A inventory control application designed by COMCASH for retail trade companies.

About Remote Polling

Remote Polling allows you to track available inventory across an unlimited number of locations. With Remote Polling several stores inventory data is consolidated at through an FTP site at a central data source. This information is then viewable by any store and corporate headquarters giving you advantages in ordering, invoicing, and customer service.

Remote Polling allows you to view inventory levels across an unlimited number of locations.

Product Overview

User Reviews of Remote Polling

Submitted on May 3rd, 2016 by Andy from Compatible Computer Services

I am a dealer for ComCash. I have clients using it and it works great for them. For me, more importantly, I rarely get supports calls for it - when I do, it is usually something else causing a problem for Polling - user deleted a file, bad router, etc.

The Good…

I guess I just said it - rock solid.

The Bad…

No issues