An HR, Payroll and Engagement Software Suite.

About Vibe HCM

Vibe HCM helps you connect, manage, engage, and inspire your employees through human resources and payroll capabilities. The software lets you recruit, onboard, communicate, handle payroll, develop talent, and provide analytics.

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Some common questions about Vibe HCM include:

What Is Vibe HCM?

Vibe HCM transforms HR Service delivery - providing a personalized, interactive HRMS, Talent Mgmt and Social Collaboration suite for your global workforce.

Why Vibe HCM?

Your employees will love its intuitive design and social capabilities. Drive efficiency by automation processes, services and employee interactions.

Who Uses Vibe HCM?

Vibe HCM is ideally suited for companies with 100’s-100,000’s of employees. Customers deploy on a modular, SaaS basis driven by their strategic initiatives.

HR Service

Included with HR Service includes:


The latest in social media, interactive media and real-time consultation tools change the game with respect to how HR provides service and delivers knowledge to the organization.

AskHR Real-Time Messaging

Why make an employee ask a question outside of the system? AskHR Real-Time decision support is embedded throughout the application so employees can chat live with an expert to get their questions answered. Conversations can be published to the knowledge-base.

Hubs & Next Gen Self-Service

Role-based hubs provide an efficient way to deliver a personalized experience for employees. They automatically assemble the specific communities, information and tools that an employee needs based on their job. Expert and knowledge-infused self-service drive productivity and employee satisfaction.

Case Mgmt Integrations

Employee questions are automatically routed to the appropriate member of the HR Team. If a team member is not available and/or needs to research the answer, a case can automatically be created in the company’s case management system.


Included with the human resource management software includes:

Employee Self-Service

Personalized, engaging employee self-service that is designed to be used. Employees can easily manage their personal information and request leaves/time-off while taking advantage of innovative features like embedded communications and social collaboration.

Manager Self-Service

Arm your managers with a powerful solution for managing their teams. True efficiency gains come from automating all points of the work process and having experts and knowledge sources available real-time in the system.


Seamlessly integrated payroll and related services provide you with the assurances you require while driving efficiency through end-to-end automation of your key pay, tax and related processes.


In addition to automating and streamlining your enrolments and life event changes, provide an engaging destination for delivering wellness programs, benefit communications and total rewards statements.

Organization Mgmt

Plan, analyze and manage your workforce across multiple dimensions (affiliation, location, department, company, contingent). Drag-and-drop hierarchy tools with built-in workflow approvals make it a snap to keep the organization up-to-date.


Included with the Insight capability includes:

Metrics & Dashboards

Put up-to-date information in the hands of your managers. Dynamic, interactive dashboards deliver role-based access. Sort and view by multiple dimensions (business unit, location, job function).

Talent Visualizations

Explore and manage your workforce using impactful visualization tools. Dynamically apply “lenses” to view your org chart from a variety of perspectives. Identify high performers blocked from advancing. Browse in-depth employee views using talent cards.

Talent Mining

Instantly analyse a wide variety of information to create comprehensive views of your workforce. Combine traditional HR data with contribution-based social data. Find those hidden gems that are uniquely qualified for a particular project team, geographic expansion or new product launch.

You decide what information you need, when you need it! Multi-dimensional, ad-hoc reports enable you to explore your workforce in ways never before possible. Anticipate future workforce issues by leveraging on-demand, multi-dimensional trending reports.


The onboading capability provides:

Talent Acquisition

Whether you are looking for internal talent or recruiting externally, cfactor talent acquisition streamlines the process for candidates and the organization. Job, position and posting management seamlessly integrate with job board, applicant tracking and social profile features.

Before You Start

You’ve found the ideal employee, how do you keep their enthusiasm up until their first day? cfactor delivers a personalized preboarding solution that engagingly introduces the company, connects the new hire with their colleagues and helps them hit the ground running.

Virtual Day 1

We’ve all sat through a first day orientation pouring over binders of information, mountains of forms and pages of policies. Hardly inspiring. cfactor provides an innovative virtual day 1 experience that your employees will love. It is immersive, interactive, engaging - memorable!

During Your First Year

Few companies have onboarding systems in place that deliver an effective program that continues well beyond the first day. cfactor automates the entire onboarding program (social, developmental and transactional) personalized to your company and in accordance with your unique stages.


Content Mgmt

Say goodbye to stale intranets, information getting bottlenecked in IT, and lost opportunities to engage your people. Leverage cfactor to reach the entire organization - unify your brand and message with engaging media.

Social Media

Give Everyone A Voice. Augment workforce communications with interactive social media tools. Not only can you transform HR communications, become the hub of the enterprise where ideas are exchanged, products are launched and your successes are celebrated.

Work Communities

A social workforce platform is only truly effective if it’s integrated into the day-to-day processes of employees. Role-based communities ensure that the right individuals are automatically part of the conversations, processes, initiatives that impact their jobs.

Personal Profiles

Get to know the person behind the name on the org chart with personal profiles. Employees can find & identify experts, collaborate, make new connections, and recognize peers for a job well done.

Real-Time Consult

Integrated real-time consult (RTC) provides an effective means to securely connect, collaborate, and share information across the enterprise. Leverage roles to automatically provide employees with on-demand access to experts, tools, and content.

Communication Analytics

On-demand dashboards provide valuable insight into employee and manager interactions. Identify trends, top contributors, most influential, highest rated and most viewed communications across locales, departments and roles.


Talent Profiles

What do you really know about the people who work for you? Talent profiles combine traditional HR data with social, contribution data to provide unprecedented visibility into your workforce. Find experts, make connections, recognize peers, tap someone on the shoulder for a new opportunity.


Manage employee performance your way, using your process. Day-to-day contributions (i.e. coaching notes, social media contributions, peer endorsements) are captured and available to support the intuitive automated appraisal process.


Despite routinely being the largest expense, comp planning often relies on spreadsheets and email - an inefficient, error prone and insecure process. Simplify, automate and secure the entire pay adjustment process.

Assessment & Succession

Dynamically explore your workforce against a multitude of criteria. Find hidden talent or specialized expertise. See who fills a certain role, possesses a certain unique skill/expertise and is earmarked as a top contributor.

Learning & Development

Combine informal learning and development with traditional methods. Identify key candidates for growth and track their development. Employees can access learning communities, establish personal networks and browse career opportunities.

Engagement Reporting

A unique, integrated engagement survey platform. Provide enterprise-wide, on-demand role-based engagement survey results, key talent metrics, action planning, program communications and social media collaborations.

Product Overview

  • Developer cfactor
  • Type Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
  • Client OS Web
  • Deployment Cloud Hosted

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User Reviews of Vibe HCM

Submitted on February 6th, 2022 by Jeff Hansen

Our partnership with Vibe is a great fit. They not only provide world-class technology, but also world-class service, which is extremely rare.

Submitted on February 6th, 2022 by Shannon Kirk

We needed a platform to connect with each employee in our organization - all 13,000. [Vibe is] the central hub for anything you need to do…

Love it! We are very excited about the partnership we have built that is fueled by innovation and building creative (often nontypical) strategies to really make an impact on our business.