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Materials Management

A full ERP system designed by Versyss.

About Materials Management

VMMS is a fully integrated business management software program designed specifically for the materials management industry. Flexible and modular in design, VMMS meets the needs of Home Centers and LumberYards of all sizes, Hardware Stores, Wholesale Operations, and Distributors. It provides you with the tools to manage and analyze inventory, control customer credit and collections, maximize cash flow, and increase profitability.

This product is no longer sold or supported. Please visit the business managemnet software page for alternative options.

Accounts Payable

VERSYSS designed the Accounts Payable module to maintain a complete status and analysis of vendor activity to ensure can help you turn debt management into a center for profit enhancement. This module highlights any available discounts from your vendor and forecasts cash needs. The Accounts Payable module that management controls proper cash outlay. The system allows instant inquiry of paid and open invoices. More importantly,with the VERSYSS Materials Management software upon inception, or later when the need arises.

The Accounts Payable module is fully integrated with other VERSYSS applications.

Accounts Receivable

A comprehensive yet flexible system is a must for any business. With this in mind, Versyss has designed the Accounts Receivable module. The module creates the basis for stable cash flow without slowing down the accounting department. It allows you to promote a high level of productivity in credit collections and improves your forecasting analysis capabilities.

With this module, you can set limits on the customer's account and/or subaccounts to prevent serious credit problems before they occur. Proactively manage your customer's credit and, as a result, your cash flow and your business.

General Ledger

VERSYSS General Ledger (VGL) delivers financial information at all levels to assist in the evaluation of your business. Designed to be highly flexible, completely interactive and user-controlled, VGL handles the most demanding financial requirements. As a completely integrated module, VGL is designed to automatically retrieve financial detail.

It can accommodate your basic requirements while anticipating your more advanced needs as your company grows. With a full specturm of features, VGL is designed to meet your needs, today and tomorrow.

Inventory Management

Success in this industry is basesd on a company's ability to move stock more efficiently. The Inventory Management module can help your company achieve this goal by accurately monitoring inventory and forecasting demand. The sales department will know the detailed status of inventory, resulting in better customer service and profitability. Management will reduce costly mistakes and increase gross margin and ROI by knowing what, how much, and when to buy goods.

The system is fully integrated with Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchasing to ensure optimum success. Know what you sell and what you profit! integrated with Sales Orders, Quotes, and Purchasing to ensure optimum success. Know what you sell and what you profit. Success in this industry is based on a company's ability to move stock more efficiently. The Inventory Management module


The VERSYSS Payroll System (VPR) has been developed to provide a management tool that effectively meets all the requirements and regulations of today's businesses. Designed for flexibility and ease of use, VPR is designed to take the burden away from the payroll clerk. In addition to handling the tax calculations of all 50 states, VPR allows for unlimited deduction and earning codes, produces W2s at year-end, and maintains complete check history. The VERSYSS Payroll application is the most powerful payroll management system in the industry today.


A powerful and flexible quotations module is mandatory to keep good business coming through the door. The VERSYSS Quotations Module assures accurate pricing and efficient customer service. Among the excellent features the module offers are the ability to copy an existing quote to a new or existing customer, and the ability to automatically update segments of, or an entire quote into a sales order. Extremely flexible, the module can accept uploaded quotes from various third party take-off systems. The VERSYSS Quote Module is a valuable tool to any successful business.

Report Writer

Versyss View is a powerful tool that seamlessly integrates with the standard VERSYSS software applications. This advanced reporting and query tool utilizes an Oracle Database in conjunction with Impromptu® to allow you the ultimate in user defined reporting. Impromptu® is a point and click report and query tool developed by COGNOS®, the leader in providing Business Intelligence solutions. Impromptu® allows you to view your data the way you view your business, not the way the data is stored in the database.

The VERSYSS catalog is a repository of business knowledge that organizes your data in easy to understand user-friendly terms. Users do not need to be familiar with such database terms as SQL syntax, table joins, and cryptic field names. By creating and organizing the catalog in this manner, users can easily navigate the database and create reports.

Sales Analysis and Commissions

The Sales Analysis & Commissions module enables your management team to analyze sales volume, sales dollars, and most module provides flexible and complete reports for both the accouting and sales staff to track productivity and profit. decisions regarding stock control and pricing strategies. Structured to develop and track various commission programs, the importantly, profit dollars and percentage.

The module provides a rolling 24 month sales history, facilitating management decisions regarding stock control and pricing strategies. Structured to develop and track various commission programs, the module provides flexible and complete reports for both the accounting and sales staff to track productivity and profit.

Sales Order Processing

Few, if any, of your most valuable customers will ever see your Accounts Payable software at work. Nor will they see your Sales Analysis, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, and Quotations nor accounting department generate accurate financial statements. Ninety percent of their perception of your business will be formed at the sales counter.

For your personnel to service those clients and strengthen their perceptions, they need knowledge, flexibility & control. The Sales Order point-of-sale module is designed to meet your demands and provide the functionality needed at the heart of your business. The module facilitates workflow by integrating fully with Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Sales Analysis, General Ledger, Purchase Orders, and Quotations.

V-Web Quotations

V-WEB delivers E-Commerce to your business by enabling your customers to process Request for Quotations (RFQs), search your inventory, and access their account information at anytime, from anywhere, over the Internet. The V-WEB Internet Quote Entry System can be integrated into existing websites. If you do not have a website, the VERSYSS Web development team can create a custom website for your company.

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