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About N/Compass Software

You need a software program that you can count on - and N/Compass fits the bill. It’s a complete accounting system for the IBM i-Series that’s extremely user-friendly, yet able to manage everything from simple financial data to complex operations. Rely on N/Compass for your entire accounting, human resources, and distribution requirements.

10 Fully Integrated Modules That Can Also Be Run Independently-

  • Source code and documentation included
  • Multi-company and inter-company processing
  • Complete project tracking
  • Unlimited history
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Detailed management reporting
  • Capability to be integrated into your current applications
  • Is easy to install and implement; most installs implemented in less than 30 days
  • Handles simple and complex data management
  • Backed by excellent technical support

Accounts Payable

In addition to all normal accounts payable functions, the system offers the following features: fast, accurate invoice entry, easy and effective methods to process changes, and voids, the finest management reports and tools. The module can be stand alone or interface with General Ledger and Purchasing to provide a complete, company wide solution.

Accounts Receivables

The N/Compass Accounts Receivables system provides access to timely and accurate information needed to bring collections to the high level your business demands. This allows you to tailor the methods by which you track your receivables and identify slow payees as well as raise collection successes. Operating independently or completely integrated with other applications such as Billing/Order Entry and General Ledger, this module brings successful management of accounts receivable within your reach. Track customer payment history, generate reports to identify trends and challenges for the future. From statements to management reports, N/Compass provides users with a combination of effective tools and significantly impacts collections.


Ally is a contact management program and more. You can begin by importing your existing customer master file and truly document your interactions with your customers. A call tracking capability lets you log and report on with whom you are talking and for how long. You also have unlimited capability to record detailed comments, if you have the authority to do so; security for each function of the software is included in the package. Each user can also use the scheduling features to set up a personal reminder list - entries can also be tied to individual customer records or other user’s calendars. Ally is a great tool for securely saving important customer information and improving your customer interactions. Unlike other contact management systems, Ally is not priced by user. Source code is also available to allow for your in-house customization.

Billing/Order Entry

A simple order entry process with efficient order fulfillment-THAT is N/Compass! It is web-enabled, so you can accept e-business orders directly over the Web. Use it independently or as an interface with Inventory, Accounts Receivables, General Ledger. Other features include information on stock, standing orders, credit concerns, flexible pricing, lot and serial tracking, return authorizations, order release management. The detailed sales analyses and management reporting utilize unlimited history which allows tracking information and the ability to make critical business decisions.

Fixed Assets

Track your capital assets with the N/Compass Fixed Assets module. This application, which can be stand-alone or completely integrated with General Ledger and Purchasing modules, offers a simple yet comprehensive method of entering, tracking and reporting assets. Supports all current methods of depreciation. The systems ensures your ability to plan for future method changes, new acquisitions and the ability to manage your assets in an efficient manner.

General Ledger

The N/Compass General Ledger Systems provides basic accounting capabilities plus powerful management and reporting. It interfaces with Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Billing/Order Entry, Inventory, and Fixed Assets as well as can be completely stand-alone. Reports can be customized to pinpoint areas in business. N/Compass provides a rock solid foundation for your budgeting system that can work with your entire chart of accounts.

Inventory Management

A streamlined and highly accurate inventory management system can significantly reduce costs and generate higher profits. Gain a competitive edge with the N/Compass Inventory Management systems, which features speedy entry of issues and receipts. With this system, you will be able to identify trends, weed out slow moving items, ensure against stock outs. You can also create ‘on demand’ standard analyses and reports or custom reports to suit your specific requirements. Our Inventory Management provides direct interface to other N/Compass Systems, including Billing/Order Entry, Purchasing and General Ledger.

Information security is vital within an organization. This application, also known as Menu Masking, is designed to limit user access to certain menu options and operational tool to permit only certain job functions. This modules interfaces only with N/Compass applications, allowing highly selective access to sensitive information and financial data by individual user profile.

Payroll Management

N/Compass Payroll Management offers all the advantages for doing in-house payroll. The systems operates individually or in conjunction with Personnel Module and General Ledger solutions. The payroll functionality makes all the necessary disbursements and reports to banks, insurance companies and government agencies, and handles diverse and complex requests regarding every aspect of employee payroll disbursement.

Personnel Management

Making solid personnel decisions requires extensive and precise data. The N/Compass Personnel Management module supplies a number of reporting capabilities that help identify the strengths and talents of your organization. By defining skills, identifying weaknesses, tracking background, salary history information, place your talent where it is most useful and cost effective. Management of people requires detailed information and the ability to report and elaborate on that data. Vacation/Sick Time accounting, skills, inquiry, applicant processing, comments, and EEO/OSHA and Benefits tracking is all part of the extensive detail for Personnel.

Purchasing Management

Give your buyers the information they need when they need it. Pinpoint info to make solid buying decisions with the Purchasing Module. Able to interface with General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Inventory, this module can help control purchases and reduce costs associated with replacing inventory.

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