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This is the simplest inventory and/or asset data entry tool available! Counterpoint is an economical way to capture assets or entire product line by physical location. Counterpoint is a bundled hardware and software system that allows users to scan an inventory item and enter the quantity using state-of-the-art technology. It also lets users know who collected the data and what time it was taken. All the data can then be transferred to a PC for processing in either a delimited or fixed-field ASCII file. The inventory file transmitted to the PC is a simple ASCII file. It should be compatible with any spreadsheet or database program, as well as our PC Inventory Worksheet Program. The fields you’ll find in the file include DATE, TIME, USER, LOCATION, ITEM, and QUANTITY.

Counterpoint allows users to scan an inventory location, then enter the items and quantities in that location, using a small, rugged, handheld computer.

There are several other features as well, such as scrolling through your entries from oldest or latest entry, and optionally delete an entry. If you’re entering assets, where the quantity will always be 1, you can disable the quantity prompt. By disabling the quantity prompt, you can enter a location, then just scan one item after another.

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