A multi-module management system designed by At-Your-Service Software for accommodations & food services companies.

About CostGuard

CostGuard is a leading inventory, recipe, menu, food & liquor costing and sales management software tool.

CostGuard is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to maintain. No training is required! You’ll be up-and-running quickly. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Start lowering your food costs now!

Restaurants, hotels, bars, caterers, contract and corporate feeders, institutions, retailers, agencies/non-profits, production kitchens, bakeries, and educators lower food costs and save time with CostGuard every working day.

CostGuard is modular. Buy only what you need. Our 30 day trial period eliminates all risk.


INVENTORY lowers your food costs and saves time. We’ll extend your inventory instantly, identify shrinkage problems, track receiving, automate purchasing, audit pricing, and keep as much history as you want. Every report provides tremendous custom capabilities for date range, level of detail, sorting, and selection. Inventory control has never been so easy. All inventory transactions allow you to enter case AND/OR pack units. This is an incredible time-saver, and eliminates many operator errors.


The interface reads the sales mix directly into Sales Analysis for reporting. Perpetual depletion (menu explosion) additionally requires Inventory and Recipe. Please contact your point-of-sale dealer for their capabilities, or have them call us for interface details.

We interface with the following manufacturers, and others who may not be listed:

ýOpený systems: Aloha, Action Systems, Digital Dining, HSI, PosiTouch, QuickTouch, RMS, Sable, SellWise, Squirrel, Touch’n’Serve, TouchMenu, etc. ýProprietaryý systems: Casio, Comptrex, Datasym, NCR, Omron, Panasonic, PC/POLL, Sharp, TEC, etc.


RECIPE is a tremendous food costing tool. You’ll have instant ýpre-costý information based on your most current food costs. No more guesswork, no more surprise food cost fluctuations. Standardized recipes mean greater consistency, better food costs, and more satisfied customers. Re-work your current recipe and develop new concepts in a snap!

Sales Analysis

SALES ANALYSIS tracks your sales mix information for any period of time. We’ll provide an instant analysis of your most and least popular and profitable items. Customized reports help you make informed decisions about your menu’s cost-effectiveness. Sales Analysis provides an instant ýperfectý or ýtheoreticalý food cost based on your most current inventory costs. Unlike POS sales reports, CostGuard uses your actual inventory prices.

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