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About Acomba

The Acomba Accounting Suite meets all your accounting needs, helping you build your business on solid and reliable foundations and ensuring that there are no limits to your potential.

Acomba’s modular system makes the Accounting Suite the only accounting software which grows alongside your company, regardless of your business direction.

Accounts Payable

Rigorous tracking of your accounts payable! Invoices, credits, interest charges and fees, Accounts Payable offers all the tools necessary to efficiently manage your payments.

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Purchase grouping
  • Discount management
  • Efficient tax calculation
  • Transfer of invoice details to the Acomba General Ledger
  • Definable DOS and Windows check formats
  • Display customer numbers on cheques to suppliers
  • Integration with the Acomba General Ledger application
  • Definition of payment terms
  • Payment schedule with installments or fixed-date payments
  • Powerful management tools
  • Quick and easy report production (aged trial balance, payment projections, purchase records, etc) for negotiating purchasing deals.
  • Report printing in XML, PDF, TXT, RTF, etc. formats

Accounts Receivable

Produce invoices, enter sales details, issue account statements and produce aged trial balances. Accounts Receivable is equipped with a multitude of practical features such as the option to enter transactions in U.S. dollars, make sales forecasts by territory and sales representative as well as define payment schedules.

  • Unlimited number of files and invoices
  • Calculation of the days passed since a given transaction was entered
  • Cash discounts managed by product group
  • Preview of forms before printing
  • Unlimited invoice lines
  • Cash discounts managed by product group for each customer
  • Automatic tax entry
  • Mailing labels produced in your choice of formats
  • E-mail and Web site addresses included in customer cards
  • Management of accounts receivable in multiple currencies
  • Specific credit and interest conditions for each customer
  • Space provided in customer cards for comments
  • Price list integrated with the invoicing procedure
  • Invoices printed in batches/Reprint invoices at any time
  • Option to use different billing and shipping addresses for the same customer

Automatic Billing

The Acomba Automatic Billing application automates the invoicing process, making it easy to manage all your repetitive billing operations, such as subscription, service contracts or recurrent sales. You can also use it to generate purchase orders.

  • Create a bid and mark it as repetitive. Specify the billing frequency (daily, weekly, biweekly, every four weeks, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, triannual, or semi-annual) as well as a starting and ending date. Choose whether you want to print the reference period on each invoice or not.
  • Issue invoices individually or in bulk using a confirmation screen.
  • Access the list of contracts ending during a selected period.
  • Completely automate your billing and payment process using the Acomba Pre-authorized Debit application.

Cost Analysis

Manage the cost of an unlimited number of projects simply and effectively. Define your projects then enter the transactions. Manage your labour costs by itemizing your employees paycheques. Thanks to the analysis reports, you can clearly see the costs associated with each of your projects.

Identify your branch offices, departments, products or other elements of your business by using extensions that allow the production of analysis reports of unparalleled versatility!

Create and divide your extensions according to your needs (ex.: XXX-XX-XXXX). Therefore, when you enter transactions, you only have to select the General Ledger account to be affected then choose the extension to be associated with each transaction. You can thus trim down your chart of accounts and produce analysis reports in response to an infinite array of requirements.

Customer Relationship Management

Acomba CRM is the solution to your customer relationship management needs. You can optimize communications tasks by automating various components of the customer relationship and by better targeting your sales activities and improving customer service.

Development of Targeted Sales Initiatives

With Acomba CRM, you can select to which customer or customer group you want to communicate according to a predefined profile. You can even create group selections by means of Acomba reports in order to facilitate communications. Acomba CRM will help you better target your marketing activities.

Automated Communications Tasks

To facilitate all your sales and marketing efforts, Acomba CRM automates mass mailing tasks. Functions allowing you to enter calls for follow-up, send E-mails or mass mailings by selecting to whom or to which group you wish to target. Automated sending procedures will save you time and money in mass communications initiatives.

Instant Access to Complete Customer Files

From a call, Acomba CRM puts the customer’s file at your fingertips, no more rummaging through paper files. Whether you need to see an invoice, bid or an account statement, you can have, in a click, all the information you need to serve your customer online or at the counter.

Efficient Management and Processing of Telephone Calls

With Acomba CRM, you can transform your Acomba system into a call center. Instead of writing messages on bits of paper, enter them directly in your Acomba system. With Acomba CRM, the messages are automatically stored in the proper contact’s file. No more lost messages and notes! In addition, you have instant access to complete information for each customer as soon as you contact him or her. (Requires the use of the Customization and Security application.)

Remote Access to Messages

Coupled with the Internet, Acomba CRM allows you to quickly transfer calls. This option allows you such flexibility as to send a message to an employee on a business trip or advise a technician of a service call while he or she is working on location. Your quick and efficient service will ensure customer loyalty.

Customization and Security

Control Data Integrity and Access to Acomba!

Customization and Security gives you complete control over who can access Acomba, perform specific operations or produce reports, or consult data. It also features commands that let you customize your work environment. Using Customization and Security, you can protect your business integrity.

General Ledger

General Ledger: a complete system for processing transactions and entries as well as producing clear and precise reports.


Simplified product lists for precise stock management!

The Acomba Inventory application does more than just keep up with your stock. It also provides options such as adding segments to your product codes, which allow you to distinguish and manage different colours, models, sizes, etc. Produce reports of unequalled precision without complicating your inventory procedures. Assign several suppliers to a single product, add files (images, Internet links, etc.) to inventory cards, produce labels using hundreds of integrated formats and much more

Order Management

Track each step of the sales process from creating bids to their subsequent conversion into orders and finally invoices. This flexibility greatly reduces paperwork and streamlines your sales tasks. If you have Acomba Accounts Receivable, you can also produce purchase orders for your suppliers!

  • Unlimited number of orders, bids and invoices
  • Display profit on sales
  • Direct invoicing, orders and bids
  • Automatic bid deletion according to predetermined expiration dates
  • Back-order management
  • Order and bid formats
  • Accessory item suggestion feature
  • Customer waiting lists
  • Down payment management
  • List of back-order products by supplier
  • Cost price of orders and bids
  • Managing purchases in U.S. funds (with Accounts Payable)
  • Inventory adjustment upon product reception
  • Customizable titles (invoice, order, purchase, etc.)


A Program That Meets Your Needs

  • Automatically calculates both provincial and federal source deductions, union dues as well as employment insurance, QPP and CPP contributions, etc.
  • Manages contributions to the Health Services Fund
  • Calculates CSST contributions in real time
  • Manages payrolls by department or accounts
  • Manages detailed timesheets, calculates payroll amounts, archives data and provides time verification documents
  • Manages type of hours worked
  • Manages individual work schedules
  • Categorizes hours worked and pay amounts by project or cost center (Cost Analysis required)
  • Manages employee functions and specific pay conditions
  • Tracks, manages and archives time worked and pay amounts associated with specific agreements Report printing in XML, PDF, TXT, RTF, etc. formats


  • Payroll calculations according to tax regulations in each province or territory
  • Simultaneous management of hourly wages, fixed salaries and commissions
  • Creation of specific remuneration modes
  • Definition of company-specific earnings, employer contribution and employee deduction parameters
  • Eight possible payroll frequencies
  • Taxable benefits management
  • Alimony management
  • Check/stub format defined according to department or employee
  • Complete individual employee files
  • T4s, RL-1s and modifiable employment records
  • Multicompany option for managing several companies
  • Future pay period processing without affecting current accounting

Performance and Efficiency

  • Payroll direct deposit
  • Vacation pay management
  • Check printing or direct deposit
  • Note management and customer file tracking in support of specific agreements and justifications
  • RRSP management
  • Management of inactive employees and temporary absences Employee expense categorization Time clock data import Employment record (form or white paper stock) Security and data access management (Customization and Security required) Standard T4s, RL-1s and their summaries (paper or electronic file)

Point of Sale

The Acomba Point of Sale Solution will revolutionize your business from the register to the back office, from the sales reps car to the farthest-flung retail outlet. You benefit from a management tool that is intuitive, fast, secure and adaptable in addition to access to specialized technical support from 7:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M., 7 days a week.

Production Manager

Production Manager is a tool for planning your raw material needs, managing component sets and manufacturing costs.

Acomba Production Manager helps production businesses better plan for their raw material needs. From products entered in Acomba Inventory, the user can easily build production recipes and assess production costs.

Report Generator

The accounting analysis tool par excellence!

The Acomba Report Generator is a powerful tool for producing an infinite variety of reports. Simply enter the appropriate formulas in the spreadsheet to develop customized financial analysis reports.

System Manager

At the heat of your accounting, commercial and banking management system!

Stay on top of your game with an effective management system that integrates the newest technologies. Not only does the System Manager control data shared by all Acomba applications, it also provides an extraordinary set of powerful utilities.

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