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About iQuest

Are you looking to manage your customer from quotation to collection? Are you concerned about the complexity of managing your supply chain? In addition to manufacturing in-house, do you outsource any of your production? If you answered yes to any of these questions, than iQuest is the enterprise solution for you.

iQuest helps you manage your business and customer orders from prospecting the customers, to managing the manufacturing, through to collection of invoices. You are able to select from more than 20 modules to create the iQuest system that works for your business.

In addition to the software, you will also receive iQuest MD. iQuest MD was created to update your systems during off hours so you don’t need to worry about the system slowing down during key business hours. Due to the bi-monthly updates, you save time and money through smaller database changes throughout the year instead of one massive conversion once per year. This will help your staff to easily adjust to changes over time and help them avoid the frustration of learning all the new updates at once.

Accounts Payable

iQuest Accounts Payable helps you maximize the dollar float while protecting your credit standing. The system tracks the invoice and payment data to help you control expenses.

The accounts payable module allows you to match invoices, purchase orders and product receipts. Additionally, you can create recurring invoices, on-account and partial payments, and 1099 reporting.

Finally, iQuest allows you to manage your bank accounts, reconcile checks, and assist you with transactions containing foreign currency.

Accounts Receivable

iQuest Accounts Receivable provides you the effective credit and collection management to reduce account delinquency and improve cash flow. It is also your tool to increase customer service.

Managing customer payments is important to any company and Abacus agrees. You will be able to track customer order and payment histories, real-time aging, as well as credit and collection management

Assembly Management

iQuest Assembly Management provides you with the tools to maintain product structure, define operation steps, and manage work orders. It handles both made-to-stock and made-to-order productions. It manages outsourced production while providing the shop floor control features to track the production status.

Customer Relationship Management

Not only will you be more efficient with the Customer Relationship Management module, you can also provide some transparency to your customers. Using the self-help web portal, customers can check account status, payment history and reprint and order or invoice.

This module also allows sales representatives to review account status, sales and payment histories as well as perform order, invoice and quote inquiries.

Managers can create alerts based on events based on settings that matter to your business. iQuest has integration with Microsoft Outlook which allows you to keep your team up to date with issues that may arise or just corresponding with the customer.

From a Management prospective, you will be able to manage your staff by assigning tasks, setting due dates, creating reminders and communicate with the team. Using the Opportunity Manager in the CRM module, you will have the ability to track quotes for follow up ensuring no customer falls between the cracks.

General Ledger

iQuest General Ledger helps you collect, analyze, and report the accounting data for your company. It makes your month-end closing quick and easy.

The General Ledger allows for general, standard, and accrual/reversal journal entries. You can also utilize the internal report writer to create meaningful financial reports.

Inventory Management

iQuest Inventory Management helps you keep an optimal balance between service level and inventory level at multiple branches. You gain immediate cost savings through more accurate inventory tracking and improved warehouse operations.

  • Cross reference part numbers by manufacturer number, name, internal number etc.
  • Attach documents to inventory items including pictures, blue prints, and schematics.
  • Multiple warehouse and multiple bin locations.
  • Product costing including FIFO, LIFO, average, current and standard.
  • Serial number and lot tracking.

iQuest Stock Transfer helps you achieve the right stock level between distribution center and branches. The system offers sophisticated techniques to ration inventory according to usage history and availability.

Job Order

iQuest Job Order is a complete tool for you to manage service sales, like design, install and repair works. The system manages jobs (or projects) in wide range of duration and budgets. Some jobs last 2-3 years, and cost millions, while others only take hours to complete. It integrates with other iQuest modules (Inventory, Purchasing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger) to give you a seamless system.

Manufacturing Management

iQuest’s Bill of Material engine allows you to manage the manufacturing process. Through advanced integration tools, you can create manufacturing schedules, perform shop floor control and material resource planning.

To further assist you in the manufacturing, iQuest allows you to create and build different kits or assemblies, complex configurations, and efficiently make engineering changes.

Additionally, you can track an order from the time it hits the shop floor, through each manufacturing station, inventory used to create the product, and scrap/waste.

Order Processing

The order processing module will give your customer service representatives an end to end tool allowing them to create sales orders and track every aspect of the order including order histories and payments.

With a sophisticated pricing system, you can offer different pricing structures including Table Pricing, Line Discounts, Contract Pricing, Family Pricing and Promotional Pricing, just to name a few.

Credit card processing, sales tax calculation and EDI capabilities will enhance your order entry system and processes

Purchase Order

Automate your purchasing by tying in the iQuest purchasing application. This system will allow you to set rules and reorder points within the inventory. Additionally, set up direct-ship orders matching the sales order to the purchase order.

Locate the best vendor price by utilizing your current vendor list. See vendor minimums for purchasing and also track changes to a purchase order.

The purchasing application is not just to order, but will also assist you with importing and receiving the product.

  • Track shipments including what is in transit
  • Analyze true landed costs and track freight cost history
  • Calculate foreign currency exchange for purchase overseas
  • Utilize RF technology to scan the PO, item and location
  • Identify discrepancies between PO and invoice

Repair Service Management

iQuest’s Repair Service Management is designed for the service and repair component to your business. From in house repair jobs to field service work, you will be able to effective manage all aspects of the repair or service work ensuring job completion and customer satisfaction.

Use status codes with each work order to identify where the work order is in the process. Each technician can view work orders assigned to them allowing management to analyze efficiency.

For your field representatives, your work orders will show the problem identified by the customer, diagnostics and steps take to complete the repair. Additionally, you can note what equipment that customer is using for future service work or even recommendations for new products in the future.

Along with managing your service employees and their work, you will also manage the service parts inventory. This includes notification when parts have arrived for a specific work order, allowing the technician to complete the project upon receipt.

Finally, easily review the work ticket prior to invoicing the customer to ensure you are billing them appropriately.

Royalty Management

iQuest provides an innovative way to track royalties owed to third party entities. It is ideal for manufacturing distributors to administer royalty contracts for the use of outside intellectual properties. It is unique in its ability to manage royalties due to sales of multi-party products, like book, music and film series.

Utilizing the royalty contract management, you can split royalty earnings, create advances and guarantees, create a payment cycle, produce statements and customized reports.

Finally, you can generate checks through A/P to pay for royalties.

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