An integrated enterprise accounting software integrated with all operational modules.

About ABECAS Insight

ABECAS Insight is a business management software 3PL, TMS and Growers. The software provides enterprise accounting, supply chain management, and can manage nurseries, agribusiness, and equipment/facilities.

Argos Software has specialized in developing, marketing and supporting industry specific software since 1979. The major industry markets are transportation, warehousing/logistics, nurseries, landscaping, mining and services.

ABECAS Insight has a core accounting base and then adds the specific operations within an enterprise: from order entry, to inventory control, freight management, billing, equipment maintenance and human resources.

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All modules integrate with one another, and all accounting information goes straight to your financial and management reports. Each module features the same object-oriented architecture so all of them work together seamlessly.

Argos Software is totally committed to customer satisfaction, both in product and service. Services include installation, training, implementation, planning, on-going support, customization, and software upgrades. ABECAS Insight is a product in continuous development…bringing the latest technology, operating procedures and management tools to you


The ABECAS" Communications module, ABComm", is a standalone communications management system that handles the sending and receiving of documents generated.

The basic system automatically handles the faxing and e-mailing of invoices, forms and reports from the ABECAS". This allows you to send a fax or e-mail directly to a recipient from an ABECAS" module without the necessity of printing first.

The advanced version of ABComm also supports the transmission of inbound and outbound EDI transactions. For outbound EDI files, the transactions are logged and scheduled based upon the requirements of your trading partners. For inbound EDI files, ABComm automatically dials and retrieves files based on a preset schedule and returns a 997 acknowledgement record, if required.

The ABComm module runs on a workstation or server in the background and operates without user interaction. It runs in association with an MSDE Database Server. This is required to store the information managed by ABComm. Database Server provides the database in which the fax, e-mail and EDI file records are maintained before and after they have been sent to the recipient.

The Communication Server portion of ABComm processes the fax, e-mail or EDI file, and activates the appropriate operation depending upon the type of file.

The ýWatchDogý portion of ABComm provides the methods for notifying ABComm server about files to be sent. The WatchDog server only applies to the ABECAS" version 5.1. ABECAS Insight" will insert the outgoing documents directly into the database.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is a full-featured open voucher accounts payable system that lets you manage your liabilities so you can best satisfy your creditors and conserve your cash resources. Open vouchers may be selected and paid according to your priorities and resources. Checks may be printed by computer or hand written. Available discounts are tracked and managed.

Invoices/Credits may be entered through this module, or passed from other ABECAS® modules, such as Payroll, Purchase Orders, Supplies Tracking, Equipment Maintenance, and Participant Settlements. It is an on-line batch-oriented system with immediate validation of your entries. It is a double entry system that provides both cash-basis and accrual-basis accounting entries to the General Ledger module. It is structured around a monthly or periodic accounting cycle.

Accounts Receivable

The ABECAS® Accounts Receivable module is a full-featured open item accounts receivable system. It lets you fully manage your customer activity and collection of receivables. It provides management reports on your sales, cash receipts and collection activities. Invoices/credits may be entered and printed or they may be entered after they are issued. Or, they may be passed automatically from other ABECAS® modules.

All transactions – invoices, credits, adjustments, debits, deposits due and finance charges – are maintained in an open item file until paid. Finance charges are automatically calculated according to your terms for each customer. Statements and overdue notices may be issued as desired.

Cost Accounting

The Cost Accounting module is a powerful ýactivity-based costingý system. It integrates with all available ABECAS® modules, including the General Ledger module so each entry automatically updates both modules. It provides management reporting and control at the responsibility level in your business. This may be a job, product, process, project, contract, enterprise, assignment, location, equipment item, building, terminal, work order … and so on. It allows your accounting records to be maintained in more detail ý and separately from your General Ledger.

The Cost Accounting uses Cost Centers to identify the centers of management responsibility. These may belong to a General Ledger Department as ýJobsý, or be independent, as ýWork Ordersý. They can start and end at any time and last for as long as needed. Most typically, they are tracked on a calendar year basis. By classifying each job or work order by multiple criteria, reports may be displayed individually or summarized by class.

Electronic Data Interchange

The EDI module is the ýenvelopeý that provides your customers or trading partners information concerning their business with you. The data that you want to provide them can be uniquely defined through the EDI module. The process provides complete control over the electronic commerce required with your trading partners.

Electronic Data Interchange is a straight forward, but technical process. Done right, it can save you considerable time … and allow you to better service your customers. EDI is an alternative way of getting data into or out of ABECAS with the speed of electronic transfer.

Equipment Maintenance

The Equipment Maintenance system is designed for any and all types of equipment. It separates equipment into groups: power, refrigerated, trailers, material handling, buildings and other. This last group is user definable for equipment and machinery that may not fit the standard categories.

Components, schedules and descriptions are user-defined for each individual piece of equipment. This means that ABECAS will work just as well for fleet operators, mines, farms, school districts, manufacturing plants and building maintenance companies.

Freight Bill Accounting

The Freight Billing module is a full-featured freight billing system that allows you to manage your business with the quickness of today’s state of the art computers. This applications meets the needs of truck load, LTL, interline carriers, brokers, delivery, tank, agricultural and others. Through the use of the Load Management option, dispatch management allows you to order your loads according to status, assign equipment and drivers and complete the delivery and ýpaperworký efficiently. With Load Management, many of the operations of the FB module are available to you with a single key stroke. You can entered new loads, provide quotes, query existing loads or previous load information for specific customers, and other vital processes.

General Ledger

The General Ledger module is a full featured multi-company financial accounting system. It can stand by itself or integrate with the other ABECAS® modules. If integrated, it provides the accounting structure for each of these modules. In turn, these modules generate accounting transactions that update the General Ledger, as appropriate. This allows up-to-date reports to be displayed at any time. If the General Ledger is not present, then the General Ledger Codes module provides the accounting structure for the other ABECAS® modules.

The ABECAS® General Ledger integrates with the ABECAS® Cost Accounting module so that both modules are simultaneously updated from the same transaction … in all modules. The Cost Accounting module is a complete ýActivity Based Costingý system that allows the accounting information to be managed in more detail. The resulting management reporting is powerful and critically important in cost sensitive businesses and comes with very little additional effort.

The ABECAS® General Ledger concurrently provides both accrual-basis and cash-basis financial accounting. Both sets of General Ledger accounts are automatically maintained and you select which to use in the financial reports. All transactions throughout ABECAS® are maintained by ýbatchý in an historical transactions file. This provides a detailed audit trail behind the changes in the account balances in each fiscal period. The accounts, along with the transactions history, may be maintained for as long as you desire. Reports are available that take advantage of this history.

Inventory Management

The ABECAS Insight Inventory Management module is a full-featured inventory management system that allows you to manage your inventory by item/lot/ size or sub-item/lot/size. With the use of warehouse and specific location information, you can track every piece of inventory as to cost, availability, price, and ultimate destination.

The Inventory Management module is ideal for manufactures, packers, processors, distributors and others requiring the detailed management of inventory items.

The ABECAS Insight Inventory Management module may standalone or interface with Order Management, Purchase Orders and Accounts Receivable to form a standalone sales management system. Used in conjunction with General Ledger, Cost Accounting, Accounts Payable and Payroll, IM becomes an integral part of a financial and cost accounting system. Adding Bill of Materials, Equipment and Facilities and Service Management will round out the manufacturing, processing, distribution and service system.

The IM module supports up to four price levels with four discount levels for each item. The price of each item may be based on one of five pricing methods, including a percent of cost. Temporary price adjustments as well as automatic price updates may be made as needed.

Participant Settlements

The Participant Settlements module helps manage the paying of all your participants, employee and non-employee. In the process you build a data base of information concerning the payments and deductions. There are two main sources of information that make up your settlement. The Freight Billing module is the primary source of the revenue to be paid to the participants. The advances/deductions come from two primary sources, the participant reports of activity and through the use of ýcharge cards.ý Repetitive deductions may be automatically entered. The information entered is used to process each settlement quickly and efficiently.

The Participant Settlement data base allows you to:

  • Track the amount you owe your participants and the amount your participants owe you
  • Analyze the type and amount of your participant revenue and deductions
  • Maintain a historical record for each participant
  • Provide the appropriate information efficiently for 1099s and PUC reports


The Payroll module provides complete management of your payroll. It allows you to enter time cards, manage advances, pay employees, track taxes, deductions and contributions, and distribute the cost of labor, equipment and supplies to the General Ledger and Cost Accounting accounts.

Production Management

This module lets you define a set of production activities for different kinds of production units, such as products, varieties, locations and rows. In turn, the production units may be defined and tracked.

ýNextý production activities can be generated by production unit based on a projected date or on the completion of a prior activity. These, in turn, let you generate work orders. The production activity information may be entered as it is completed and may update the next activity information.

The Activity File gives a history of all work done for each production unit. Selected information may be updated into the Production Unit Master File or by inventory item into either the Count Summary File or the Inventory Management (IM) module. Projections may be posted to the inventory and then exploded by lot/size detail, if desired. Counts, such as a final count, may be entered by inventory item (with lot/size detail, if desired) rather than by production unit. This may be posted to the IM module.

Numerous reports help you manage your production and provide statistics on the production process, including the individual responsible for an activity, the location, production methods and more. This module requires that the IM module and IM Lot/Size Option be present.

Purchase Orders

The ABECAS® Purchase Orders module is an integral part of a sales management and production management system. Integrated with the required Accounts Payable module, PO provides the management tool you need to organize your orders, reorders and vendor payments. It provides management reports on your vendor usage and purchase and receipt information in summary or detail.

The Purchase Orders and AP modules may standalone or integrate with other ABECAS® modules. PO works best when integrated with the Inventory Management (IM) module. It assists you in managing the purchase of non-inventory and IM inventory items through the issuance of purchase orders. Through the use of requisitions, purchase information may be entered before the creation of an actual purchase order. Purchase orders may be manually entered or automatically generated based on the previously entered/generated order information.

When orders are received, they update the on-hand status and purchase history fields in the IM module. When the invoice is received, the inventory cost information may be adjusted and the invoice amount transferred to the AP module for payment purposes.

The Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable modules share vendors. The PO module vendor file includes shipping instructions, taxes, acknowledgment, notification and other information that will default, saving time.

The Purchase Orders module also integrates with the following modules: General Ledger, Cost Accounting, and Bill of Materials.

Sales Order Management

The ABECAS® Sales Orders module is a full-featured sales management system along with the required Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management modules. Add the Purchase Orders module and you have a free-standing, top-notch sales management system.

Orders, agreements, and quotes are easily entered and managed. Agreements and quotes can be turned into orders through a quick and easy process. Orders may be updated to an invoice at any time, or an invoice may be entered directly for counter sales or ýback roomý sales.

Pricing and the availability of products are accessed through the Inventory Management module and all customer information, including credit limits, is through the interfacing with Accounts Receivable. SO also interfaces with Freight Billing to create freight bills for the orders generated. Together with the Purchase Orders, for the purchasing and reordering of inventory, General Ledger, Cost Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Payroll modules and you form a dynamic financial and accounting management system.

Sales taxes may be tracked by taxing authority. Up to two salespersons may be tracked with each order and commissions based on the salesperson, the item, the product group, or the order. Commissions can also be paid based on the invoices posted or the cash received.

Supplies Tracking

The ABECAS® Supplies Tracking module is a full-featured inventory management system for supplies/parts. It is primarily intended to track parts used in the maintenance of equipment and supplies used in the production process. These can be charged-out at cost or at some mark-up over cost. This allows for a complete allocation of costs based on usage.

The basic module allows you to define a master file of supplies/parts and record the receipt and usage of these supplies/parts. The receipt and usage of supplies/parts results in the master file being updated along with accounting entries being made to the General Ledger and Cost Accounting modules.

If the Accounts Payable module is present, then the invoice information associated with the each receipt may be transferred for payment to the AP module.

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Submitted on November 4th, 2012 by Susan Gansor

We are a third party fulfillment company. We handle a variety of clients. I’ve worked in fulfillment for 15 years and used a few different solutions.

I’m really pleased to be using Argos. I’m their best fan. I recommend it as a reference for 3PS. We do so much fulfillment such as pallet in pallet out and pallet storage.