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About Enboarder

Enboarder is the first experience-driven onboarding and transitions platform. Put the experience (and people) at the center of everything you do. Use this solution to take your employee engagement, productivity, and retention to new heights.

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  • Rich content in minutes: A stunning UI paired with unmatched personalization and customization means a new benchmark for employee experiences.
  • Data-driven manager coaching: No other solution will empower your leaders with smart and timely manager nudges.
  • Zero friction, 100% convenience: Built for today’s workforce: Mobile-first, no logins, downloads or ignored app notifications.
  • Intelligent pulse surveys: Go beyond surveys: So you can act on the feedback you gather - instantly and automatically.
  • Multiple stakeholder communications: Have a lot of chefs in a lot of kitchens? Effectively orchestrate them all.
  • Superior reporting: Advanced Reporting center allows HR to track the metrics that matter. So you can truly own the journey.

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User Reviews of Enboarder

Submitted on December 3rd, 2020 by Sam Shoemaker from Compass

Enboarder’s automation allows me to spend more time focused on face to face time with my agents and less time worrying about sending emails and follow ups.