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SMARTer Manager

A multi-module management system designed by SMe Software for manufacturing companies.
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SMARTer Manager will allow you to control your inventory, produce accurate estimates, and keep supply on par with demand. By using this system you will be given incredibly flexibility and functionality.

Job Costing

The Job Costing application of SMARTer Manager will allow you to track labor material and resource costs in a user friendly interface. This system will allow you to calculate the exact costs and profit margin of every job, order, and part in your operations. You have actual job costing on every one of your orders. You can track costs to individual shipments and orders. Some of the additional features of this product include:

  • Compare your actual costs to projected or estimates.
  • Review your job costing for materials
  • Review your job costing for subcontracting.
  • Track your operation labor.
  • Calculate your production margin and cost analysis by part, assembly, company location, department, or market segment.
  • Create multiple costs for a designated part.
  • Drill down to individual job costs with just a mouse click.
  • View in detail or in summary

Lot Tracking

This product features complete lot tracking capabilities. Including ISO9000 tracking, SMARTer Manager gives you “Cradle to Grave” tracking, following each part through its full life-cycle—from arrival at your facility, to delivery to your customer. It’s so detailed, you can track a customer shipment back to the raw material lot that was used to produce the finished part.

Scheduling & Tracking

The Scheduling & Tracking module of SMARTer Manager will ensure that your schedules are never thrown off by the dynamic nature of doing business. Within the module anything that you schedule can be defined as a resource: machines, tooling, molds, even people. Every resource then has its own calendar allowing you to schedule maintenance, change capacities, and instantly sort out any unexpected problems.

Reviews of SMARTer Manager

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