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About WorkMax

WorkMax is the latest generation, web-based resource management platform of AboutTime Technologies, LLC. WorkMax serves customers that prefer a modular, web-based model with flexible monthly subscription licensing and minimal IT infrastructure. WorkMax emplores a “users first” development strategy and development roadmap. A top-notch team of professional designers, engineers and industry professionals with vast experience in mobile resource management have worked through all the little details, ensuring all modules are intuitive, simple and consistent. The end result is a powerful, user-friendly platform, truly best-of-breed web-based resource management solution.

WorkMax is modern resource management. Our mission is to help your team manage labor, assets, forms, field service and company resources as simply as possible. The workforce management market today is filled with unnecessary layers of complexity and costly implementations. We built the WorkMax platform to fix this with beautiful, scalable web-based business applications. AboutTime is a leader in enterprise mobile resource management with proven mobile and on-premise applications since 2003, AboutTime is known as being the best of breed on-premise resource management solution, WorkMax is our new best of breed web-based product offering.


Track assets and equipment with the WorkMax ASSETS module. Now your workforce can easily manage your most valuable assets, tools and equipment from anywhere. Tools are expensive to replace and can be difficult to keep track of. Stop asset loss, minimize delays and know what is where in an instant. Check in, check out and assign assets to locations, employees, and projects. The WorkMax asset module allows businesses in virtually any industry to track their valuable company assets. With the built-in flexibility that the Assets module provides, our customers track a variety of assets including small tools, large equipment, electronic devices and virtually any of your other company assets.

  • Stop Tool and Equipment Loss
  • Track Usage and Maintenance
  • Asset Assignment, History and Visibility
  • Minimize Downtime and Delays
  • Recover Lost Revenue


WorkMax digital FORMS lets your business create and deploy forms to your mobile, remote and local workforce. In addition to typical paper form data, now you can capture rich form information including table data, signatures, GPS location, audio notes, pictures and even video footage from any Apple or Android device. No connection? No problem. The form data you collect is stored locally so you can work on multiple drafts and then submit them when connected. All of the forms are neatly organized in your WorkMax ControlCenter so you can find, send, print and archive them from anywhere.

  • Eliminate Paper Forms
  • Build Digital Forms in Minutes
  • Any Device. Anytime. Anywhere
  • Popular FORMS Features


Complete Visibility of All of Your Resources

One live summary map shows REAL-TIME information on your operations, projects, workforce, assets and more. Knowing “What Is Happening Now” allows your team to make immediate adjustments while operating at peak efficiency.

Icon Workforce 1G See where your WORKFORCE is and who is working on what, from anywhere. Easily manage accurate labor without waiting on time sheets or making calls, all your labor metrics that matter are always up to date and right at your fingertips.

Icon Assets 1Gb Company tools, equipment and ASSETS move around often and change hands regularly. At a glance you can see where your stuff is, who has it and how it is being used. Assets can even be exchanged and assigned in the field.

Icon Productivity 1G See your labor and unit budgets update PRODUCTIVITY automatically, as it happens. As your team works, you will see their real-time productivity from anywhere. Knowing what is happening right now helps your team respond immediately and when your supervisors can quickly see where they stand on a daily basis, profitablity and efficiency increases.

  • Manage Performance-Based Incentives
  • Address Cost Overuns Sooner
  • See Every Aspect of Your REsources
  • Capture Media of all types - video, audio, pictures


The WorkMax field SERVICE management software helps your team dispatch service tickets with ease, schedule employees efficiently and provide top-notch customer service. Now you can streamline field service management by helping your team handle a high flow of service tickets and work orders efficiently. The visual dispatch and scheduling board coupled with the proprietary WorkMax map view and triage areas ensures you have the right people at the right job at the right time. Field utilization is the highest it can be due to a quick and simple mobile interface that updates your dispatch board in real-time as it happens. Connecting mobile, remote and local service operations to better serve your customers has never been so easy.

  • Get the right people to the right place, every time
  • Minimize drive-time. Maximize field service utilization
  • Keep service techs moving and customers happy


A modern employee time tracking solution with the flexibility to track your entire mobile, remote and local workforce accurately. Capture employee and job/project time electronically to gain reliable data for accurate paychecks, invoices, and job costing analysis. Time stamps stream into the system as they are logged so you can manage your workforce and labor as it happens, not weeks after! Your staff will be able to eliminate errors while completing billing and payroll in a fraction of the time.

  • All inclusive for your ENTIRE company
  • Runs disconnected for your Mobile Workforce
  • Workflows that fit Your Business
  • Robust Mobile Solution
  • Make Payroll a Breeze

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