A multi-module management system designed by New Generation Computing for manufacturing companies.

About TPM

TPM - The production management is a shop floor control system that provides a cost effective, high performance, plant-level system. This product is perfect for any business involved in producing sewn goods (apparel, handbags, shoes, hats, home furnishings, and other sewn products). The presence of bar-coded coupons allows you to rapidly enter payroll and production data. Information scanned into the system can then be used for inquiries, generating reports on employee performance, calculate payroll, display the status of WIP, and assist with plant loading. All information captured with this system is stored in the Central Cutting software database (a module for TPM). This product supports English, Spanish, or Simplified Chinese. Summarized and additional features of this product are:

  • Bar coded Coupons
  • Supports multiple manufacturing techniques; progressive bundling, modular, hybrid, etc.
  • Extensive WIP analysis
  • Quality Module
  • Bar coded packing and shipping
  • Unlimited off-standard codes
  • Calculates payroll
  • Plant loading
  • Real time scanning options
  • Style and departmental costing
  • Integrates to REDHORSE and AMAS
  • Integrates to electronic clocks
  • Integrates to labor engineering
  • All current versions of Microsoft Windows.


CIS is a Component Inventory System, that is designed to work as an integrated module within TPM. This module will give you the ability to perform plant-level inventory management for raw materials. All your piece goods, trims, and parts can be managed at the factory level. All raw materials purchases are recorded in the inventory master, and result in automatically updated on hand balances. This product can maintain any number of goods, warehouses or physical locations. All piece goods are able to be maintained at the item or plant level. Finally this product can support an unlimited number of Style Bill of materials which are used to assist in the planning of material requirements for plant level production. Summarized benefits of this product are:

  • Perpetual inventory control
  • Bills of material
  • Physical inventory
  • Cost sheets
  • Transfer between physical locations
  • Requirements planning
  • Component usage and variance reports
  • Inventory ýas ofý reporting
  • Components re-order lists

Factory Shipping

The Bar-Coded Packing & Shipping module allows you to directly bundle pack items by scanning shop floor tickets or entering SKU’s. Information recorded is then checked against the cuts in the factory to ensure accuracy. Bar-coded UCC-128 carton labels or custom carton labels are produced for each carton. Cartons are scanned or selected onto the shipment to prepare detail shipping manifests and commercial invoices. Some of the summarized features of this product are:

  • SKU or Bundle-level entry
  • Verification against Cut Orders
  • UCC-128 or Custom Carton Label
  • Scan or Select Cartons to Shipment
  • Detail / Summary Manifest
  • Commercial Invoice
  • ASN Export
  • Back Office Data Entry Option


QCS - Quality Control System is used to provide quality control data collection and reporting functions to your production floor. This product allows you to setup an unlimited number of quality codes with descriptions and associated severity levels. All quality data can be captured by employee, cut/lot number, style, quality checker, quality code, quantities checked, defects found, and severity code. This product gives you flexibility in the quality checking processes; quality checkers can be at one fixed location or wander around the factory to gather location. Additionally, there are no limits to the number of quality inspectors you can have operating this system. Reports generated by the system can be viewed in summary or in detail by: employees, quality codes, dates, departments, severity codes, and other quality related information. A summarized listing of the features and benefits of the system can be seen below:

  • Batch or real-time input
  • Unlimited quality inspectors
  • Stationary or roving inspectors
  • Reports immediately available
  • Employee, department, defect codes, styles, percent of defects

Real Time Production Manager

This module utilizes the well known Foxfire Technologies engine to collect, verify, and process operator clocking and bar coded production transactions. All data is captured in real-time, to give you the must up-to-date and accurate picture of your shop floor. Additionally, the instantly available information will allow you to anticipate problems and make adjustments before they occur. This system is designed to respond to a wide variety of requests. Additional summarized features of this module can be seen below:

  • Reduces quantity of bar coded coupons needed on the floor
  • Supports multiple manufacturing techniques; progressive bundling, modular, hybrid, and others
  • Operator clock in and out
  • Bundle start/elapse/finish
  • Unlimited off-standard codes
  • Numerous employee terminal inquiries
  • Multiple WIP reports/inquiries
  • Plant loading
  • Style and departmental costing
  • Reliable, low cost terminals
  • Uses advanced PC technology

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