QR Inventory

A inventory application designed by AHG.

About QR Inventory

QR Inventory is a modern, innovative, simple to use and easily customizable small business inventory management solution that grows with your business.


QR Inventory is available in three editions: Lite, Standard, Pro.

QR Inventory Lite

QR Inventory Lite includes all essential features and benefits of QR Inventory system:

  • Ability to manage your inventory efficiently, accurately and error-free by replacing manual entry with barcodes / QR codes scanning
  • Use smartphones to scan QR codes / barcodes and process inventory transactions
  • Access real time inventory count and location from anywhere
  • Review comprehensive reports on inventory transactions and usage

QR Inventory Lite lacks more advanced features that are available in standard edition, such as ability to specify what you want to track about your inventory, ability to include custom trackable fields in the inventory reports, track rental transactions and returns, and more.

QR Inventory Lite will work well for small businesses with simple inventory model. You can also use QR Inventory Lite as a starting point, and upgrade to standard edition at a later date.

QR Inventory Standard

QR Inventory Standard is a step up from the Lite edition. It adds capability to specify types of inventory transactions and trackable properties for your inventory and assets. This feature allows you to easily adapt QR Inventory to your business model. For example, medical or food company can select to track items expiration dates, service company can track how many parts they used for a specific client and / or project, retail or e-commerce company can track how many items they sell through various sales channels. The trackable fields can be specified via the web, reviewed and changed at any time if needed, and be included in the inventory reports.

QR Inventory Pro

QR Inventory Pro has all the features of the standard edition, plus more granular user permissions, and ability to specify custom details for assets and inventory and look them up by scanning QR code with a smartphone.

You will need pro edition if:

  • You have a lot of users with different roles and you want to specify who has access to which warehouse(s), and what types of transactions each user can perform
  • You want users to be able to look up in the field item details, technical specifications, probably provide a link to access documentation
  • You want to keep track of unique products (i.e. items in your inventory are unique, such as collectibles)


Efficient Inventory Control With Barcode Scanning

Scan barcodes for fast and error-less inventory tracking. No need to purchase special barcode scanners. Authorized employee can update inventory stock, status, location and other relevant information on the spot by scanning either QR code or regular UPC barcode on the packaging with a smartphone. Result: you have an accurate and timely inventory information at all times, no matter how many people in your organization are involved in handling inventory.

Use QR or UPC (Regular) Barcodes

Web dashboard allows you to generate QR Codes for all your inventory, one at a time or in bulk. If you prefer to use existing UPC barcodes, or you already have barcode generation system that you do not want to change, QR Inventory will work with your existing UPC barcodes as well.

iOS / Android Applications With Customizable Forms

iOS and Android apps that come with QR Inventory include forms that let you record all necessary information. The forms are controlled via the web dashboard, so you can include and track information that makes sense for your business. Example: when employee checks in inventory, (s)he can mark it as a restocking, customer return, unused material for the project, etc. When inventory is checked out, you can mark it as an order, rental, taking materials for a project, assembly of a new product, repairs, etc. Make a list that makes sense for your business. What do you want to track in your inventory: warehouse, location in the warehouse, used or new, who has it, where did it go, expiration date, project name. Select what you need and this information will be tracked and reported. No traditional system with proprietary scanner will let you do this!

Track Assets & Inventory Circulating Between Locations / Users

Transfer items between various locations (warehouses, job sites, service vans) and / or employees with one scan of QR Code. Always know where your items are, and access accurate list of items at each location, with each user.

Very Fast Inventory Lookup

Mobile application quickly checks inventory stock in all locations, allows access to technical information and documentation - just scan QR code or barcode on inventory item.

Easily Manage / Lookup Inventory via the Web Dashboard

Web dashboard lets you:

  • Manage inventory via the web interface
  • Check inventory levels, locations and quantity breakdown by trackable fields that you define. For example, you can break down inventory stock in each warehouse / location by expiration date, size, model, etc.
  • Create and update inventory tracking fields for smartphone application
  • Set inventory re-order points and automatic low-inventory alerts
  • Review inventory usage reports

Low Inventory Alerts

Do not run out of inventory at the most unfortunate moment, set re-order point for each item! When your inventory gets to a preset level you get automatic low inventory alert email.

Versatile Reports

Various reports on inventory count, locations, transactions, usage and movement. You can filter results by custom transaction properties that you defined, producing any information you need.

Integration and Customization

Do you need custom features to fit your specific business needs? We will customize QR Inventory for you. Customization can include integration with your existing software: ERP, ecommerce, accounting, fulfillment - so that QR Inventory fits right into your existing workflow.

Product Overview

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