A software system designed by Seagull Scientific.

About BarTender

BarTender is a simple to use software application that allows you to combine bar codes, text and graphics into professional quality lables.

BarTender’s design mode gives you an accurate ýreal-timeý view of your label. This means you can design more quickly without wasting labels.

Generating anything from the simplest serial numbers to the most advanced, totally custom serialization sequences, increment or decrement by any interval and specify any rollover threshold and restart values. Choose numeric, alpha or a variety of predefined alphanumeric character sets or even specify you own totally custom sequences.

BarTender is available in five editions that address a wide range of features and requirements: Enterprise Print Server, RFID Enterprise, Enterprise, Professional and Basic.

Enterprise Licensing: All three Enterprise editions allow unlimited network users. Licensing is based on the maximum number of printers used by BarTender on the network.

Enterprise Print Server: Our most powerful edition. Includes all of the label design, printing, and software integration features of the Enterprise and RFID Enterprise editions, plus advanced server functions for centralized printing and administration. Includes BarTender Web Print Server to print labels from any browser. Contains our most advanced integration features, including TCP/IP triggers, XML transforms, and XML scripting. Printer Maestro manages entire printer network. Job logging, History Explorer, and Reprint support local or central database. Track printer parts inventory and in-printer media usage.

RFID Enterprise: Includes – All features of the base Enterprise edition (see below), plus all available RFID design and encoding capabilities.

Enterprise: Includes – All the label design features of Professional, plus numerous software integration tools, such as ActiveX Automation, enterprise messaging and Seagull’s Commander utility for cross-platform integration. Powerful data sourcing, including ODBC, OLE-DB, SAP, Oracle and more. Job Logging, History Explorer and Reprint Console are included, but logging is only supported to a local database. Includes Printer Maestro, but it only manages network printers visible to the local PC.

Exceptions-- No RFID. Does not offer the enhanced server functions, advanced integration, and web printing capabilities of Enterprise Print Server (see above). No inventory control of printer supplies.

PC Licensing: The Professional and Basic editions are licensed based on the number of PCs.

Professional: Includes – All of BarTender’s most powerful label design features. Most of the advanced data access capabilities, including OLE DB and ODBC. Includes Printer Maestro, but it only manages network printers visible to the local PC. Fully network compatible.

Exceptions – Not designed for control from within other software. Does not offer ActiveX Automation, Commander or command line integration. No SAP, Oracle, or XML support. No job logging or e-mailed error alerts. Cannot export printer code templates. No job logging, no History Explorer, no Reprint, and no inventory control of printer supplies.

Basic: Includes – The most frequently used label design features. Includes all text, graphics, bar code, and most serializing capabilities. Useful for keyboard and scanner-supplied label data only.

Exceptions – No access to external data. No password protection, no VB Script customization, no string concatenation, and only limited text filtering. No custom-base serialization. Excludes all features omitted from the Professional Edition. No Printer Maestro.

Product Overview

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User Reviews of BarTender

Submitted on September 20th, 2016 by Anonymous

BarTender 2016 by Seagull Scientific is really a great product for any sized business whether you’re DIY business owner or enterprise level manufacturer, especially for those in the chemical, food, healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, or supply chain industries.

The software is professional and sophisticated, yet extremely easy to use. It is literally a drag and drop application in which you can add and edit text, images, symbols, and even your own company logo.

The Good…

BarTender may be a little pricey for smaller businesses, but you are really paying for a polished product with great customer service. Seagull Scientific offers a great tutorial portal http://www.seagullscientific.com/support/bartender-training-videos/ in which you can find webinars, videos, and other useful guides to help you create barcodes and labels right off the bat. Another perk is that they very readily provide their customers with printer driver updates which is always a total pain when dealing with a lot of software out there on the market.

The Bad…

Seagull Scientific does not offer a chat service which would be nice, but not a huge deal-breaker.