JDA Fulfillment Planning and Inventory

A inventory application designed by JDA Software Group for retail trade companies.

About JDA Fulfillment Planning and Inventory

Fulfillment Planning and Inventory Optimization can help eliminate reactive supply chain costs by reviewing inventory plans, adhering to pre-determined inventory strategies, comparing the constrained forecast against the net forecast, and dynamically managing constraints to develop recommended order quantities. Consumer product manufacturers develop safety stock rules and inventory strategies to consistently meet customer service requirements. The solution allows you set these business rules and strategies to address the business requirements of multiple channels, participate in industry initiatives like vendor managed inventory (VMI), dynamically deploy inventory from multiple facilities at the optimal cost, and manage seasonal inventory requirements with pre-build inventory strategies. The powerful capabilities of the solution include the capacity to:

  • use flexible hierarchies across multiple channels
  • account for seasonality through time-phased planning
  • create seasonal pre-builds of inventory
  • employ multiple safety stock strategies (min/max, statistical, coverage duration)
  • incorporate forecast consumption logic
  • dynamically deploy and allocate inventory
  • use exception management to identify shortages, overstocks, and capacity issues execute VMI programs

Reactive supply chain costs can be eliminated through more accurate and timely information, exception management, and more dynamic deployment of inventory.

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