A multi-module management system designed by Clear Spider for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.

About Clear Spider

Clear Spider is designed to support the requirements of controlling inventory whether its yours, its needed for an e-commerce store, its consigned or its at a 3PL. The software is workflow enabled to emulate your processes. It also has task notification and is alert enabled. It allows you defined roles by location or client. The graphical screens allow you to quickly see inventory status, and the notifications apprise them of next steps.

Bar coding allows for a quick way to receive and ship goods, or track them through a process. The various handheld and PDA options allow for inventory to be track at remote sites where web access is not possible. The various inventory engines in Clear Spider allow for automatic fulfillment or replenishments so Invendia can generate and accept purchase orders, or sales orders.

Clear Spider always strives to ensure optimal inventory levels. All transactions are logged and recorded for each user so a full audit trail is available. Easy to use reports are available and the information can quickly and easily be sent or received from various accounting systems, and e-commerce stores through the various interfaces that are supported.

Video Overview

Bar Coding

Bar Coding- allows the inventory to be quickly scanned as part of the ship/receive process, or the RMA process


BOM/Kitting - provides for a simple web based BOM structure, serial/lot tracking as well as kitting. Also allows third parties, joint ventures to product products or kit as per your requirements and allows you to participate without setting up a costly infrastructure.

E-Commerce Inventory

E-commerce Inventory- allows e-commerce stores to have an inventory engine to manage the in and outs of their inventory that is located at different sites.

EDI Analysis

EDI Analysis- allows user to quickly determine the status of inventory by location

Inventory Control

Inventory Control- allows for inventory to be managed locally, remotely, at single or multiple sites by single or multiple parties.


Pick/Pack/Ship – allows for product to be quickly and easily picked packed and shipped as per the customer instructions. Keeps track of all the miscellaneous costs associated with this process.


Replenishment/Fulfillment - allows retailers to determine what is in each store, or the chain quickly and easily optimize inventory levels


Reporting- allow the various users to determine costs, ratios and status of inventory by, SKU, group, customer, etc.

RMA-Return Merchandise Authorization, Return Material Authorization

RMA-Return Merchandise Authorization, Return Material Authorization- this module allows inventory/merchandise to be bar coded and tracked by the sending party all the way to the originating party. It allows for the disposition of the product, whether its replaced, repaired, etc. It also ensures product under warranty can be returned.


VMI- allows for suppliers to easily manage their customer’s inventories and provide both parties to the inventory status

Web Warehousing

Web Warehousing- simple warehousing solution for small warehouse

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User Reviews of Clear Spider

Submitted on December 18th, 2019 by Josh Johnson from Fidelitone

We wanted a system that was easy to implement and provided us with the ability to integrate with both clients and trading partners. Clear Spider delivers on both accounts.

Submitted on December 1st, 2019 by George C. Rimnac Jr. from W.W. Grainger

Our partnership with Clear Spider helped us with planning, testing, and deployment. They surpassed our expectations and delivered a solution unique to Grainger and our customers.

Submitted on April 19th, 2019 by an anonymous Clear Spider user.

The price point versus the value offered makes this product a great fit for us.