls that transaction. Employee restrictions such as schedule limits, overtime limits, etc., are enforced in real-time, and prevent the time consuming exceptions typically realized at the end of the pay period with conventional polling, ‘store and forward’ clocks. In true real-time, one second after an employee clocks in, any person on the network with proper authorization can view the fact that the employee has just clocked in.

The RDT 200 boasts the ability to function in both online and offline modes. This means that in the event that normal real-time communication between the RDT and its host is lost, the 200 Series will begin taking steps to correct the state. If unsuccessful, it will automatically begin accepting transactions in offline mode, and will continue to do so until it recognizes the connection has been reestablished. At that point, all punches collected will be immediately delivered to the TimeClock Plus database, and those records will be flagged as offline punches for tracking purposes.

Choose the Configuration That Best Fits Your Needs:

  • Basic Pin Punch
  • Magnetic Badges
  • Bar Code Badges
  • Fingerprint Biometrics
  • Proximity Badges
  • Digital Input/Output
  • Hand Biometrics

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