A inventory control application designed by groWare for agriculture/forestry/fishing/mining companies.

About GroWare

GroWare uses a parent-child relationship between like products. This concept will minimize data re-entry by operating on the principle that, ýwhat the parent has, the child will inherit.ý This allows you to use the same product description regardless of insignificant product details (like container size). At the parent level, broad product descriptions are saved; whereas, at the child (item) level only information specific to that product is saved (e.g. barcode, pricing, availability and any supplier or customer data). This product gives you the ability to price based on quantity, dated/sale pricing, price points, and price levels.

GroWare can store your products in many different ways, and gives you many options in your inventory control efforts. You are able to chose between the following inventory accounting methods: Average, LIFO, FIFO, Count only and Suppress. Furthermore, all inventory can be kept in one or multiple locations, using lot or serial numbers to track items as you please. Additionally, you can buy or sell your items in different level of details (e.g. you can buy cultivar or color specific and sell as flats or pots). Finally, all items can be set on different cycle or inventory counts.

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User Reviews of GroWare

Submitted on March 14th, 2019 by an anonymous GroWare user.

The support is horrible! It is virtually non existant.

The Good…

The support is so horrible that it overshadows any positive aspects of the actual software

The Bad…

The support