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VFP Accounting

A software system designed by VFP Business Solutions, LLC.

About VFP Accounting

VFP Enterprise Business Series has been developed from the ground up using the proven state-of-the-art technologies from Microsoft. Its designers and creators are software engineers and accountants with extensive experience in their trade. VFP Enterprise Business Series integrates e-mail, drill down analysis, pictures in inventory master files, fax interface, integrated personalized toolbars, and the best and easiest to use interface for real productivity and efficiency.

Consistent user friendly front-end design insures ease of use and smooth task flow through the data entry process. VFP Enterprise Business Series is fully integrated and can be used in a stand alone mode on a single computer or in a multi-user multi location environment with unlimited number of users. The system is inherently multi-user in design. Interaction with other programs is available through data interchange functions built right into the system.

The business solutions offered by VFP Business Solutions are one of the most comprehensive and have the best price performance value on the market today. No other product can compete on these factors. VFP Enterprise Business Series is an accounting system with proven business rules that will grow with your business.

  • Double entry using batch and real-time posting functionality.
  • Simple configuration for small businesses.
  • Extensive auditing control available for larger businesses.
  • Developed with industry standard tools from Microsoft.
  • Complete object oriented event driven system.
  • Runs on Windows XP/7/8 workstations.
  • Multi-User design for network operation.
  • Enterprise version support multi-currency.
  • Enterprise version supports multi location and country.
  • Consistent user friendly front-end design.
  • Easy to use data entry process allows for efficient operation.
  • The system is fully integrated with all the modules. No double entry of data. Sales quotes can pass data to sales orders, sales invoices and purchase orders.
  • Can be used in a stand alone mode on a single computer or in a multi-user environment with unlimited number of users.
  • On-line help, providing the user with easy documentation to guide them through each function.
  • Tutorials and how to guides show you basic accounting principles and how to perform daily operational tasks.
  • Developers kit with source code is available. Customize the software for your particular needs.
  • Multiple security access levels down to the field level.
  • Over 600 pre-defined reports, many with multiple selection criteria and sort levels. A built in report writer lets you modify the reports to suit your needs.
  • Extensive use of queries and lookups for easy access to data in key places.
  • Unlimited historical data of customers, vendors, inventory, sales, purchases, etc. maintained on-line for easy lookup.
  • Flexible system manager configuration that allows tailoring many options to suit your needs, without any programming.
  • Customizable toolbar system that's user dependent. Each user can configure their environment.
  • Email interface.
  • Interface to external barcode readers for both on-line and batch processing.
  • Multi company support. Create unlimited number of companies. Can be used for general bookkeeping.
  • The standard Laser Forms, allow you to produce high quality professional looking Invoices, Statements, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Quotes and other documents. No need to purchase preprinted forms.
  • A complete set of integrated modules to handle your business needs.

Accounts Receivables

The Accounts Receivable system has been designed for ease of use in managing the entire process of billing customers and managing cash receipts processing. Keeping track of, collecting and posting monies to customer accounts is a snap with the VFP cash receipts processing system. The system links to a separate but integrated Sales Order entry module and Sales Quotation module. This is a financial management system that helps you bill your customers for goods and services, while managing your cash flow on a day to day basis.

  • Customer Master Screen displays pertinent customer specific information, last sales information, account balance, default customer information.
  • Unlimited customer entries (limited to disk space).
  • Unlimited historical data (limited to disk space).
  • Link master customer record to user definable product codes, source codes, class codes, sales rep, commission level, price codes, shipping codes, ship via codes, discount codes, terms codes, etc.
  • Customer code is twelve alphanumeric characters.
  • Customer lookup by customer code, name, phone number.
  • View customer account status from customer master screen.
  • View open order status from customer master screen.
  • Create invoices, credit memos and debit memos.
  • Allows edit list of items to post grouped by invoices, credit memos and debit memos.
  • Posting process by cutoff date, allows for daily posting of transactions.
  • Linked to general ledger.
  • Each inventory item can be assigned to a separate general ledger distribution account.
  • Unlimited comments per each line item.
  • Unlimited comments for each transaction.
  • Direct entry of invoices or conversion from sales orders.
  • Auto generate invoice numbers.
  • Print multiple copies of an invoice or send via email.
  • User definable label for invoice copies; Original, Accounting Copy, File copy, etc.
  • Add new customer from direct invoice entry.
  • Add new inventory items from direct invoice entry.
  • Allow for inventory returns.
  • Invoice non inventory items.
  • Allows invoicing for services.
  • Allows invoicing of kits linked to bill of materials.
  • Invoice for AR only.
  • Create debit and credit transactions for AR using a separate sequence number for the DB and CR transactions.
  • Select items from multiple warehouse locations. Up to 65,000.
  • On line customer credit check from direct invoice entry.
  • Multiple shipping addresses per customer.
  • Multiple sales reps per invoice.
  • Multiple commission level per invoice.
  • Automatic commission adjustment for returns, credit memos.
  • Period ending commission report.
  • Select discount levels per line item.
  • Multiple price level per inventory item.
  • Select price level by customer, volume, or price code.
  • Lot tracking and selection during invoice entry.
  • Complete history of lots by lot number, customer and part number.
  • Integrated inventory for real-time deduction of on hand quantities.
  • Inventory lookup, displays on hand, on order, committed, and prices.
  • Complete on-line history of customer prior sales, quotes, open orders during invoice entry.
  • Invoice history query with drill down.
  • Track sales tax from multiple states/regions.
  • Sales analysis by customer, item, class, sales rep, warehouse.
  • Prints professional looking laser invoices on blank paper.
  • Accepts cash receipts on account as unapplied credits.
  • Unapplied credits can be matched to customer invoices and debits at a later time.
  • Create debits and credits on the fly during cash receipt entry or unapplied credit processing.
  • Apply cash from one customer to multiple customers invoices.
  • Accepts non accounts receivable entries.
  • Allows processing and applying payments to invoices after the fact.
  • User definable aging periods.
  • User definable cash management periods.
  • Customer status queries can drill down to the invoice line item level.
  • Unlimited ship to addresses per customer.
  • Unlimited contact information per customer.
  • Auto billing feature for recurring charges.
  • View customer payment history.
  • Link to General Ledger.
  • GL Batch posting have own batch Number series.
  • End of period processing, optional.
  • Sales analysis by customer, item, class, sales rep, warehouse, and many others.
  • Select from a group of parameters to zero in on specific sales data.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Complete fiscal year analysis displayed on one screen by product type and monthly period.
  • Monthly summary for a particular part number.


  • Customer receivables open item status report.
  • Payment history.
  • Brief customer lists.
  • Master customer lists.
  • Customer lists, select range of: customers, salesmen, class, state, zip code, territory. Sort by customer name, customer code, class, state, sales rep., zip code, territory.
  • Customer Labels.
  • Ship To labels.
  • Accounts Receivable aging. For range of customers, sales rep. Sort by customer code, customer name, salesman, terms codes. Select due date cutoff. Summary or detail.
  • Customer statements.
  • Customer payment history.
  • AR to GL Distribution Journal. List cash section, AR sections, Sales Section.
  • Cash receipts register by range of dates.
  • Laser form Invoices.
  • Laser form Credit Memos.
  • Laser form Debit Memos.
  • Invoice register.
  • Posting register: invoice, credit memos, debit memos.
  • GL distribution register.
  • Sales Analysis.
  • Sales Price Lists.
  • Sales Tax by State/region.
  • Commission reports.
  • Daily sales reports.

Bank Reconciliation

The bank reconciliation system allows you to reconcile an account defined as a bank account in the COA. The bank reconciliation system receives postings from the cash receipts processing, accounts payables, payroll and journal entry systems.

  • View open items on one screen.
  • Point and click to select cleared items.
  • Report on both cleared and un-cleared items during bank reconciliation processing.
  • Allows you to save work in progress and return at a later time to continue processing where you left off.
  • Look up for open, cleared or voided items.
  • Adjustment utility to re-open an item, clear or void an item after the fact to correct mistakes.
  • Bank account transfer utility allows moving funds easily from one bank account to the other.
  • Report by range of dates for open, cleared and voided items.

General Ledger

The VFP Accounting General Ledger system provides a real-time, accurate, financial system with audit trails and drilldown that helps you manage your business. VFP Accounting modules pass transactions seamlessly into the ledgers for later review and analysis. Included are journal entries with audit trail reporting and . complete financial statements, balance sheet and income statement.

  • User definable Chart Of Accounts (COA) which allows using numbers or letters for the account identifier.
  • Define a fiscal year or calendar year.
  • Each COA entry allows assignment of several characteristics. Have budgets assigned, cost or profit centers assigned, mutli-currency, make adjustments for currency changes, make adjustments for inflation, identify an account as being deferrable, identify an account that requires entry of a vendor or customer code, requires a document number.
  • Automatic Inflation transaction processing for accounts that are affect by inflation.
  • Automatic currency transaction processing for accounts that are affected by currency fluctuations.
  • Create user definable balance sheet and income statement format by creating categories and groups.
  • Allows for budget reporting for current period and prior periods.
  • Define up to 12 accounting periods and end of year period for adjustments.
  • Maintains unlimited historical posting detail.
  • Maintains unlimited prior years data allows printing of all financials statements and reports for any prior year.
  • Allows posting into future periods and run financials for future periods.
  • Complete audit trail for all batches with drill downs to the original document.
  • Supports profit centers and multi-location reporting.
  • Profits centers can have up to four tiers.
  • Print P & L consolidated or by each tier of the profit center.
  • Allows for batch processing of journal entries for multiple batches at a time. * Select which ones you want to post.
  • Allows posting to external system.
  • Journal entries may be imported from external systems.
  • Import payroll data from external payroll source.
  • Export data to excel or flat file.
  • Sequential batch number control from linked modules with sources, AP for posted AP vouchers, AP02 for checks, APQC for quick checks, AR, PR, PO for purchase orders, etc.
  • Extensive query utility to lookup batches and posted data by a diverse group of parameters.
  • Create your own source for journal entries and allows reporting by source.
  • Recurring journal system that links with the Accounts Payables module.
  • Linked Modules: Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivables, Invoicing, Inventory Control, Purchase Orders, Bank Reconciliation and Payroll.
  • Allows having up to two years open at once. No need to close periods for two years.
  • Lock prior periods to disable posting to prior periods from all journals or selected journals.


  • Chart of Accounts listing.
  • Category listing.
  • Group listing.
  • Profit center listing.
  • Budget Analysis
  • Cost center analysis.
  • Profit center analysis.
  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledger
  • Profit Analysis
  • Statement of Cash Flow

Inventory Control

Complete inventory management system allows several costing methods, multiple warehouse locations, lot tracking, and more. Reports allow you to analyze and control your stock. Complete link to Purchasing, Sales Orders, Accounts Receivables, and General Ledger. Integrates with kits and bill of materials.

  • Select one of four different cost methods, Average, FIFO, LIFO, or Last Cost.
  • Multiple warehouse locations per item.
  • Multiple locations within each warehouse.
  • Define units of measure for purchasing and selling.
  • Define each item with a Part number, UPC code, unlimited vendor part numbers, unlimited customer part numbers, unlimited equivalent part numbers.
  • Separate item description for purchasing and sales.
  • Each item has an extended description with unlimited number of characters.
  • Unlimited bin locations per item.
  • Item types include: Inventory, Non IC, Raw Material, Kit, Service, and Component.
  • Define unit of weight.
  • Carton pack and quantity per carton.
  • Item origin either from stock, manufacture or both.
  • Include picture of inventory item on display screen.
  • Each item can have multiple price schedules. Can be defined by customer, by markup from cost, by discount from list price, by volume, by product code.
  • Six price factors per item. Calculate markup from cost or markdown from list price.
  • Six (6) quantity price level for each item. Selling price determined by quantity of item purchased.
  • Customer specific price control for each item.
  • Each item can be assigned a promotion price with expiration date.
  • Allows for multiple vendors for same part number.
  • Classify each item by one class code and up to three sub class codes.
  • Master parts display shows item status: Available, On Hand, Committed-to-Ship, Committed, Back Ordered, On Order, Min-On hand, Max-On-Hand, Re-Order quantity, Minimum Order Quantity, Last Stock count date, last physical count, negative variance.
  • Assign catalog page number item appears in.
  • User defined status field.
  • Flexible unit cost definition: Base cost, Discount percentage from base cost, net cost, Unit factor, Unit cost, landed cost, average cost.
  • Allow each item to define tax status, tax rate, tax code, import tax percentage.
  • Define GL link for each item: Sales, Asset, Cost and Service GL account.
  • Item master display screen shows sales history: period-to-date, year-to-date, previous year, two (2) years ago. Both quantities sold and dollar value. * Displays last sale date, last buy date, last arrival date, date item created.
  • Query system by class code and item type for fast on-line searches.
  • Transaction processing system that allows adjusting stock quantities, warehouse transfer, or physical count adjustments.
  • Transaction processing links to GL to adjust costs (inventory valuation).
  • Basic bill of materials for kits.
  • Automatically deducts raw material stock from kit items at time of kit creation.
  • Complete lot tracking control through item life cycle: purchase order, sales order, to invoice.
  • History look-up of lots by entry number, invoice number, sales order number.
  • Allows for warehouse maintenance function. Create up to 65,000 different warehouse locations.


  • General item listing report.
  • Price labels.
  • Items in stock report.
  • Items out of stock report.
  • Items on order report.
  • Stock count work sheets report.
  • Warehouse bin location report.
  • Stock re-order report.
  • Inventory adjustments report.
  • Kit creation report.
  • Inventory physical count report.
  • Parts status report.
  • Lot tracking control report.
  • General Ledger Distribution report.

Lot Tracking

The lot tracking system allows you to assign a control number to your incoming stock. This number follows the item through the sales cycle and can be recalled from history.

  • Assign lot numbers manually or auto generate them.
  • Lots can be assigned at time of PO receipt or after the fact.
  • Mark an item as bonded inventory.
  • Only "cleared" items can be transferred into sellable stock.
  • Track lots through sales cycle into sales history.
  • Lots by item.
  • Cleared items.
  • Adjustment register by lots.
  • Sales history by lot number.

Serial Numbers:

The Serial Number capabilities of VFP allows tracking serial number from the PO receipt to the final sales invoice.

  • Alpha numerical serial number field.
  • Identify inventory items as serialized or not.
  • Assign serial numbers to incoming stock during purchase order receiving.
  • Pick serial numbers during order entry or invoicing.
  • Serial number history lookup.
  • Scan serial numbers during sales and purchase processing.
  • List serial number for one part number
  • Select all serial number for an invoice, sales order, purchase order or inventory transaction..


The KIT functions allows for a simple bill of material system. Create a bill of material list for unlimited number of items.

  • Enter kit on fly.
  • Assign unlimited number of items to a kit.
  • Allow sub kits to be assigned.
  • Automatic cost calculation based on component count.
  • Create an inventory transaction to enter a kit into stock.
  • Automatically adjust stock on kit creation.
  • Automatically adjust cost and price for kits.
  • Bill of materials list by item number.
  • IC transaction register for manufactured kits.

Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order system manages real time tracking and re-ordering of inventory. Integrated with Sales Quotes, RFQ, Inventory, Vendors, AP and GL. Track orders from placement to payment. Set your re-order points, generate reports and then select what you want to reorder. Also, can be used for purchasing agents who buy per the customers orders. Convert received POs into AP vouchers.

  • Direct entry or conversion from Sales Quotes or Sales Orders.
  • Assign multiple vendors to the same stock item.
  • Order using your part number and print PO showing vendor part number.
  • Order unit of measure can be different than stocking unit of measure.
  • Purchase order numbers can be auto generated or manually assigned.
  • Track purchases by delivery date, vendor, and part number.
  • Maintain complete purchase history of items received.
  • Each line item can have unlimited notes that print on the PO.
  • Link to customer sales order or RFQ.
  • Provides for a stock receipt worksheet.
  • Barcode interface for automatically uploading item received data from hand-held barcode reader.
  • Allow for partial receipts and track open POs.
  • Receive items into specific warehouses and bin locations.
  • Allows assigning four add-on cost per line item and prorate cost of items at time of PO receipt.
  • Receipt processing and posting updates inventory in real-time.
  • Receipt posting generates batch that links to GL.
  • Assign warehouse receipt for each incoming PO.
  • Allows entry of port of landing, B/L or AWB, carrier, and unlimited comments for each receipt.
  • Add new items and vendors at time of line item entry.
  • Setup vendor equivalent item numbers and cost at time of line item entry.
  • Record purchase history by vendor, Limited by disk space and Database File size.
  • Purchase Orders can print on laser forms using plain paper.
  • Automatic link to fax and email.


  • Plain paper laser purchase order form.
  • Receipt worksheet.
  • Posting journal of receive stock.
  • GL posting journal to record incoming asset.
  • Open sales order for incoming stock.
  • Open PO bye item, vendor, arrival date.
  • History report by item, vendor, range of POs, range of dates.
  • Re order stock report.

Warehouse Management System With 3PL

The VFP Business Solutions Warehouse Management System (WMS) with 3PL (3rd Party Logistics) solution is fully integrated with the accounting back end. We are the premier logistics price performance software solution on the market today.

  • Warehouse (WHS) entry form allows for auto WHS number generation or user assignable.
  • Allows for immediate invoice generation after receipt of cargo. This is can be made customer dependent.
  • Auto billing for storage charges. Allows for a grace period before billing.
  • Setup price charts by customer and cargo categories. Each customer can have a different price for each service rendered.
  • Print WHS labels after entry of WHS receipt information.
  • Reprint WHS labels at any time.
  • Assign cargo to multiple locations within the WHS.
  • 3PL support by defining part numbers to incoming merchandise and assign to a particular customer for order fulfillment and release services.
  • Container handling and processing right from the incoming or outbound freight.
  • Inventory analysis and history freight movement.
  • Able to handle serialized and non-serialized items.
  • Pick slip prints with barcode for easy scanning during pick and pack.
  • Use wireless hand-held devices for selected processes, put-away, pick, pack, physical inventory, etc. All functions can be emulated with the workstation.
  • Receive incoming shipments from suppliers via hand held wireless device. * Use pre-advice data to speed up incoming stock.
  • Put away feature allows scanning item, serial number and bin locations.
  • Pick from auto or manually generated pick slips.
  • Complete status of ready to Wave, waved, picking, packing, ready to ship, shipped, cancelled, hold, etc. linked to order available in real time to end-users.
  • Reports can be exported to Excel or CSV formats.

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