Inventory Pro

A inventory application designed by Computerized Inventory System Specialists for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Inventory Pro

Easy to customize, easy to expand, easy reporting, easy interface to accounting systems, and secure.

Interfaces With:

  • QuickBooks
  • Peachtree
  • MAS 90, 200
  • Business Works
  • FedEx
  • UPS World Ship
  • EDI Tendering


Features Include:

  • Asset management
  • Intangible asset usage (software license management)
  • Depreciation (define your own formulas)
  • Asset tags and tracking
  • Classification
  • Insert pictures of your assets for easy identification
  • Warranty, serial number, and specification tracking


Features Include:

  • Locator system that allows you to name locations and use multiple warehouses
  • Classification of products (models, revisions, shades, etc.)
  • Locate and move, cycle counting
  • Serial/lot number tracking
  • Insert pictures of your inventory items
  • Fixed or open warehouse locations
  • Cost and price per item
  • Direct receiving and direct issuing
  • Repair orders
  • Fast browse, search, and filter
  • Set reorder levels, min and max levels
  • Automatic monthly demand calculation in units, days, or months
  • Bill of materials, kits, assemblies
  • Track A, B, C, D movers
  • Shipping/Order Processing

Order Entry

Features Include:

  • Allows separate ýbill toý and ýship toý addresses
  • Archives units when shipped for tracking purposes
  • Commits inventory when order is entered
  • Prints pick list, packing list, bill of lading, and invoice
  • Required shipping dates
  • Customer list
  • Shipping carriers list
  • Types of transportation
  • Prints a listing of all outstanding orders, completed orders, canceled orders, and all orders that need to ship today


Features Include:

  • Purchase order entry for inventory item assets or ýone-time buyý items
  • Inbound appointment scheduling
  • Suppliers’ catalog with alternate parts cross reference
  • Link or unlink purchasing to inventory
  • Automatic generation of purchase orders
  • Fast browse all purchase orders (canceled, completed, outstanding, partially received)
  • Purchase order receiving

Work Orders

Features Include:

  • Detailed work orders for kits and assemblies
  • Detailed work orders for assets
  • Automatically removes parts from inventory as work orders are completed
  • Commits in-stock components when order is entered
  • Track all phases (requested, open, scheduled, started, completed, and canceled)

Product Overview

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