A multi-module management system designed by AccTrak21.

About AccTrak21

AccTrak21 is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution that empowers businesses with timely and effective business management capabilities.

By utilizing advanced development technologies and methodologies, AccTrak21 brings high-end features, functionalities and scalability within the reach of all Small Medium Businesses. Specifically developed as a global product in compliance with both International Accounting Standards (IAS) and US GAAP, AccTrak21 can be used in virtually every country in the world.


Designed to reflect the needs of today’s growth oriented businesses AccTrak21 can scale to fit any business size by simply releasing added users or functionality through its encryption key technology. You can choose to add additional users at any time to meet the needs of your company’s future growth. This enables you to use the same software product without the problems associate with conversion to a new system that is inherent in current SME packages.


AccTrak21 offers you complete flexibility in purchasing only modules that your specific business needs. You can choose to add additional modules as your business expands without having to buy a new accounting package.

AccTrak21 has an integrated series of core financial modules as its base – General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Cash Management. Surrounding these are further fully integrated modules relating to CRM, Online Banking, Discrete Manufacturing, Distribution, E-Commerce and Mobile Commerce as well as other additional financial modules such as Fixed Assets, Multi-Currency, and Group Consolidation.

Integration Capabilities

AccTrak21’s open architecture provides system design flexibility to meet your specific business needs. It allows for greater system customization by providing you the capacity to integrate with third-party programs. You can also choose to integrate industry specific front-end systems such as car dealership system, online travel reservation system, front desk system for hotels or sales and distribution management system for consumer product distribution business with AccTrak21 as the financial back-end.

AccTrak21 is designed to enhance your product satisfaction by helping you to meet your business needs, and to improve your return on investment (ROI).

B2B E-Commerce

AccTrak21’s optional e-commerce solution dramatically increases your ability to conduct business with your trusted partners and customers over the Intranet and Extranet, extending your business hours to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Designed and developed by AccTrak21 as an integrated component of our software. Users are able to administer, track and process any business transaction and user access from inside AccTrak21.

With a true thin client solution and Java technology, your staff, business partners and customers can use any Web browser to do business with you. AccTrak21 e-commerce solution consists of the following optional modules:

AccTrak21 [email protected]

Allows trusted staff, partners and customers to enter orders directly over the Web. Using the same Web facility, inquiries can be made to check order status, delivery status and payment status. [email protected] also enables you to send individual or broadcast messages to your partners and customers (e.g. new product launches, special promotions, etc.)

AccTrak21 [email protected]/purchases/reports

Use the Internet browser to access up-to the-minute business information at any time and place. Staff can easily obtain information about their customers’ transactions and status, such as outstanding balance or paid sales order.

View vendor information such as contact number and address, account balance, purchase order and purchase history. Allows you to define access levels to all or part of any information to users as well as print sales orders.

Drill -down facilities, both graphical and non-graphical formats. Allows you to customize your web pages. You can change the font, its size, shape, color and even the color of the web page to suit your preference.

AccTrak21 [email protected] & Statistics

Define and administer a user’s access, via the web, to your AccTrak21 Financial, Manufacturing, and AccTrak21 eCommerce applications. Easily include new users into the system, change a user’s profile and information, and level of access to any available and valuable information.

You can find out the number of users who have logged in / accessed your eCommerce applications, which modules were accessed and their IP location. Analyze and compile statistics on the usage of a particular module, user(s) who have logged on, the most ‘active’ users, activities performed, and the time and day when your eCommerce applications were accessed the most.

Business Intelligence Tools

AccTrak21 software contains fully integrated business intelligence features which enable users to undertake sophisticated analysis of business performance. This analysis capability, unique in an accounting system for at the Small to Medium Business sector, enables business managers and trusted advisers to better understand business performance and trends, and to take timely and more effective business decisions.

_Health of My Business (HOMB)_ is the automatic sending via e-mail, a summary of your business’s performance to directors, senior managers or the business’s trusted advisers (including its accountant). The timely delivery of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) enables you and your advisers to monitor the financial health of the business.

Using user-defined formulas, HOMB retrieves required information and translates it into business intelligence, in a graphical format easily understood by owners, directors, and lending institutions. These graphs can be viewed using the Internet browser at a fixed interval to authorized recipients.

The Red-Flag alert feature enables you and your accountant to set up and receive email alerts. The system will automatically send an email alert to the named recipient when a certain event occurs or when a pre-defined ratio is exceeded. Also allows the recipient to view and analyze historical balances for these accounts before the threshold is met or exceeded.

**_BizInt Wizard **_is an online business intelligence tool utilizing OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), enabling users to undertake sophisticated analysis of business performance. This analysis capability, unique in an accounting system for at the Small to Medium Business sector, enables business managers and trusted advisers to better understand business performance and trends, and to take timely and more effective business decisions. There are currently seven cubes in BizInt Wizard: Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Financial Analysis, Labor and Overhead Analysis, Material Analysis, Events and Properties Analysis.


AccTrak21 CRM module is fully integrated with its award-winning accounting and business intelligence software, and is designed to provide users with the tools to effectively collate, share and analyze vital customer information.

The key to an effective CRM application is a seamless integration to the front end office, used by staff in their daily tasks, with the back end office, which is the company’s accounting database and processes. AccTrak21 achieves this by integrating its accounting back end with the most commonly used front office tools - Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Outlook®.

AccTrak21 CRM works by first capturing information relating to your customers and prospects. Such information can relate to ýEventsý, that is financial transactions, non-financial transactions and any form of contact (phone, letter, fax, e-mail, tasks and appointments) the company has with the customer, and to ýPropertiesý, that is, distinguishing characteristics of your customers such as nature of business, their industry segment, their size, or any other properties you would like to define and capture.

By categorizing customers according to the criteria that make most sense to the business, for example, nature of business, industry segment, size of business, etc, and by using AccTrak21’s pre-configured OLAP cubes, the business will be able to gain greater levels of insight into key customer trends and behaviors, as well as how effectively the company deals with its customers.

Properties Setup

Allows you to setup your customers and prospects with multiple contacts. Create and maintain detailed customers and prospects profiles by categorizing your customers and prospects by key customer groups or segments.

Events Setup

Offers unlimited ways of segmenting non-financial activities relating to your customers and prospects. Control access to edit customers’ and prospects’ non-financial activities saved from Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel for security purposes.

Customer Center

View your customer/prospect’s non-financial information such as contact details, company information and related events. You can also view your customer financial information such as the aging analysis of the customer account, credit information including terms, limit and credit available or the customer’s latest payment and purchase records. Study your customer’s purchasing trends by analyzing their top purchases.

Consolidate and centralize customer news, records, letters, product information, proposals, sales and service reports from Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel into one central location and thus ensuring all users are viewing updated complete information and avoids costly record duplication.

Customer Analysis

Analyze sales trends, patterns and statistical information of your customer. Cross-analyze the impact of properties and events on your actual sales. Export to Excel for further presentation of this analysis.

Customer Reports

AccTrak21 CRM comes with integrated Business Intelligence tools using Online Analytical Processing feature, OLAP to enable you to undertake sophisticated analysis of your customers and prospects.

The tools can be used in a variety of ways; analyze events, for example complaints, enquiries or support cases, by region, and this information can be further broken down by customer and prospect categories, and also down to individual customers and prospects.

You can also analyze non-financial information relating to your customers and prospects, such as industry segment, nature of business, size of business, etc. Managers can use this to better understand key trends affecting different customer segments.


AccTrak21 Distribution module help increase your profitability by enhancing the management of your inventory and customer service.

Costing Methods:

Assign selected costing method for each item. Choose from FIFO, Weighted Average and Specific Cost for serialized item. All costs of sales are calculated real-time, ensuring up-to-date quantity and stock valuation at all times.

Complete Sales Cycle:

Covers quotations, orders, invoices, deliveries and goods returned. Full integration enables the generation of invoices or delivery notes to minimize human errors in data entries. Enables online checking of stock availability.

Discount Structure:

Formulate your own discount schemes for your customers based on customer category, geographical area, item or any these combination to manage your sales and promotional activities.

Complete Purchase Cycle:

Covers purchase orders, goods received, supplier invoices and goods returned. Full integration ensures flow of information from one step to the next. Data-entry is made more efficient and error-free. Enables online checking of stock availability.

Multiple Warehouses:

Supports multiple warehouses. Allows you to set a default warehouse.

Profit Margin Analysis:

Obtain profit margin analysis based on real time online information. Assess profitability of selected items. You can also assess profitability by invoice level.

Item Reorder List:

Build your own reorder formula to effectively manage your stock level. Reordering is made simple by simply clicking the ýPost to PO buttoný and email the Purchase Order to your preferred vendor.

History Inquiry:

Resolve any inquiries on cost, quantity, invoice or returns of your inventory by viewing your historical transactions.

Price Book:

Allows you to set global price changes easily· Create and define your own price lists with user-defined mark-up/mark-down percentages. You can then assign it to specific customers, category of customers, areas or salesperson to suit your sales and marketing strategy.

Bill of Materials (BOM):

Set the components for Bill of Materials for production purpose or assembly of finished goods. BOM functionality is also integrated with AccTrak21 Manufacturing application.

Unit of Measurement:

Allows you to assign different units of measurements per item.

Unlimited Bin Location:

Allows you to create unlimited bin location

Substitute Item:

Allows you to select substitute items to instantly replace items that are not available during transaction entry.


In addition to all the normal features you would expect to find in a quality accounting software, AccTrak21 offers a full range of highly-functional and powerful financial management system designed to increase your profitability by enhancing your productivity.


System Manager (Management & Security)

Manage the security of your financial transactions and documents in AccTrak21 by controlling user access by company, function, module, screen and specific tasks like add/delete/email/print. You can set specific password for each function. There’s also access log and user-defined auto log-out.

Online Wizard

Context sensitive step-by-step training cards on how to use AccTrak21. Set your own pace and slash your learning curve with the ýHow Do Iý instructions and ýGetting To Knowý information using advanced interactive training methods.

General Ledger

Allows you to enter GL transactions, create recurring and reversing GL transactions, setup budget and customize your reports.

Accounts Payable

Accurately maintain details of your vendors and related purchase transactions. You can analyze your vendors with multiple categories, status and types that will assist you in managing your liabilities. Use the Vendor Invoice – Payment Reconciliation report to reconcile your outstanding invoices. You can choose to age your suppliers using the usual less than 30, 31-60, 61-90 days, 91-120 and greater than 120 days method or the flexible user-defined aging method.

Accounts Receivable

Allows you to record sales-related transactions and activities, generate finance charges, recurring billings and credit collection letter for customer overdue invoices. Analyze receivables and collections by periods, geographical area, customer categories, customer status, salesperson, etc. You can opt to print either open-item or brought forward customer statements. You can choose to age your debtors using the usual less than 30, 31-60, 61-90 days, 91-120 and greater than 120 days method or the flexible user-defined aging method.

Cash Management

Allows you to monitor and manage your business cash flow; payments from customers, payments to vendors and cash transfer in banks either on an ad-hoc basis or recurring basis. Manage payments to suppliers according to their due dates. Payments are grouped by suppliers and/or currencies and can be offset against the invoices at the same time.


Provides instant access and sharing of accurate online real time business information. There are more than 150 standard reports, selectable by various criteria, within or across accounting periods. Our comprehensive reporting system includes current / previous periods, year-to-date, budget, variance or percentage of variances.

Reports can be customize according to your business needs, viewed on-screen, printed, exported to your favorite spreadsheet such as Microsoft Excel or Lotus and emailed directly from within AccTrak21 to any third party.

Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere

SQL Relational Database Management System that is best suited for the desktop to workgroup client-server architecture. It minimizes network traffic, eliminates lost data, speeds up processing, and provides high level of concurrency, security and flexibility.


Data Import/Export using AccTrak21 e-Bridge" makes importing/exporting data to/from AccTrak21 more convenient. AccTrak21 e-Bridge helps simplify the process, making integration of AccTrak21 with other software much easier and faster. It includes components to enable the migration of data from other popular accounting software packages into AccTrak21.


AccountantKit enables accountants/auditors to create any necessary adjustment journal entries for their clients from their own offices. Changes made by the accountants/auditors are then e-mailed to the client, who upon accepting the suggested changes, is able to upload changes to the ýliveý database by a simple click of the mouse.

E-Document Viewer

e-Document Viewer, enables users to view AccTrak21 reports in their original format, without the need to run the AccTrak21 application. It is the best tool for your partner or customer to view your business documents electronically and for your directors to view your financial reports remotely.

Remote Access Kit (RAK)

Enables remote users, such as the accountants, support providers, and users themselves to access AccTrak21 remotely by utilizing Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Remote users can perform any function or analysis, subject to the access permission set by you. You will then be able to observe the activities of remote users on your computer and vice-versa.


Fixed Assets

Provides one-stop venues for any asset information; purchase cost, depreciation method, capital improvements, maintenance, and disposal values, even periodic depreciations are updated.


Allows unlimited number of currencies and unlimited rates per currency to be maintained. Automatic calculation of gains and losses made when making payments in a foreign currency. Calculates unrealized gains and losses. Inquiry screens and reports allow you to view transactions and balances in local currency and transaction currency.

Group Consolidation

Consolidate parent and subsidiaries financial statements with auto-offset of inter company trading.

Online Banking

Online Banking allows users to undertake their banking activities and other financial transactions, including receiving and paying bills and downloading account information from AccTrak21.

Compliant to Open Financial Exchange (OFX)/International Financial Exchange (IFX) standards, Online Banking application allows you to communicate and download transactions such as bank statements, inquire, send messages and request for stopped check from multiple financial institutions and bill publishers in a centralized area within AccTrak21. You can also request your bills online, instruct your bank(s) to make payments and transfer funds between accounts. Audit trail of online bank requests are also provided.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

Set the components for Bill of Materials for production purpose or assembly of Finished Goods. BOM functionality is also integrated with AccTrak21 Manufacturing application.


MobileInt3 is a unique solution developed and provided by AccTrak21. MobileInt3 gives AccTrak21 users mobile access to their corporate database, allowing them to both retrieve relevant business information, and also to send updated reports to their sales teams on their mobile phones.

Made possible by the convergence of computers, Internet, telephony and wireless technologies, MobileInt3 puts business-critical information at users’ fingertips. Imagine the benefits of this functionality. By taking a cellular phone on a business trip, the user can obtain the up-to-the-minute status of their business transactions with the clients he is due to meet.

Users can be alerted instantly when a critical event occurs. Business users can reduce the risk of issuing bad checks by setting the AccTrak21 system to send a MobileInt3 alert whenever their bank account balance falls below a pre-defined threshold. Purchasing managers can receive a MobileInt3 alert when stock levels fall below a defined minimum level.

MobileInt3 provides new ways to enhance customer relations. Businesses can gain a competitive edge over their rivals by offering new and innovative services to the customers, such as sending delivery notices to the customers’ cellular phones.

Strengthen customer relationships by providing personalized services, like letting your sales team check on the status of orders, deliveries and payments anytime without being in the office premises. Your salespeople can also place orders for their customers from the customers’ office, using their mobile phones. Keep your sales team informed on their mobile phones at all times with reports on top selling items and their current sales data. As long as you have access to the Internet, you can broadcast SMS messages to your staff on their mobile phones.

MobileInt3 has as its foundation a solid suite of award-winning AccTrak21 Accounting and Business Intelligence applications. These were developed using advanced computer technologies and development tools such as SQL and Object-oriented Programming. AccTrak21’s sophisticated system includes BizInt Wizard - an Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) component usually only available with very expensive high-end business applications.

MobileInt3 extends the business intelligence functionality of AccTrak21 BizInt Wizard enabling the delivery of its valuable business information via the wireless telephony network to the users’ cellular phones. With MobileInt3, users can be anywhere and still be in close contact with vital and up-to-date business information, thereby making them better, more effective decision-makers.

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