AccountMate 8.2 for LAN

A full accounting software system designed by AccountMate Software for startups and small organizations.

About AccountMate 8.2 for LAN

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN is the award-winning fully modifiable financial information solution that enables your business to achieve greater success through smart integrated business management systems. Ideal for companies that require an affordable system able to support dozens of users simultaneously, AccountMate 8.2 can be customized quickly and easily via access to its underlying ýsource codeý to fit the way you run your business.

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN is modular in design, so your company only needs to purchase the functions that are currently required. You can add other modules later as your business evolves. The fifteen modules for AccountMate 8.2 provide real-time functionality that economically equips your business with the power and performance needed to stay competitive. All modules integrate with one another, enabling you to get a real-time understanding of the financial picture of your company without complicated routines. Numerous enhancements crafted by independent software developers are available to provide additional functionality to your system.

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN also integrates directly with popular Customer Relationship Management (CRM), inventory management, and reporting products, including Microsoft Office, Goldmine® and Crystal Reports®. AccountMate 8.2 is extremely user-friendly, so your employees can be up and running quickly and efficiently after a brief training cycle.

AccountMate 8.2 offers a wealth of powerful features including multilingual capabilities, transaction rollback, drill-down analysis, and graphical presentations of inventory items. You can also create your own custom reports using either F9" or Crystal Reports to deliver mission-critical data that will keep your business competitive.

Accounts Payable

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Accounts Payable lets you avoid duplicate invoices and late payments. It double checks if invoices are supported by purchase orders, and automatically takes early-payment discounts. The system can manage payments for all types of 1099 vendors and print applicable 1099 forms. When integrated with Visual AccountMate Purchase Order, you get a complete vendor and purchasing system that will enhance your ability to manage your vendor base and valuable financial resources.

Accounts Receivable

With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Accounts Receivable, you have the power of a complete invoicing, receivables, customer and inventory management system. And when integrated with Visual AccountMate Sales Order, you have a complete order entry plus billing and receivables system, allowing you to better manage your business.

Bank Reconciliation

With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Bank Reconciliation, reconciling bank accounts is a breeze–it allows you to record disbursements, receipts and bank transfers not recorded through other AccountMate modules. It can also indicate which receipts, disbursements and transfers have cleared your banks; and then reconcile your book entries to your bank statements. You can set up and amend bank accounts, and define the currency in which transactions will be shown for each bank account.

Business Intelligence

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Business Intelligence is a powerful query and reporting tool that enables you to analyze ALL of your business data from any angle you wish, including non-AccountMate application data. Benefits include faster reporting cycles, higher quality information, sophisticated data analysis capabilities, better data on customer buying behavior, and improved end-user productivity.

Consolidated Ledger

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Consolidated Ledger brings easy-to-use, Windows-based features to financial consolidations, allowing you to quickly combine each AccountMate company’s account balance and budget information with that of other AccountMate companies, for presentation in consolidated financial statements and other reports.

Contact Manager

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Contact Manager provides a complete, automated system for managing multiple contacts. CM stores all vital business and financial data about contacts and customers; includes an enhanced report designer, contact filters, mail merge and e-mail functions. CM integrates with Sales Order to offer a complete order-entry system providing current customer information.

General Ledger

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s General Ledger gives you maximum control in managing all of your accounting transactions. You can set up and maintain their chart of accounts, generate financial statements and reports, or create journal entries and budgets.

Inventory Control

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Inventory Control gives you the power of a complete inventory management system, including the ability to define each inventory item’s cost method, unit-of-measurement, warehouse and bin location. You can assign serial numbers to inventory items; define multiple substitutes for an item; record transfers of units from one item to a similar item, or to the same item in a different warehouse; list all the vendors that supply a particular item, or all the items supplied by a particular vendor; copy inventory items to another company; and facilitate physical inventory counts.


This module enables you to track items as they are sold either individually or as components of a kit, allowing you to make sound and up-to the minute inventory management decisions. Kitting integrates with AccountMateýs Accounts Receivable and Sales Order modules.

Lot Control

With AccountMateýs Lot Control module, you can add the power of a complete lot control system to your Inventory Control. You have the ability to track units of lot-controlled items from purchase or production through inventory and sale, as well as recording each lot-controlled unitýs expiration date. The Lot Control module integrates with AccountMateýs Accounts Receivable, Sales Order and Purchase Order modules.

Manufacturer’s Inventory

With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Manufacturer’s Inventory, you can create work orders and explode jobs into virtually unlimited levels of raw material, labor, machine and subassembly components. You can break large jobs into multiple starting dates; post work-in-process automatically or manually; print work orders, routing slips, production slips and a wide variety of reports; and track jobs, resource usage and backorders to the posting of finished jobs and the cancellation of any unused allocated resources. Bills of materials are used to define manufacturing jobs and are supported by the inventory, machine usage and labor usage files.


With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Payroll, you can set up records for salaried, hourly and time card/piece work employees, and for independent contractors. You can choose to withhold deductions using different methods. Salaried and hourly employees can be paid using default hours, rates and deductions. The system calculates payroll taxes and prints payroll tax returns, W-2 forms and 1099 forms. Employee and federal tax deposit payments can be made electronically.

Purchase Order

With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Purchase Order, you have better control over your purchasing activities. You can restrict purchase order functions and have the option to automatically accrue the liability for purchases at the time goods are received, instead of waiting to post the liability through Accounts Payable. The system also allows you to define which inventory items are for resale and which items (such as office supplies) are for in-house use. When PO is integrated with AccountMate Accounts Payable, you can require that AP invoices be supported by purchase orders before you enter it into the system.

Sales Order

With AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s Sales Order , you have the power of a complete order entry, customer and inventory management system. When integrated with AccountMate Accounts Receivable, you receive a complete billing and receivables system that will further enhance your ability to manage your business.

System Manager

AccountMate 8.2 for LAN’s System Manager is the control center for the entire Visual AccountMate system and must be installed in order to run all the AccountMate modules. Featuring a windows interface and multilingual capability, System Manager controls the system environment and setup, on-line help, multi-level password security, printer setup, module and company selection, system date and all pop-up menus and initializes the system. With all of these features and much more, AccountMate 8.2 for LAN delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and security to any business.

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