A cloud-based inventory, asset, and procurement management system designed by Tofino Software.

About Tofino

Our philosophy has always been to deliver a fully-integrated solution, with all the bells and whistles required to get the job done. We have invested the time to build features that could truly be delivered as stand-alone applications, but are included as part of one low monthly fee.

Form Builder

Create your own fully-integrated online forms and capture all sorts of data. Maybe it’s a receiving form designed to record information about the condition of received items. Or an inspection form meant to guide your employees through the inspection process while collecting the necessary data as they go. Or everything you need to meet specific safety and compliance requirements. With our easy and intuitive form designer it’s up to you what you build. And the best thing? All data collected can be analyzed directly within TRMS, or exported for further use within your existing systems.

Document Library

What’s a Cloud-based application without Cloud storage? You’ve likely got a ton of documents that everybody needs access to, which until now meant being able to reach your company’s network data repository. Not anymore. With Tofino’s built-in Document Library you can easily upload your documents, spreadsheets, schematics, and images to your own Cloud-based folders. Once stored in your Document Library all files are available for instant access by any user with the required permissions, and from any web-enabled device.

Barcode Printing

Need barcodes? With Tofino’s comprehensive barcode printing capabilities you can throw away those third-party applications. With barcodes available directly from the application we give you everything you need to automate your data entry tasks. Configure and print barcodes right out of the box for inventory items, assets, locations, employees, work orders, and more. And because you’ve likely invested in your existing label stock and printers, we support pretty much any variation of each.

Vending Integration

Another great built-in feature bringing all of your requirements together in a single solution, reducing the number of applications you need to handle. With support for many popular vending solutions our integration capabilities allow you to easily blend supply room usage with vending usage, resulting in a set of combined reports out of a single solution. Have a vending solution that’s a little off the beaten path? No problem – our team can develop an integration specific to your requirements.

Data Import/Export

We know that you have existing systems. We understand that any solution we provide has to give you easy access to data, both coming and going. So to leverage what you already have we provide data import tools for pretty much everything you need to get up and running. Easily import products, inventory, assets, suppliers, work orders, employees, and more. And it doesn’t stop there. Virtually every piece of data generated as part of our many built-in reports can be exported for further processing by your existing applications. At the end of the day it’s your data, and we provide easy access to it.

Mobile Device Support

With our mobility options you have the freedom to operate anywhere. As a Cloud-based solution the full power of TRMS can be realized on any mobile device supporting a modern browser. For more rugged environments we have our TRMS Mobile application specifically designed to operate on industry-standard mobile scanners, either fully connected wirelessly or operating in stand-alone batch mode. Need to print barcodes as you go? A fully-integrated mobile printer gets the job done.

Free Support!

Tired of paying 15% or 20% of an already large upfront software cost every year, simply to have someone pick up the phone? At that rate you’re paying for the application again every five years! Not with Tofino. As a subscription offering not only do you get all of our great functionality for one low monthly fee, full support is included as well. Have a problem, or a question, or a suggestion for improvement? Simply access our built-in Support Center to have your request logged and attended to by one of our support technicians. And here’s the kicker – free support means free upgrades as well, with immediate access to new features as they’re released.

Additional Features:

  • Application branding
  • Customizable home portal
  • Permission-based access control
  • User-definable labels and lists
  • Order item favorites
  • Purchasing limits by user
  • Integrated order approval process
  • Purchase order previews
  • Internal and external email notifications
  • Order, inventory, asset, maintenance, and audit reporting
  • User-definable report templates
  • Emailed reports
  • Barcode support for virtually all entities
  • Keyword searches
  • Image support
  • Task and Report Scheduler
  • Resource Center
  • Support Center

Asset Management

Your business depends on your assets, and with Tofino’s Asset Management application you’ll always know what you’ve got and where it is. Track asset location, check in/out status, condition, calibration, warranties, maintenance status, and more. Keep all asset-related documentation in one place, with our dedicated digital library per asset. Deployed with our Maintenance Management application Tofino provides the complete asset management solution.

Inventory Management

We deliver enterprise-wide real-time inventory tracking, reporting, and replenishment, from any web-enabled device. With full support for multiple locations and most vending solutions, we provide a comprehensive picture of your overall inventory levels and usage. Barcode-driven input combined with easy reporting helps ensure you never have too much or too little of anything.

Maintenance Management

Quickly and easily schedule preventative maintenance or corrective work orders for your assets. Track work order status, labor costs, and parts usage in real-time. Capture warranty information as part of each work order, and have everything roll up to the underlying asset. Greater visibility and control means you’ll be able to make the right decisions when it comes to managing the equipment you need to run your business.

Smart Procurement

Tofino’s Smart Procurement application changes the way companies manage the procurement of direct and indirect material. Experience Tofino’s dynamic purchasing solution fully-integrated with our inventory, asset, and maintenance management applications. React to immediate requirements and order material from any point within our solution. Have more time? Then it’s requisition, RFQ, and purchase. Either way you get what you need, when you need it.

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