IntelliTrack QuickBooks Plug-In

A software system designed by IntelliTrack.

About IntelliTrack QuickBooks Plug-In

Combine the benefits and the features of IntelliTrack’s barcode software and Intuit’s QuickBooks. Use IntelliTrack software to manage your QuickBooks inventory, creating a powerful, yet economical inventory control system.

IntelliTrack supported versions of QuickBooks include:

  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Enterprise
  • QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise Industry Specific Versions
    • Contractor Edition
    • Manufacturing Edition
    • Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition

Technical Details

The IntelliTrack Plugin for QuickBooks (QB) is the application specific plug-in for the IntelliTrack Application Program Interface (API). The API is a series of objects that enable a user to quickly retrieve and enter data into IntelliTrack Warehouse Management System (WMS) or IntelliTrack Inventory, Shipping, Receiving & Picking (ISRP). The fully integrated plugin provides bidirectional information transfer. Features and functions include:

  • Timer settings for “behind the scene” real-time transfers.
  • User selected manual transfer(s).
  • Retrieves QuickBooks Purchase Orders and enters them into WMS or ISRP as Receiving Orders.
  • When receiving orders are closed in WMS or ISRP, a new Item Receipt is created in QuickBooks .
  • When receiving orders are received, the purchase order is closed in QuickBooks.
  • Retrieves QuickBooks Sales Orders and puts them into WMS or ISRP as Picking Orders.
  • When the orders are picked and closed in WMS or ISRP, a new Invoice is created in QuickBooks.
  • When the orders are picked, the Sales Order is closed in QuickBooks.
  • Customers and Vendors are brought into WMS or ISRP.
  • Item numbers are retrieved from QuickBooks and entered into WMS or ISRP.
  • Optionally, inventory can be imported from QuickBooks into WMS or ISRP

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