An equipment management software that streamlines inventory and asset management workflows.

Product Overview

Cheqroom is an equipment management software that creates a web-based inventory and asset management system. The solution allows for optimized equipment checkout to provide full control of assets while preventing loss and controling damages. Features includes equipment checkout, asset tracking, equipment booking, and maintenance. The platform is accessible across various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making it a practical choice for diverse business environments.


  • Flags and custody functions make tracking easier
  • Multiple users have remarked on the system's ease of use
  • Can scan assets using phone app


  • Guided implementation, roll-out, and customization all sold separately
  • Doesn't integrate with calendar systems

Target Market

Businesses in IT, video production, construction, and education sectors looking for a comprehensive solution to manage and track equipment and assets efficiently.

About Cheqroom

Video Overview


  • Equipment checkout
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Equipment reports
  • Asset tracking
  • Equipment booking
  • Equipment scheduling
  • Asset management
  • Mobile apps


  • Essentials: $125 per month
  • Standard: $250 per month
  • Plus: $400 per month
  • Premium: Price on demand


  • Eliminate Spreadsheets: Check out equipment and just scan QR code labels for instant and accurate data entry. All from your mobile device, no more paperwork required!
  • Check in/check out on the fly: Control your equipment from your smartphone and check in/check out assets wherever you are. With around-the-clock access from anywhere and any device, you can do it whenever you want, in real-time!
  • Ensure accountability: Enable and use self-service check in of your equipment. Simply let all your users create their accounts and login to make checkouts themselves!
  • Keep your equipment in working order: Bad maintenance practices means your equipment degrades. It breaks down more quickly, leading to expensive replacements and repairs. CHEQROOMs equipment helps you make sure your equipment stays in top shape!
  • Stay on top of items in maintenance: When you can’t keep your equipment maintained, it breaks down and stops working prematurely. It’s always cheaper in the long run to take care of your equipment. CHEQROOM helps you manage and oversee your equipment maintenance!
  • Keep track of equipment under maintenance: Need to know which items are being maintained or repaired, and when they’ll be done? Use CHEQROOM’s equipment maintenance software to keep track of all of it!
  • Safely store your equipment in one place: Access your equipment from any device, at any time. All of your inventory data is safely stored online, no matter what.
  • Monitor equipment information in real-time: Rest assured that CHEQROOM keeps your equipment info up-to-date and in the right location. It allows all stakeholders to access asset information in real-time and from any device.
  • Enable fast and accurate decisions: CHEQROOM speeds up the asset management process. Make swift and accurate decisions, thanks to your increased work efficiency and overall data transparency.
  • Scan equipment wherever you are: Review or check out items more easily with a quick scan of each item’s barcode, whether you are at work or on the road. Eliminate paper without losing control over your inventory.
  • Keep track of equipment locations: Stop losing assets. No matter the size of your inventory, CHEQROOM’s asset tracking app allows you to keep meticulous records of all of your equipment locations and access them with the click of a button.
  • Create and control audit trails: Keep an overview of your assets and improve accountability among your employees. Create and control digital audit trails that are easily accessible from anywhere, at any time.
Starting Price
$125 /month
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Pricing Details
Professional services sold separately.

Product Overview

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