A real-time production tracking software

About ShopFloorConnect

ShopFloorConnect by Wintriss is a real-time production tracking software for manufacturers. Available on any web browser, this solution displays current machine statuses and calculates production efficiency (OEE).

ShopFloorConnect Asset Utilization Software and hardware automatically collect shop floor production data that is timely, accurate, and unbiased. Best of all, this production tracking system does it automatically, and in real time!

ShopFloorConnect tracks machine uptime, downtime, the reasons for downtime, production rate, and piece part counts (when applicable). Your shop floor data collection is like having a team of manufacturing engineers doing a detailed efficiency study of the entire factory - all the time.

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Features of ShopFloorConnect

  • Real-time machine status displays: Displays the status of the shop floor in real-time in any web browser with 100% accuracy
  • Report generator: Gain powerful production report generator to help understand the production
  • Production tracking: Fully customizable according to your requirments
  • OEE monitoring of running or uptime, idle time, changeover, and planned or unplanned downtime
  • Production report generator and interface
  • Automatic report distribution
  • Text and email alerts
  • Microsoft SQL database integration

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User Reviews of ShopFloorConnect

Submitted on March 2nd, 2020 by Clay Reiser

Before we installed ShopFloorConnect, we had a difficult time ascertaining why a particular machine was down. And downtime on the floor translated directly to lost productivity and lost dollars on our bottom line.

After the initial installation, we saw an instantaneous 10% increase in productivity on our shop floor. That translated into a payback of less than 3 months.