A HCM software system designed by Criterion.

Product Overview

Criterion HCM offers a range of features targeting different aspects of HR management. It manages talent, learning, performance, benefits, data, and other HR tasks. It also covers open enrollment, reporting, time and attendance, and payroll processing. Employer and manager self-service dahsboard helps all workesr to better manage their own time.


  • Includes customizable reports
  • Flexible reporting features


  • Exact pricing not shared by the developer
  • Limited large enterprise reports

Target Market

Small to medium-sized businesses that require an HR solution with customizable reporting. Particularly suited to construction and engineering, education and government, financial services, franchise business, and nonprofit organizations.

About Criterion HCM

Criterion HCM primarily covers:

  • Human Resources
  • Talent Engagement
  • Payroll

Video Overview

Criterion HCM Features

Here the key features of Criterion HCM software:

  • Human Resources
    • HRIS
    • Benefit Management & Open Enrollment
    • Compliance
    • Manager and Employee Self-Service
  • Talent Engagement
    • Applicant Tracking
    • Onboard
    • Performance Reviews
    • Learning Management
  • Time and Attendance
    • Scheduling
    • Biometric, PIN and Badge Terminal Options
    • Labor tracking
    • One-click Payroll Integration
  • Payroll
    • Multi Entity
    • Labor Distribution
    • Integrates with GL & Time Clocks
    • Tax Filing & Payment Processing
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Product Overview

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User Reviews of Criterion HCM

Submitted on February 7th, 2022 by Julie Kellman

I’ve learned that with a software company, you’re not just buying the application, you’re buying the people behind it. Sometimes you focus on the application and forget you need the people behind it. And that’s the secret sauce.

Submitted on February 7th, 2022 by Cheryl Wiblyi

We have been using Criterion since 2000 and I am completely satisfied with the product and the service that has been provided to us. I highly recommend Criterion as a company who can offer your business the same excellent service they present to us.

Submitted on February 7th, 2022 by Rick Simpson

Mid-Continent Casualty has been a user of Criterion HCM for nearly twenty years. We have always been satisfied with the quality of the products and have been more than satisfied with the level of service we received.