Axis ERP

An ERP system designed exclusively for metals, wire and cable producers and service centers.

About Axis ERP

Axis, an APTEAN ERP solution, is the leading enterprise management systems for the metals, wire and cable industries. APTEAN focuses on development, implementation, and integration of our Axis ERP; family of application software products for producers, manufacturers, and service centers in our target industries.

Why should you choose Axis as your enterprise resource management software partner?

If you make or process metal, or you manufacture wire & cable products, consider the following about the Axis ERP system:

  • Axis is dedicated to your industry. At APTEAN, that means we already understand your environment, and it means just about everyone you work with from APTEAN will quickly relate to your issues, terminology and needs.

  • Since our Axis ERP software is designed specifically for your needs, you can start deployment almost immediately without the need for major customization.

  • APTEAN has a proven track record of effectively partnering with companies much like yours. As part of your evaluation of us, we will be happy to arrange for you to talk with companies that make products very similar to yours.

  • Our SurePath methodology has been developed to further reduce the time and risk of implementation. It is tailored to your industry, and it provides more predictable implementation costs, faster ROI, less disruption, and better results than typical ERP implementation approaches.

  • Axis ERP will continue to support your industry’s best practices because its direction is guided by our customers, who are some of the leading companies in the metals, wire and cable industries.

  • Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation. By automating much of the quoting, entry, production planning, and documentation of orders, Axis ERP helps metals companies dramatically reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes.

  • With Axis ERP, you have the flexibility to deploy on just about any UNIX or Windows computing platform, and to grow your system incrementally to support any number of users. Its advanced software architecture provides a level of performance, scalability, and ease of management that goes beyond more complex cross-industry software packages you might consider.

Because of all these points, Axis ERP will implement faster, support your business better, and provide a higher return on investment than just about any other solution you might consider.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Axis ERP APS extends planning and scheduling functions with powerful advanced capabilities to further improve throughput, customer responsiveness, on-time delivery performance, and management decision-making.

Finite Capacity Scheduling helps generate realistic production schedules in minutes by taking into account all of the key factors that determine capacity, like machine, tooling, labor, and material availability. In addition, it allows for down time for preventative maintenance and material availability.

Capable to Promise helps you take more orders and deliver as promised by providing the tools to identify and respond to the impact of rush orders and schedule changes. With the right information, you can provide customers with delivery dates that meet their needs, knowing in advance what it will take to deliver.

What-if Analysis helps managers and schedulers make better decisions faster by providing the ability to weigh the pros and cons of different scheduling strategies and experiment with factors that directly affect the bottom line, such as staffing levels, on-hand inventory, overtime, or new equipment.

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment Features

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment automates the creation of quote, sales order, and production processing details based on the attributes (e.g. grade, specification, size, shape, finishing, etc.) of an ordered product, eliminating the need to maintain individual pre-defined product codes, process routings, pricing, and descriptions for every possible variation.

This dynamic approach to order processing and product management enables producers, processors, and service centers to improve customer responsiveness and market agility while eliminating non-value-added data maintenance requirements.

Dynamic Quote, Sales Order, and Document Creation

Axis ERP speeds the entire quoting and order entry process by automating the creation of product codes, pricing, product descriptions, and special handling instructions based on the attributes of the ordered product(s).

  • Attribute-Based Order Entry simplifies customer communication and eliminates the need to manually look up or enter a specific product code. For each order line item, it automatically selects (or optionally creates) the appropriate product based on the entered attributes.
  • Attribute-Based Pricing greatly simplifies pricing management and eliminates reliance on off-line paper tables or spreadsheets. Unit price, margin and/or discount %, and additional charges can all be dynamically calculated based on a combination of product attributes and customer information.
  • Dynamic Commercial Descriptions ensure accurate and complete product descriptions on all documents while significantly reducing manual effort. Specific short and/or long descriptions are automatically created based on the attributes of the ordered product.
  • Dynamic Customer Comments ensure accurate order processing .by automatically linking customer-specific instructions to the attributes of the ordered product and other customer information. Instructions can be related to processing, delivery, packaging, etc., and are automatically placed on designated documents based on customer policies.

Dynamic Production Planning

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment helps ensure proper, rapid, and efficient processing of the order within the mill or shop floor by automatically creating all of the work order details in real time and enabling immediate scheduling.

  • Dynamic Routings ensure product quality and efficient processing while eliminating the need to maintain unique process definitions for every product variation. This powerful capability automatically creates work order and process routing details with the proper material, process steps, standards, operator instructions, tests, and product descriptions based on the attributes of the ordered product.
  • Attribute-Based Scheduling increases throughput by minimizing set-up time and scrap. Job/lineup sequencing based on product attributes optimizes capacity utilization.

Sales Analysis by Attribute

Axis ERP provides the information managers need to better understand sales trends related to various product attributes.

  • Sales History by Attribute provides quote and sales order history inquiries by any appropriate product attribute. History can be selected and sorted by any of the attributes entered on quotes and orders.

Easy Set-Up of Product, Process and Pricing Information

With Axis ERP’s Dynamic Order Fulfillment, an entire family of products or processing capabilities can be defined using a combination of user-defined tables, templates, and rules that represent your capabilities and knowledge in a manner that is natural and easy to understand while at the same time supporting the real-world sophistication of your processes.

  • User-Defined Product Attributes allow definition and use of the specific attributes that define any type of metals product, including such things as specification, grade, size, shape, finishing, etc.
  • User-Defined Capability Tables, Routing Templates, and Rules extend Axis ERP robust process routings with an easily-maintained framework for defining attribute-based variations in material requirements, processing steps, standards, operator instructions, tests, etc. across an entire range of products or processing capabilities. This highly flexible approach dramatically reduces the number of unique process definitions that need to be maintained while providing accurate and detailed information for mill and shop floor personnel, and making it easy to implement new equipment and process improvements across a wide range of products.
  • User-Defined pricing tables extend Axis ERP’s standard pricing capabilities with a very flexible way of setting up and maintaining attribute-based pricing matrices, variables, and calculations. Date-effective tables can be easily updated based on incremental amount or percentage changes.

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment

Metals producers, processors, wire and cable manufacturers and service centers need to respond quickly and efficiently to customer requests for any product or value-added processing that falls within their capabilities. But when there are hundreds - or thousands - of possible product variations, that can be difficult because:

  • To ensure proper production, shop floor personnel must be given accurate instructions defining the details of processing steps, raw material, tests, and special handling requirements that are specific to the attributes of the ordered product and customer.
  • To ensure profitability, each product must be accurately priced according to the ever-changing value the market places on its various attributes.
  • To win the order and ensure repeat business, everything must be done quickly and correctly; quote, capable to produce commitment, work order creation, production, paperwork, and shipment.

The required speed, accuracy and staff productivity can only be achieved by automating much of the order processing cycle. But for many metals and wire and cable companies, it is impractical to manage the required data by maintaining information such as process routings, material requirements, descriptions, and pricing for every possible product variation.

These are just a few specialty examples of the power of Axis ERP’s Dynamic Order Fulfillment capabilities:

Primary Producer

A mill producing slabs, plate, coil, sheet, bar, etc. can:

  • Dynamically define the process routing, instructions, set-points, practice codes, and other detail to work orders based on the attributes of the sales order and standard operating practices.
  • Dynamically attach QA testing requirements to work orders based on the specifications of the sales order and industry, customer and/or internal standards.
  • Automatically add text-based comments and notes to sales orders and other documents based on customer requirements for the specific type of product being ordered.


A tube producer manufacturing products from hollows or strip can:

  • Use only a few standardized routings to handle many different finished products.
  • Select the proper hollow or strip size to produce a given finished size and length based on user-defined rules.
  • Calculate throughput rates through rolling mills based on the dimensions of the material being rolled.

Service Center

A service center performing value-added processes such as slitting, blanking, sheeting, shearing, drilling, plasma shape cutting, welding, forming, etc. can:

  • Simply enter the attributes (e.g. grade, length, width, PIW, etc.) of the product the customer requires on the sales order, without the need to look up or enter a specific product code.
  • Automatically verify that the end-product can be produced as requested based on established processing capabilities, and immediately create a work order with detail processing instructions.
  • Dynamically quote and price the sales order based on its attributes.

Customer Service Management

Axis ERP e/Suite Customer Service is a seamlessly integrated web-based extension of Axis ERP/mx Open that helps build stronger customer relationships by making critical information available to customers and employees at all times. And since customers can get the information they need themselves, the number of calls that must be handled by sales and service people can be dramatically reduced, freeing more time for priority sales and problem resolution activities.

24/7 Customer Service Capabilities provide authorized customers with direct access to the information they need to improve their own operational performance, including:

  • Order status inquiry throughout the order life cycle
  • Certification inquiry & re-print
  • Claims entry & inquiry.

Customer-specific Views and Security allow you to provide each individual customer with exactly the level of information they need while keeping it clear and simple for them. You also have the ability to maintain strict control over what each individual can see and do.

Configuration and Administration Capabilities allow you to create a customer service web site that is highly functional and highly secure. In addition, it provides you with the tools to extensively tailor the graphical look and feel to make it attractive, easy to use, and unique to your company - all without custom programming or the need for extensive technical skills.

Customer Support

The Axis Customer Support team is committed to quickly and effectively addressing and resolving our customer’s support and technical questions regarding Axis enterprise software. The Customer Support staff is available Monday through Friday to answer customer phone calls and follow up with cases received via the Web. Aptean uses skills-based routing to ensure that specialized analysts are available to immediately address your question. For more complex issues, our analysts use the Axis ServiceNet tool to work directly with customers to diagnose problems and share applications remotely via the Web to resolve support issues. In addition, customers have complete access to the same case management and knowledge-base systems that are utilized by our support analysts.

Financial Management

Axis ERP includes a comprehensive suite of financial applications, including:

  • Cost management
  • Accounts receivable
  • Accounts payable
  • General ledger

Fully integrated with Axis ERP’s sales and operational applications, they provide financial managers with robust capabilities for financial management, reporting and analysis.

Key Features:

Integrated Cost Management helps analysts and managers identify cost drivers and improve operational processes. It automatically calculates accurate product costs based on Axis ERP’s unified product and process definition, and highlights variances based on actual production reporting and material application.

Integrated Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) help improve cash flow by providing support for complete order-to-payment business processes. Important features such as automatic 3-way invoice matching and commodity pricing further reduce the manual effort required to identify errors and respond to changing external factors.

Multi-company, multi-currency General Ledger (G/L) gives management a clear view of business performance while reducing clerical effort and speeding the closing process. Capabilities include real-time posting from operational systems, drill-down to account activity details, extensive financial tracking and reporting tools, budgeting, consolidations, and more.

Advanced Financial Analysis capabilities available with Axis ERP BI help financial managers gain insight into the details behind financial statements.

Implementation Services

Aptean implementation services are organized to help you get Axis ERP up and running quickly, effectively, and with minimal disruption. Our approach is based on a proven methodology we call SurePath for Axis ERP/mx Open. SurePath helps ensure a fast, cost-effective and successful implementation by providing proven project management processes supported by a library of project tools to speed everything from implementation strategy development to process definitions, conference room pilot, and post ‘go-live’ assessment.

SurePath is designed to be tailored to each company’s situation and priorities. For instance, as part of the initial implementation strategy phase, we will work with your team to identify those areas you wish to impact first. The project will then be organized to prioritize activities around those goals, with the overall objective being to realize a positive ROI as quickly as possible.

The SurePath implementation methodology is an important and valuable aspect of the Axis ERP solution. It provides companies implementing Axis ERP with:

  • More predictable project costs
  • Faster ROI
  • Less risk of disruption
  • Better results

In addition to overall project guidance, Axis implementation services also include:

  • Industry-experienced consultants to help you take maximum advantage of the Axis ERP solution by employing best practices based on an in-depth understanding of both the software and the environment.
  • Technical services to help you with tasks such as integration, extension development, and system performance tuning as needed.

Material/Production Management

Material/Production Management

Axis ERP software reaches all the way to the mill/factory floor. It includes extensive support for both planning and execution, including:

  • Requirements planning
  • Production scheduling
  • Procurement
  • Material control
  • Shop floor control
  • Quality management
  • Shipment planning

Key Features:

Unified Product & Process Definition reflects the way products are really made and reduces the effort required to describe and maintain them. It provides an integrated definition of the production process, primary and alternate materials, quality specifications, and attributes/characteristics.

Attribute-Based Product Identification allows materials and products to be described, ordered, located, reserved, applied, and managed in an efficient and consistent manner without a proliferation or duplication of item numbers.

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation. By automating much of the quoting, entry, production planning, and documentation of orders, Axis ERP helps metals companies dramatically reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes.

Attribute-Based Scheduling increases throughput by minimizing set-up time and scrap. Automatic job/lineup scheduling based on product characteristics optimizes capacity utilization and saves planner time.

Quality Tracking and Control ensures that products are produced according to customer specifications while also reducing effort. It maintains complete product genealogy and process history, including chemical/physical lot properties and in-process test results.

Inventory Control by Lot & Tag # enables better utilization of inventory by providing full visibility of finished goods, WIP and raw material in terms of specific product dimensions, variable units of measure, and container (e.g., reel, coil, bundle, etc.); as well as other attributes and characteristics.

Load Planning and Shipping helps accelerate the shipment process, optimize loads, and reduce shipping errors. It streamlines the entire process by providing the tools to stage partial, full, and multi-drop truck loads, schedule shipping and receiving carriers by bay/dock and time, and print all shipping documents on demand.

Specialized Capabilities to support the unique needs of just about any environment within the metals, wire and cable industry dramatically improve productivity. Just a few of these special features of Axis ERP are:


  • Melt requirements
  • Chemistry check
  • Automatic heat/lot grading
  • Material application by properties
  • Slit and cut to length order processing
  • Outside processing
  • Customer supplied material


  • Managed length quantity
  • Dynamic material dispatching
  • Twist loss factors
  • Commodity pricing
  • Commodity and product weight roll-up
  • Reel/container tracking
  • Returnable containers
  • Palletization

Advanced Finite Capacity Scheduling and What-if Analysis capabilities in the Axis ERP APS module help further improve throughput and management decision-making by generating alternative production schedules in minutes and enabling managers to weigh the pros and cons of different strategies.

Advanced Inventory, Scrap, and Vendor Analysis capabilities available with Axis ERP BI help production managers gain insight into operations and improve key aspects of performance.

Sales & Service

Axis ERP provides the information and functionality you need to streamline sales order management and customer service, including:

  • Quote generation
  • Order entry
  • Order status inquiry
  • Shipment & billing
  • Claims processing & RMA

Key Features:

Axis ERP Dynamic Order Fulfillment eliminates the need to maintain unique product masters, process routings, pricing information, and descriptions for every possible product or processing variation. By automating much of the quoting, entry, production planning, and documentation of orders, Axis ERP helps metals companies dramatically reduce time, effort, cost, and errors across a number of key business processes.

Attribute-based Product Lookups & Descriptions make communication with customers easier, more consistent and accurate. The ability to match products and available inventory to customer specifications enables you win more orders and better satisfy customer needs.

Order Promising based on available capacity and material helps you take more pre-booked and make-to-order business while consistently delivering on time.

Workflow-driven Quotation Development uses e-mail technology to accelerate the quotation process while ensuring the involvement of all necessary departments.

Sales Order Tolerance Logic dramatically simplifies order management while helping to avoid excess inventory, eliminate over-shipments, and maximize revenue for MTO products. Customer and product factors help you tailor your policies.

Real-time Order Status Inquiry enables you to provide customers with accurate, up-to-date information throughout the life cycle of their orders.

Claims/RMA Management helps you maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by facilitating fast, effective handling of claims, complaints, and returns.

Web-based customer service using the Axis ERP e/Suite module helps you build stronger customer relationships and reduce customer service call levels by making critical information such as order status, quality documents, and claim status available for direct customer access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Advanced sales analysis capabilities available with the Axis ERP BI module help managers effectively measure and manage business performance by providing the tools to track key indicators and easily drill down to supporting details for analysis of root causes.

Training and Education

As an integral part of the SurePath approach, Consona offers a complete set of end-user and IT support staff training classes for the Axis ERP solution. Classes are typically delivered to provide cost-effective options for project teams, individuals and new employees.

  • Functional application classes tailored to metals producers, metals processors, or wire & cable manufacturers provide department managers and end users with a conceptual background and detail understanding of Axis ERPscreens and reports while outlining the process flows they will use in performing their business functions.
  • System administration classes provide the system administrator with a thorough understanding of Axis ERP application setup and controls, as well basic technical management tasks such as database, user, and system administration. Related Progress 4GL, GUI, and database classes are also available as needed in either computer-based training (CBT) or classroom training formats.
  • An optional programming techniques class provides extension developers with a detail understanding of Axis ERP software standards, as well as guidelines for creating new reports, screens, modules, and menus.

To help you succeed in gaining immediate and continuous value from your business system, Consona offers unlimited education through the Axis University program. Whether you are just beginning to implement your Axis ERP software system or you are an experienced user, the Axis University program provides you with unlimited educational offerings for your entire organization.

Web-Based Support

Axis customers also can access instantaneous service and support via the Axis Expert customer portal. The Axis Expert site serves as our customer’s principal source for information on Axis products and services, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Axis customers visit Axis Expert to resolve support issues, register for education classes, download software updates, review technical bulletins, communicate with other customers, learn more about our product and service offerings and so much more.

Consona is recognized as a leader in delivering Web-based support and services. The Axis Expert site has received the SSPA Webstar Award for outstanding Web-based support and has been named to the “Ten Best Web Support Sites” for two consecutive years by the Association of Support Professionals. Consona continues to enhance our Web-based service offerings and solicit customer feedback on how to make Axis Expert more useful.


  • Save time and get answers fast with our automated skills-based routing system that directs your inquiry to our most qualified system subject experts.
  • Work with support analysts that have experience in both manufacturing and software.
  • Access case management tools to create, update, close and query support cases, 24 hours a day.
  • Reference the online knowledgebase for quick self-help answers to your application questions.
  • Attend virtual education courses.
  • Work directly with a consultant using Axis telephone consulting services.
  • Provide feedback on products and services and/or participate in beta testing for new applications.

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