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Track time on the clock for payroll or track project hours for billing. Reports can be delivered to the payroll processor or configured as invoices for clients. Reimbursable expenses can be captured on employee’s expense sheets or turned off according to need. Their newest feature, scheduling, makes this a comprehensive employee management package.

Ease of Use

The user interface is unique to Timesheets.com. No other time tracking service organizes data in such an intuitive way, designed with the administrator in mind. Clocking in and out and tracking projects is easy for employees too.


Customize reports to fit your needs. The Timesheets.com reporting feature allows for dozens of different reports displayed in a way that is right for you. Reports can be exported for popular payroll and billing services like QuickBooks and ADP.

Accruals Tracking

Accruals tracking is easy with Timesheets.com too - even if you’re already in the middle of your year. Employers can select from various accrual scenarios and quickly configure rules and values that mirror existing business processes - all on a per employee basis. When employees request time-off such as vacation and sick leave, accrued values are debited automatically upon supervisor approval.

Expense Tracking

Expense and mileage tracking with Timesheets.com offers a simple form, allowing for quick data entry. Users can add vendors on the entry form and upload receipts. Expenses can be linked to projects, customers, events, and account codes, and ample space is available for notes.

Hourly Time Tracking

Timesheets.com offers a full range of features like shift rules and other overtime prevention settings, supervisor approval rules, customizable reports, security features, automatic lunch or break deductions, as well as state mandated break time. Location and identity features, like GPS tracking and photo timestamp, help make your employee records secure and accurate.

The overtime settings, unique to Timesheets.com, are powerful enough to conform to just about any overtime scenario. They can be set globally for the whole company or can be configured on a per employee basis. Overtime is calculated correctly each and every time, even for employees working through midnight or 24+ hour shifts.

HR Documents

Timesheets.com designed their suite of HR documents to help small companies standardize their Human Resources processes. These documents can be viewed or downloaded as printable PDF files and are not accessible online to employees.

Project Time Tracking

Project time tracking is as simple or comprehensive as you need it to be. Timesheets.com allows you to track projects for multiple customers and tasks via several convenient data entry methods. Bill rates can be set per-project as well as per-employee. The simplicity of the Timesheets.com interface makes billing or analysis simple and easy enough to maintain with minimal effort. Project timesheets are independent from hourly timesheets so employers can selectively allow access to only the necessary features on a per-employee basis.

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