PaperSoft System

A multi-module management system designed by PaperSoft for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About PaperSoft System

PaperSoft has many features designed to meet the needs of paper companies. These features are focused on three segments of the paper industry: converters, merchants/brokers, and distributors.

For Converters

PaperSoft can automate virtually every aspect of your converter business. Tightly integrated customer service, production, and accounting functions of the software, ensure maximum collaboration and accuracy. This product can perform actual costing combined with the real-time tracking of all production data to provide you with an accurate profitability analysis of all orders. This system will give you a dramatic increase in productivity.

For Merchants/Brokers

PaperSoft will tie all the key components of each transaction together for merchants and brokers. Purchasing, order entry, shipping, and invoicing are tightly integrated to insure the efficient processing of each transaction. This results in improved productivity and much tighter control of the entire process.

For Distributors

PaperSoft allows you can take advantage of the design features that benefit converters and brokers. At the same time you will be given the distribution tools you need to interact with your customers.


The Inventory Control module is designed with special features to meet the specific needs of the paper industry. Both raw materials and finished goods inventories are maintained. Additionally you can track individual rolls or pallets of paper by their unique characteristics without the use of a part number; allowing you to perform actual costing and track the age of an individual inventory item. Additionally this module will give you the following features:

  • Track rolls and skids based on unique characteristics such as: Grade, Basis Weight, Caliper, Width, Length, Diameter, Coating, Color, Special Conditions, or Mill
  • Track all children (outputs) back to the parent (input) with genealogy tracking. Multiple children can be tracked from one parent or multiple parents that create one child.
  • Butt Roll (Takedowns) Tracking tracks butt rolls back into inventory for what they are (actual characteristics), not what they were (parent roll characteristics).
  • Users are able to view inventory by lot or by each roll or pallet. Inventory searches can be based on any one or any multiple inventory characteristics
  • Any activities that affect a particular inventory item are tracked with the system log, including user name, time and activity.
  • Automatically creates inventory labels with bar codes designed to meet unique customer specifications.
  • Actual cost of inventory is tracked by rolls or pallets
  • Supports over one million warehouse locations or production facilities
  • Allows for customer defined bin locations by warehouse
  • New material grades are easily defined and tracked within the system. This allows each PaperSoft customer to use material grade names they are use to.
  • Full support of Radio Frequency (RF) Devices utilize system bar codes to track material movement
  • Provides a complete array of inventory reports
  • Tracks Customer Owned Stock
  • Allows for pre-receiving of inventory
  • Provides visibility to ‘In-transit’ inventory

Production/Production Scheduling

The Production Scheduling module is designed to provide you with a systematic flow of the production process; ensuring your products always arrive on time. The key design feature of this module is the ability to provide real time production status information and track production costs without negatively impacting the productivity of the machine operators. Additional features of this product are:

  • Full live and non-live production support
  • Handles one roll into many rolls, many rolls to one roll, or many rolls to many rolls
  • Automatically calculates trim waste
  • The system provides you with set-up time, production time, and takedown time for each output
  • Down time codes, defined by you and your staff, are supported
  • Machine file allows you to easily create and define new machines or machine types
  • Supports sheeting, slitting/rewinding, laminating, die-cutting and other production processes
  • Single or multi-step production instructions can be setup
  • You can compose Production notes by customer or ad-hoc notes for a specific production run
  • Provides real time production status information
  • Combo cuts give you the ability to assign one input to multiple production runs with different outputs
  • Supports machine scheduling with priority codes by machine
  • Generates a Pick list for your clamp truck driver
  • Generates a Work Order for your machine operators
  • Labor rates are tracked by employee and production time to calculate labor cost
  • You can assign a specific individual or crew to a specific production run to capture labor costs
  • Supports and tracks machine runtime rates
  • Automatically creates label for butt rolls, and finished goods
  • Supports ýfor stocký production orders*
  • Wrap line production features allow you to update weight prior to creating the shipping label
  • Automatically posts all completed output to the ýunscheduled shippingý screen to be scheduled for delivery
  • Supports multiple production facilities


The Purchasing and receiving module is designed as a flexible purchasing tool that will allow you to purchase specific products or groups of products. Blanket POs allow you to take advantage of quantity discounts. System captures roll detail as part of the receiving process for use as the raw material moves through The PaperSoft System. All mill roll numbers are captured and stored for future reference. Some additional features of this module are:

  • Unlimited number of PO lines and releases per line
  • PO’s can be issued for specific inventory characteristics or for ranges of characteristics
  • Default notes from Vendor File
  • Additional notes by line and/or release
  • ýAuto-Textý feature allows you to create a list of reoccurring notes that can be selected and attached to a PO
  • PO and releases can be customized to fit your organization
  • PO and PO release documents can be faxed directly from the desktop
  • Receiving process can be simplified by utilizing EDI standards to electronically receive roll detail data from vendors
  • Incoming paper can be committed to a specific order
  • Allows you to ýpre-receiveý inventory simplifying the receiving process
  • Supports the use of bar codes and Radio Frequency (RF) Scanners
  • Automatic conversion of metric roll detail to imperial
  • User defined inventory labels can be generated for each roll
  • Allows you to receive and track Customer owned inventory.
  • Allows you to create PO’s for no paper items or supplies
  • The Purchasing/Receiving module has extensive reporting capabilities


Included in every module is a detailed report writer that features many standard reports. A list of some of the standard reports includes:

  • Inventory by Inventory Bin/Warehouse/Grade Report
  • Purchase Order Status Report
  • Order Proof
  • Production Work Order Report
  • Scheduled Production Report
  • Unscheduled Shipments by Date Report
  • Billing Edit Report
  • Sales Analysis Reports (Take your pick)
  • Production Results Report
  • Production Cost Report
  • Production Analysis Reports
  • A/R Aging Report
  • A/P Aging Report
  • RBNI (received but not invoiced) Reports, for inventory and freight
  • Inventory Aging Report
  • Detailed G/L Transactions Report

Sales Management and Order Entry

The Sales Management and Order Entry module will improve your companies customer service and productivity. This module provides an easy to access storage point for all the information that an Inside Customer Service Representative or an Outside Salesperson might need to fill a customer order or answer a customer inquiry. Some additional features of this module are:

  • Activities cane be scheduled in the system by salesman
  • Customer/Prospect notes, available for view by all sales members
  • Tracking of customer preferences, allows you to provide excellent customer service
  • Real time open order status allows you and your staff to stay on top of operations
  • Access to both open and invoiced orders by customer
  • Order Copy function allows you to quickly perform order entry of repeat orders
  • Quick access to customer credit information including available credit, current balances, and payment history
  • Supports an unlimited number of ship to locations, and maintains a vast array of customer information such as: telephone numbers, fax numbers, and contact names for each location
  • ýOrder Proofý capabilities allow for a quick management review of all sales orders
  • The ability to do an instant look-up of inventory
  • Order Acknowledgement and confirmations can be created and faxed from the desktop
  • Supports drop ship sales, contract converting, and as-is sales.


A list of features found in the shipping module, includes:

  • Supports an unlimited number of shipping territories. Shipping territories are defined by your staff
  • Supports truck, rail, ship, and any other form of shipping you wish to perform
  • Supports drop ship, blind, and ýAs-Isý shipments
  • Freight rates can be set up and entered by carrier
  • Different methods of freight payment such as prepaid, prepaid and add, freight collect etc. are supported
  • System groups all orders for a specific territory together to be assigned to the same truck
  • Shipping labels may be printed prior to shipping
  • Customer specific shipping labels can be designed for each customer
  • Supports multiple loads for one order
  • Supports assignments for future loads
  • Automatically creates shipping paperwork including loading tallies, routing report, pick list, packing list, load manifests and will print a custom Bill of Lading
  • Supports consolidated Bill of Lading

Product Overview

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