A inventory application designed by Perceptive Data.

About SKUsimple

SKUsimple is an inventory management system with built in simple Supply Chain Mangement. When installed in a Sage 300 environment, the SKUsimple Suite makes use of Sage 300 to provide a simple manufacturing or assembly system with barcode scanning, shop floor visibility, production scheduling, a simple Materials Requirement Planning application and a simple Production Planning application.

SKUsimple Features

The SKUsimple Suite consists of

  1. SKUsimple Scheduler
  2. SKUsimple Planner
  3. SKUsimple Gateway
  4. SKUsimple Shop Floor (On Premise or Cloud)

SKUsimple Scheduler

This is a drag and drop calendar that places OE Orders for production on a specific date. Once scheduled, it calculates the material requirements for that day and it stores the data to be used by Sage 300 to generate purchase orders. Typically work is scheduled just far enough in the future to allow for “just in time” delivery of raw material.

SKUsimple Planner

This is a drag and drop application that groups the days’ scheduled orders so that orders that share a common delivery vehicle or method like “Pickup” can be sent to production together. The application looks at each order and if there are “InStock” items available for picking, it creates a Sage 300 shipping document just for those items and sends it to production. For any remaining order items that have BOMs, it automatically executes the BOM Assemblies and then it creates a second Sage 300 shipping document for those Master items and sends it to production. Each of the two shipping documents sent to production can follow their own workflow on the shop floor.

SKUsimple Gateway

This is a screen in the Sage 300 system. It is used to retrieve completed shop floor shipping documents, send any backorders over to the scheduler and optionally convert the shipping document to an invoice. Other features include:

  1. Sending Sage 300 POs electronically to receiving (SKUsimple Shop Floor) where they can be received and put away using barcode technology for greater accuracy.
  2. Converting SKUsimple Shop Floor receipts into Sage 300 PO Receipts thus avoiding any rekeying.
  3. Converting customer POs, received from SKUsimple Cloud, into OE orders without rekeying the item numbers and quantities.
  4. Send Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs) to customers who submitted their PO via SKUsimple Cloud. When the physical shipment is received they will scan the barcodes against the original PO and the ASN giving a three way match for accuracy.
  5. And if a vendor is also on the SKUsimple Cloud, your Sage 300 POs can be sent electronically to them at the same time that you tell your receiving department.

SKUsimple Shop Floor

This is a browser based order fulfilment system that works with barcode technology. Some of its features include:

  1. On premise or cloud based
  2. Custom workflow stages and routing
  3. Users or assembly stations associated with workflow stages
  4. Open Order screen that is typically viewed at each assembly station, used to display the orders that are at that stage in the workflow. When the stage is complete the order can be forwarded to the next stage.
  5. When the picking and/or assembly is complete barcoded shipping labels are applied and the pieces are moved to a staging area.
  6. The shipping department opens the SKUsimple work order on their mobile device (created from the Sage 300 Shipping document) and scans the barcodes.
  7. Completed work orders are printed for the delivery drivers and the work orders are electronically sent back to the SKUsimple Gateway.
  8. SKUsimple Gateway sends back ordered items to the scheduler and optionally converts completed shipping document to an invoice.

SKUsimple Target Market

  • Manufacturers
  • Assemblers and distributors where the operations team can benefit from the workflow and barcode scanning and administration can benefit from process automation
  • Production scheduling and planning

SKUsimple Pricing

The cost of SKUsimple starts at $250/month which includes 5 named users for their on premise option. Additional blocks of 5 users are available at $10/user/month. There is no free trial available. There is no free version available.

Starting Price
$250 /month
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Product Overview

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