SIMMS Software

A full ERP system designed by Kornyk Computer Solutions.

About SIMMS Software

SIMMS Inventory Management Software provides your company with a major competitive advantage versus competitors who are unable to access the same strategic information. Offering a wide range of solutions, from our single user version to the 3000+ user SQL Client-Server Edition, SIMMS Software is the high-performance Inventory and accounting system you’ll never outgrow!

SIMMS Software’s ease of use and feature-rich system is available in an industrial-strength SQL Client-Server edition. SIMMS Software’s SQL Client-Server Edition is designed specifically for high transaction, heavy user load situations found in many small to large sized companies.

SIMMS Software SQL Client-Server Edition Includes the Following Core Modules and Functionality:

  • Inventory Management
  • Purchase Order
  • Receipt of Goods
  • Purchasing Analysis
  • Quotes
  • Sales Order
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Analysis
  • Shipping Manager
  • Kitting (Bills of Material)
  • Sales Commission Tracking
  • Tax tracking
  • Pricing and Discounts Capabilities
  • Reporting Suite

SIMMS Software SQL Client-Server Edition optimizes performance among users, so that they experience uniform high-speed performance- no more system slowdowns at heavy use time such as at the end of a reporting period!

SIMMS - Designed by Business Owners for Business Owners

SIMMS has been designed and refined for businesses like yours. Today, having mastered the art of inventory control and automation we build and sell software that revolutionizes the way businesses are managed around the globe. Whether your company is large or small, SIMMS has been designed to increase your odds of success. Provide everyone in your company, whether in their office or at a remote location, with total control and access based on their job position.

Accounts Payable Module

A Seamless Simple Solution…

Our SIMMS Accounts Payable module provides a comprehensive solution for managing expenditures. Beyond recording transactions and obligations to vendors and creditors, Accounts Payable offers flexible check writing capabilities and takes advantage of vendor discounts offered for invoices paid by a discount due date. The informative financial reports include payables aging and future cash requirements information required for valuable business insights and decision-making.

Flexible and Powerful

The many features of the Accounts Payable module give you the ability to add new vendors and codes ýon the fly,ý automatic payment selection, check printing on standard or custom stock, invoice history retention and much more.

Information from invoices entered through Purchasing is automatically posted directly to Accounts Payable. From Accounts Payable, you can query all open purchase orders for each vendor.

Accounts Receivable Module

A Seamless Simple Solution…

Our SIMMS Inventory Accounts Receivable software yields long-term dividends and increased cash flow. The intuitive design of our Inventory Accounts Receivable module, seamlessly integrates with the SIMMS extensive suite of inventory control modules, providing functionality and extensive information for inventory cash flow management.

Flexible and Powerful

The SIMMS Inventory Accounts Receivable software provides streamlined drill down information to manage your customer’s terms, no matter how diverse they may be. Total inventory receivables control. With KCSI expertise, our customized solutions can further eliminate your unique inventory-accounts receivable bottlenecks, resulting in even larger long-term savings.

Reliable Reporting Features

The SIMMS Inventory Accounts Receivable module provides reliable reporting features and an accurate record of what a customer has purchased and paid historically as well as how much a customer still owes.

Apparel Matrix Module

Effectively manage apparel and footwear styles using one item number with multiple color and size labels with the Apparel Matrix Inventory feature.

Color and size labels may include National Retail Foundation (NRF) codes. Once defined, color and size labels may be grouped to form color cards and size charts that, in turn, may be used to create matrix templates. Templates, groups and labels may then be assigned and tailored to meet individual inventory items, after which all quantities associated with that item will be tracked by color/size/style. This feature combined with several others makes SIMMS Apparel Software or SIMMS Embroidery software the best fit for any apparel related industry.

Barcode Module

When it comes to producing barcodes, the SIMMS Barcode module is the smart solution–increasing efficiency while lowering costs. We also offer complete hardware packages and customized solutions. We understand every industry has unique demands and SIMMS offers the most sophisticated barcode, label-making module in the industry. Whether it is barcode labels to be printed for one specific serialized item or for entire categories, SIMMS is compatible with plain laser printers, specialized dot matrix printers and thermal barcode printers.

Our goal is to find the right solution for your immediate and future growth needs. The SIMMS Barcode module is just one of the quality POS and inventory solutions provided by KCSI.

Data Collector Module

Pocket PC and Windows CE®-Based Software Solution…

A powerful barcode solution, beginning with the implementation of the SIMMS Barcode Module, streamlines your entire business process.

KCSI offers the latest software package available in the Auto ID market: SIMMS. KCSI offers its customers kitted total solutions by combining software with the appropriate hardware for your application. Our Pocket PC®-based software helps customers track fixed assets, stockroom inventory, and mail packages.

Quickly Collect Data

Collect data quicker than ever before, and warehouse and shipping/receiving staff can record barcoded items with a scanner connected to a lightweight, completely portable handheld computer (HHC). An array of data can be gathered, validated and verified in this way–not only inventory counts, but also quantities, item numbers and lot/serial numbers of goods shipped and goods received.

A barcoding solution that pays for itself

Instead of time-consuming manual data entry, the data can be easily imported from the HHC and brought into your SIMMS system. Inventory errors are very costly to your business; the advanced features of SIMMS can virtually eliminate data entry errors. SIMMS can automate procedures for dozens of employees, and many businesses discover that implementation of a barcoding solution pays for itself with the very first use.

General Ledger Module

Ease of Use and Powerful Attributes:

As the heart of the accounting system into which all other accounting activities flow, the General Ledger system your business chooses must be powerful and informative, yet easy to implement and use.

The ease of use and powerful attributes of the General Ledger module streamlines all bookkeeping and accounting transactions, and the resulting reports provide important business insights.

Financial Reporting:

SIMMS General Ledger offers virtually unlimited financial reporting capabilities. These financial statements, supporting schedules and associated reports are critical for timely decision-making. The General Ledger module simplifies divisional/ departmental reporting and consolidated income statement printing within a standard, predefined set of financial statements and report formats.

Powerful Features:

General Ledger has many powerful features to help you efficiently manage your general ledger, including flexible accounting periods, multi-company consolidation, the ability to maintain non-financial information, comprehensive search criteria, easy account number merge and renumbering, allocation entries, and the ability to view information in the form of bar charts or graphs.

Comprehensive Business Management:

General Ledger offers many ways to help you easily complete the myriad and complex general ledger tasks, including integration with all other SIMMS modules to provide comprehensive business management and vital insight into your financial condition.

Get What You Need:

Why should you have to conform your accounting practices to pre-existing accounting out-of-the-box software limitations, or pay for expensive customization to meet your needs? With the SIMMS General Ledger module you can configure your account numbers up to 30 characters long and define your segments however you wish.

Multicurrency Module

Finally…a True Multi-Currency Solution That Doesn’t Cost a Fortune!

Our optional SIMMS Multi-Currency module delivers powerful and comprehensive Multi currency accounting functions. Sophisticated currency management, and the ability to process transactions in any currency provides your business with a global competitive edge.

Powerful Features of the Multi-Currency Module Include:

  • Unlimited currencies
  • User-defined exchange rates
  • Ability to print reports in both functional and source currencies
  • Complete support for the Euro, as well as full EMU accreditation
  • Override default currency and exchange rate definitions at the transaction level
  • Ability to process payments or receipts in any currency
  • Comprehensive currency revaluation to restate outstanding source currency balances and transactions as exchange rates fluctuate

Multi-Currency in Inventory Control:

  • Assign a default currency for any inventory item
  • Different Buy and Sell Rates are supported

Multi-Currency in Purchase Orders and Receipt of Goods:

  • Vendor’s currency identified and reflected in transactions
  • The ability to over-ride the Default Vendor Currency at the transaction stage

Multi-Currency in Order Entry:

  • Integrated in sales order processing, invoicing and quoting - customer’s currency identified and reflected in transactions
  • The ability to over-ride the Default Customer Currency at the transaction stage

Multi-Currency in Accounts Payable:

  • Assign a default currency for each vendor and change defaults at any time
  • Assign currencies to individual checking accounts and print checks in that currency

Multi-Currency in Accounts Receivable:

  • Assign a default currency for each customer and change defaults at any time

Point of Sale Module

Finally, a Retail Point of Sale Software Package to Get Excited about…

SIMMS POS (Point of Sale) software takes cash register automation to a whole new level. Imagine tracking customer purchases and habits, gift card management, administration, charge account management, shelf printing included in one seamless integrated solution. Imagine powerful accounting capabilities, enhanced inventory control, polling/file transfers, space management all being offered in one system. Imagine no more.

SIMMS POS is a full featured Point of Sale software solution that seamlessly integrates with the rest of the SIMMS modular package while combining functionality and information for more effective cash management. Easy to use, information is displayed in a familiar Windows graphical format, known for its incredible flexibility. SIMMS POS provides a true small to large-market retail business system that is designed from the ground up to be a complete retail business management solution.

The Future of 3rd-Party, Fragmented Software Applications Is Dead.

Messy interfaces and multiple databases will be a thing of the past. Accessing more than one application for information will be no longer. Created for both today, and tomorrow’s retail environment, the SIMMS POS offers you the cutting edge technology, the seamless integration that will lead your business into the future.

A POS software solution that promotes growth.

Breakthrough functionality makes SIMMS POS easy to setup, manage and process sales transactions for any retail business. At last, a solution that gives you the time to focus on enhancing your customer’s shopping experience, that grows as your company grows and that gives you the tools needed to increase sales and gain greater profitability. It is a perfect fit for single store or multiple retail outlets and will automate your business quickly and easily, making the task of daily inventory of goods and managing customers and vendors a snap.

The Fastest, Easiest Way for You to Share Information Between SIMMS and QuickBooks®.

QuickBooks Link for Use with SIMMS provides access to SIMMS information from within QuickBooks. QuickBooks users can view SIMMS Invoices, Credits, Sales Summary, Payments, Bills, and other transactions for any linked contact.

In addition, the QuickBooks Link eliminates double data entry and saves time by importing SIMMS contacts to QuickBooks or QuickBooks contacts into SIMMS.

Get real-time access to accounting information, eliminate double data entry, and generate revenue faster with SIMMS, QuickBooks Link, and QuickBooks.

Please Note: SIMMS 3.1 or higher and QuickBooks 2003 or 2004 must be installed prior to install of QuickBooks Link for Use with QuickBooks.

Service & Returns Module (RMA/RTV)

To stay competitive, virtually every company needs to process customer returns. As today’s customers demand a more specialized level of service, tracking and resolving these returns can be an increasing challenge.

With the SIMMS Return Merchandise Authorization feature, returns and replacements can be handled with ease. You can handle every return with one flexible solution.

Does your customer want credit, a replacement, a substitution or a repair? The SIMMS RMA feature makes it easy to handle all of this–and when a customer has an urgent replacement need, RMA even lets you easily create a cross-shipment entry. This gives you an accurate record of items shipped before returns are received, and one more opportunity to build complete customer satisfaction. This module creates a new level of integration for maximum efficiency.

With the SIMMS RMA feature, you can easily print receiving documents to alert warehouse personnel of pending returns. After the goods are received and inspected, they can be returned to inventory, identified as items for repair, or scrapped. Then, SIMMS automatically generates all the appropriate transactions, including replacement orders, purchase orders, and vendor returns. This complete, end-to-end solution saves many hours of data entry and eliminates the need to search through file drawers for supporting historical documents.

The RMA inquiry feature makes it easy to determine the status of a return whether or not it has been received. And the Return Reason Report shows you which items have been returned, who is returning them, and the reason why so that you can quickly identify possible problems.

SIMMS offers a competitive edge for distributors and manufacturers, these features create a completely integrated return management solution that saves time, boosts customer satisfaction, and gives you a real competitive advantage.

Shipping Manager

The fastest, easiest way to track that important additional shipment information SIMMS streamlines shipping and receiving operations facilitating quicker processing and the ability to track important additional information required for shipments.

Informative packing slips reduce manual handling via picking lists. SIMMS gives your staff the necessary resources to improve customer satisfaction. You can ship directly from sales invoices or on a scheduled date. Sales staff can spot delayed shipments or backlogs in shipping, before they become a problem.

Visual Import Manager

Our SIMMS Visual Import Manager provides a comprehensive solution for importing your important inventory item data, customer/vendor data as well as quotes, all from an easy to use program - Visual Import Manager.

Open architecture is the catch phrase for business application software and databases these days. Companies that in the past may have put up with discrete applications running stand-alone, and performed software gymnastics to obtain integrated reporting from their tools, are now demanding that these products work together. To facilitate this process, an industry standard known as open database connectivity (ODBC) was developed. The SIMMS Visual Import Manager has been designed to facilitate seamless integration between SIMMS data and Microsoft Access. The SIMMS Visual Import Manager can import from Microsoft Access, without the need for an intermediary data file such as ASCII delimited or Microsoft Excel. If you regularly perform imports from a custom or vertical software package, you’ll find you can use Visual Import Manager to make the integration virtually seamless.

Importing data using the SIMMS Visual Import Manager is a simple process. If you use SIMMS Software, Visual Import Manager is what you need to tie all your business software into one seamless application.

Work Order Module

The SIMMS Work Order module is the cornerstone of the system’s Manufacturing Solution. It allows you to issue work orders, develop schedules and track costs associated with the manufacturing process.

Work Order provides you with complete control of the manufacturing process and the ability to see up-to-the-minute work in process information. This module is particularly well-suited for companies engaged in assemble-to-order, engineer-to-order or make-to-order processing.

When Work Order is used in conjunction with Bill of Materials, the material required to produce a product can be automatically merged from the appropriate bill. All of the required paperwork to move the job through the shop can then be generated from each work order, including travelers, picking sheets, dispatch sheets and operation tickets. Using this module’s informative reports, you can evaluate missing costs, examine any variance from standards, check material shortages, analyze work center capacity and confirm tool requirements. Additional reporting capabilities inform you of the status of open work orders, work in process and work order history, and allow you to print inventory labels. By combining the Work Order module with the SIMMS product line, you can assemble the solution that best meets your individual business needs.

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