A web-based multi-module management system designed by New Generation Computing.

About e-SPS

e-SPS is a sourcing and product system that enables your company to improve your efficiency. This powerful application is used by companies in a variety of industries. This program is a web-based application giving you access from any geographical location; and eliminating the need to perform system updates in the future. Security settings allow you to control who gets access to what information. Some of the other benefits of this product are that it:

  • Rapidly executes initiatives.
  • Replaces manual reporting and information gathering.
  • Standardizes sourcing processes across all departments and suppliers.
  • Features multiple data views and alerts.
  • Improves overall speed to market.
  • is an ýEnd to Endý PLM system performing product development and global sourcing functions in 10 integrated modules.
  • Features a time and action calendar.


e-Collaboration is your ultimate communication tool allowing you to communicate on all issues within your organization. This product supports an unlimited number of issues and users. Additionally this party assigns priorities, emails, responsible parties, and probable impacts in days to each issue. Some additional features of this product are:

  • Easy to navigate Calendar Dashboard
  • Graphic drag and drop calendar creation with dependencies
  • Unlimited Time and Action Calendars
  • Automatic email alerts
  • User-defined trigger events
  • High-function queries
  • Exception based reporting
  • Integrated collaboration database


e-Exceptions summarizes sourcing problems into a single view of exceptions. This product contains pre-defined sourcing issues which are automatically updated from the other modules of the e-SPS system. This product highlights exceptions or problems in your organization; it then allows you to drill down to view each additional level of detail to diagnose and solve the problem. A summary of the features of this product is shown below:

  • Pre-defined sourcing issues
  • Unlimited users
  • Each issue has drill downs for a more detailed view of the exceptions
  • Remote access by internal company personnel and by approved trading partners
  • Multiple views of issues
  • Data access levels filter data to provide issues related to only that user
  • Linked automatically to other modules


e-Pack allows you to ship to multiple distribution centers or customers from factories, contractors, and suppliers with ASNs. This product supports unlimited ASN and label formats, including thermal labels. Thanks to its XML import/export system, this product easily interfaces with any ERP or Distribution Center system. Additional features of this product are:

  • Create bar-coded carton labels
  • Assign cartons to a shipment
  • Create and send Advanced Ship Notices (ASNs)
  • Assign shipment details, including the shipping route
  • Create Manifests, Commercial Invoices and Bills of Lading
  • Streamline receiving at DC
  • No client software required


ePreProduction allows you to identify, update, track and collaborate on all steps needing to be performed before a PO is ready for production. This product will allow you to setup an unlimited number of pre-production processes, and an unlimited number of steps within each process. Processes are defined by customers and can be assigned at the time of PO creation. To provide flexibility, this product easily integrates with any ERP or purchasing system, to support import/export features. Some additional features of this product are:

  • Time and Action Calendars with triggers and alerts
  • Unlimited PreProduction Processes
  • Approves and updates each step in the process
  • Creates user comments with system-wide visibility
  • Remote access by company and trading partners
  • Monitor the progress and auto update of time left to completion
  • Auto release to production
  • Extensive reporting

E-Product Development System

Product development is a key part of any global sourcing strategy for companies producing & sourcing products on an international scale. This system is multi-lingual supporting many languages and eliminating language barriers as a barrier to entry. The software allows you to create, identify, update, track, and collaborate on all steps required for a new style to be ready for production. The system supports an unlimited number of development processes, and unlimited steps within each process. Processes can be defined by customer at the time of style creation. Finally, e-Product Development allows you to create and manage images, sewing instructions, measurement sheets, color sheets, and spec packs. Some highlights of the functionality of this product are:

  • Time and Action Calendar with triggers and alerts
  • Unlimited Product Development Processes
  • Approve and update each event in the process
  • Creation of Specification Packs
  • Remote access by company and trading partners
  • Monitor progress with auto update of time remaining until completion
  • Auto release to Pre-production or Production
  • Extensive reporting

E-Production Tracking System

This product allows you to update all your WIP information through a web-browser. Supporting an unlimited number of factory level processes, this system will enable your vendors and your production/sourcing departments to receive PO’s, move the WIP, revise dates and quantities, and comment on each activity. Additional features this product gives you are:

  • Rapidly executes initiatives
  • Replaces manual reporting and information gathering
  • Internet Browser Enabled
  • Purchase Order data imported or created in e-SPS
  • Centralized Production Control
  • Standardizes WIP movement and reporting across all plants
  • Capacities monitoring
  • Multiple reports and inquiries
  • Fully integrated into other e-SPS modules
  • Dynamic data security


e-Quality is a web-based quality control, audit, and analysis tool that provides critical information to supporting sourcing operations. This product will allow you to perform workmanship audits and packing accuracy checks at the factory, forwarder, the distribution center, or anywhere else you desire. You are able to define all sampling rules, inspection points, and defect codes; allowing you to clearly communicate the audit requirements to the quality control inspector. Additionally, this product will allow you to view the current inspection status of any and all PO’s. Upon a failed inspection, all responsible parties are automatically alerted. This product will provide you with a central location for all of your quality information; allowing you to perform defect and quality trend analysis by vendor, across vendors by defect type, product line, customer, agent, or many other selections. Additional features of this product are:

  • In-Line, Final, Packing Accuracy and DC quality audits, unlimited inspection points.
  • Measure supplier quality performance.
  • Paperless collection with Tablet PC
  • Unlimited AQL or % based audits.
  • Quality index by factory as a component of overall vendor scorecard.
  • Detailed and summary defect analysis by audit, style, factory, etc.
  • Analysis and querying capabilities including Pareto graphs.
  • No client software required

E-RFQ & Bids

e-RFQ’s and Bids will provide you with key benefits in the global sourcing and production process. This software will distribute RFQ’s to a network of your suppliers, it then allows them to respond through a web-browser. You are able to create profiles, for your suppliers, that create and set criteria for RFQ distribution. Such criteria can be factory location, certifications, services, fabrics, products, machinery and more. This product will allow your suppliers to view all RFQ’s, view bid requirements, and submit bids all online. Some additional features of this product are:

  • Internet Browser Enabled
  • Supplier profiles
  • Creation of Request for Quotes
  • XML-API interface for Request for Quotes
  • Supplier RFQ viewing and bidding through web-browser
  • Supplier Specification viewing
  • Bid negotiations through e-Collaboration
  • Bid comparison
  • Bid acceptance
  • Fully integrated to other e-SPS modules

E-Shipment Tracking

e-Shipment Tracking allows you to identify, update, track and collaborate on all shipments after they leave the factory. This product allows you to setup and unlimited number of shipment processes, and an unlimited number of steps in each process. Processes are defined by each customer, and are open to adjustment at any point in time.

Product Overview

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