Visual Inventory Software

A inventory application designed by Dynamic Control Software.

About Visual Inventory Software

Visual Inventory Software provides dynamic control of your warehouse. Users have picture verification of every item on every transaction. Bin labels with Item photo and barcode that match the pick ticket ensure accurate orders. Manufacturing BOMs detail the items with both barcodes and photos. From basic inventory management to complex manufacturing, Visual Inventory Software addresses the needs in many industries including Electronics, Machine Shops, Mechanical Assembly, Clothing, Food, Aeronautical, Medical and Hotel Maintenance.


  • Multiple Inventory Warehouse Support.
  • Receive Single Purchase Order into Multiple Warehouses.
  • Serialized Inventory Support.
  • Bill of material Management Option with Multi-Level BOM.
  • Manufacturing Engineering Change Order (ECO) Tracking.
  • Detailed Purchase Order history report.
  • Email Purchase Orders Directly fo Suppliers.
  • Quick Books Accounting Software Interface.
  • Return Material Authorization (RMA) Logging.
  • Work Order Traveler with Time Tracking.
  • Spanish Language Support.

Purchase Order History Software Screen

Purchase Order History provides a detailed view of open or closed purchase orders, including those that have been received and invoiced. The Inventory Software allows Purchase Order History to be analyzing by variety of criteria including all Purchase Orders with receipt discrepancies. A detailed report may be printed that contains the Purchase Order history grouped by Purchase Order number and includes all the line item data. All of the Software reports are created with Crystal Reports and the (.RPT) source files are included for user modification. Customers may request Additional Purchase Order History search criteria be added to the Inventory Software.

Bill of Materials Software Screen

This Inventory Bill of Materials Software screen has an extremely easy user interface.To create a new Bill of Materials only requires a few simple steps.

1.) Provide the Bill of materials an assembly number and name.

2.) Use the Inventory search engine to locate the required part.

3.) Push the add Part button and enter the quantity and optional reference designator, then push the Done button.

The Software will then add the part to the Bill of Materials. When building a multi-level Bill of materials, just create the lower level first using the above simple steps then edit the upper level Bill of Materials and add the lower level number to it. The Software will detect that the number is a Bill of Materials and create a Multi-Level tree view. The tree view allows the Software user to go directly to the selected Bill of materials and Edit or print the assembly. A Bill of materials can imported directly into the Software from several different CAD systems. You can Also Copy a BOM to a new BOM Number

Manufacturing Engineering Change Order Software Screen

Visual Inventory Control supports an Intuitive Manufacturing Engineering Change Order Software Screen. When the Engineering department is finished creating a Bill of materials and it is ready for production, a Manufacturing Software user will assign a Revision Number and release the assembly to production. When a Bill of materials is released to production any changes will require an Engineering Change Order and it can no longer be changed in the assembly screen The Engineering Change Order lists all changes that need to be preformed to the Bill of Materials when there is a revision change. When all the changes have been reviewed by the proper staff, an engineering administrator may sign-off and process the Manufacturing Engineering Change Order.This will force all the changes to the Bill of materials and change the revision number to the new revision. The use of the Manufacturing Engineering Change Order is optional as long as the Assembly has NOT been released to production.

Multiple Inventory Warehouse Support

Visual Inventory Control can be configured for Single or Multiple Inventory Warehouse Support. All of the Inventory items are listed in all of the warehouses and each warehouse contains a unique Inventory quantity,Bin Location and Re-Order Point. When the Software is configured to use the Multiple Inventory Warehouse mode, each screen will have a pull-down selection box that will identify which warehouse the transaction is logged from. The Software will also allow Inventory item quantity to be transferred from one warehouse to another. A user may receive a single Inventory Purchase line item into Multiple warehouses with a single button click.

Return Material Authorization (RMA) Software Screen

This Inventory Control Software supports Return Material Authorization (RMA) Logging. An RMA provides effective tracking and control of returned hardware previously sold and shipped to your customers. When a customer needs to return an item for repair, the software user will go to this RMA screen and login the the Inventory Stock Number, customer Name and the reason for return. This allows the Software to keep a log of all items returned for repair. A workorder traveler can be attached to the Return Material Authorization number and will track all parts and labor that was required to repair the Item. The RMA Software screen can also generate a barcode label with the Inventory Stock Number and Customer information.

Serialized Inventory Software Support

Visual Inventory Control Software includes support for Serialized Inventory. When a user receives a Serialized item, the software will prompt that user for a quantity of serial numbers equal to the quantity being received. An optional Auto Serialized function is available which will assign incremented serial numbers. Serial Number Barcode labels may be printed for those items that do not have a barcode serial number. When a Serialized Inventory item is requisitioned, the Software will prompt the user to select the quantity of serial numbers from a NOT issued list. A software function is available to track all transactions that of a single Serial Number.

Work Order Traveler Software Screen

Visual Inventory Control Software supports a Work Order Traveler that tracks work progress of an assembly including time tracking. A software user may create a template of work operations that is needed to be tracked for an assembly. An optional sign-off template may also be applied to the Work Order Traveler for tracking of proper authorized inspections. If time tracking is set ON in the Software configuration then each operation will require a Start and Stop process. An unlimited comment can be entered for each operation.This is useful for clarification of operation details. Single Inventory items may be requisitioned to the Work Order traveler.This allows tracking of items used to repair an assembly There are several uses for a Work Order Traveler which include time tracking through the assembly process , locating where an assembly is in the construction process , repairs made to an item and verification of processes required by federal agencies.The Work Order Traveler can also include the completion of an optional FAA8130 form for Aeronautical applications.

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