Innovative business management software solution tailored for your growing business needs.

About aACE

aACE is a comprehensive tool, tailored to the needs of small and mid-sized enterprises, that seamlessly supports sales, operations, and accounting. As the letters in our name suggest, aACE unifies:


C-ustomer relationship management, and

E-nterprise resource planning into an integrated package.

The newly-released aACE 5 is artisan software which our clients describe as a delight to deploy and a pleasure to use. Flexible, affordable, and elegant, this latest version of aACE realizes the team’s vision of Art in ERP.

In addition to accounting, CRM, and ERP, core aACE functionality includes inventory, order management, production, shipping & receiving, and scheduling.

aACE accommodates most client needs right out of the box. And because it is built on the FileMaker platform, aACE can be customized easily, efficiently, and cost effectively. Each client has unique in-house expertise acquired during their years in business, and aACE makes it simple to translate those insights into custom apps that streamline processes, boost productivity, and maximize their competitive advantage.

Our customers span a range of industries, including professional services, wholesale distribution, and light manufacturing. Client organizations have as few as five and as many as 500 personnel. But they all share the same need for an integrated, cost-effective, cross-platform suite of business management software, robust enough to support their entire business – that’s where aACE comes in.

aACE clients have called our solution “the best in everything,” “a major improvement over QuickBooks,” and “a critical component to the success of our company’s future.” aACE offers a sleek and intuitive design that gives our clients a 360° view of their business in one easy-to-use, comprehensive package. This newest version of aACE is the culmination of over a decade of research and development, during which we worked closely with our clients to perfect a business management software tailored for the needs of SMEs. This customer-centered product evolution is visible in attention paid to details of navigation, searching, error messages, logging, and interface design.

We’re constantly hearing from our clients that their day-to-day operations have improved since implementing aACE. Derek Navratil from Essential Water Solutions Inc. explains that when he researched aACE, he recognized something noteworthy. “[The aACE team] initially struck me as unique, refreshingly knowledgeable, and very in-tune with the modern demands of an ERP software package – solving problems with their software that no one else seemed to give a second thought.” Similarly, Todd Breedlove relates, “I’ve done ten or more demos of competing packages and they want to sell you on how to adjust your workflow to fit their software. aACE showed me how the software can be built around my business and my workflow.”

aACE solves the inefficiencies and lost opportunities that arise from a software suite not fitted carefully to a small or mid-sized business’ unique needs. It offers a compelling alternative for business owners who feel dissatisfied with browser-based solutions like NetSuite, open-source solutions like xTuple, or client/server solutions like QuickBooks, Dynamics, and Sage. When clients transition to aACE, they report greater visibility, accuracy, and velocity. These benefits translate into improved employee morale, increased customer satisfaction, and a healthier bottom line.


aACE Accounting software for Mac and PC is a full-featured accounting solution. Integrated with the CRM and ERP portions of the software, aACE Accounting allows your managers to track a sale from the lead to the balance sheet. Using aACE’s drill-down and drill-around capabilities, controllers can easily hop from a single entry in the GL to anywhere in the transaction chain.

“[I would recommend aACE to] any company that needs a seemingly impossible-to-achieve customized accounting system that will take them from inputting a transaction to the general ledger.”

  • Wendy Donenfield, CPA and Controller, M & R International

Calendar & Scheduling

The aACE calendar allows you to take control of your company’s schedule. Tasks, orders, shipments, sales leads, and more automatically appear in the calendar, granting you full visibility into your company’s operations. Advanced filtering options enable you to quickly focus your view (e.g. all events relating to a particular customer).

“We manufacture bespoke trophies and 3 years ago we decided to completely integrate our production schedule with a calendar into aACE for our workshop and dispatch department to access too. […] It has enabled our sales team to spend more time selling rather than copying data and everybody within the company has access to all the information required to complete an order without any issues or miscommunication.”

  • Holly McLeish, Creative Director, Special EFX Ltd

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

aACE Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for Mac and PC gives you a 360° view of your business relationships and provides a robust sales and quoting infrastructure. aACE CRM is more than just customer relationship management–these tools also give you full insight into your relationships with contacts such as vendors, partners, and more.

“We have been using aACE since 2009 and are very impressed with the ease of use and customization options. We were struggling for years with an off-the-shelf CRM and accounts solution that just didn’t suit our business. We then found aACE and spent time with the developers to customize it and make it work exactly how we wanted it. The customization and the migration of our data were seamless with lots of training offered to all our users.”

  • Holly McLeish, Creative Director, Special EFX Ltd

Enterprise Resource Planning

aACE Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) for Mac and PC seamlessly integrates sales, operations, and accounting. This comprehensive solution allows you to increase visibility, automate many workflows, eliminate duplicate data entry, and reduce errors. Increase the speed and accuracy of your daily operations with aACE.

“[The aACE] team has provided a system and support that has really allowed us to do more than we expected to be able to in switching to a new software. It unified functions within our company that previously had little to no communication with each other.”

  • Theodore Fotopulous, Operations Manager, Raydoor Inc.


Extend the capabilities of aACE with a growing list of integrations including credit card processing, ACH payment processing, email marketing, shipping integration, eCommerce, and more.

“Since moving to aACE+ VerticalResponse we have been able to keep our mailing lists much more up-to-date. Our email marketing campaign has grown exponentially since introducing this system, and we are seeing excellent results. The best part is that it is super simple for us to use, making it much more likely to be used time and time again.”

  • Doug Jacobs, President, Restylers’ Choice


Inventory is integrated seamlessly throughout the entire aACE Software solution. The additional company-wide visibility allows each of your departments to plan more productively and accurately, eliminating costly mistakes and reducing the need for excess inventory.

“We were looking for a solution that gave us a solid core that we could customize rather easily to suit our unique business processes. As a custom fabricator, we also needed a solution that could give us several different options when it came to how we want to manage and track inventory, account for multi-level job-costing, and handle our unique design and estimation processes as well. Since implementation, we have found that aACE has not only helped us reinforce and automate many of our complex workflows, but it has also given us visibility into our data at both a high level and granular level like we have never had before.”

  • Andrew Porter; ERP Manager, In-House Filemaker Developer, and President, Gable


Empower your mobile staff with aACE Mobile apps, specifically designed for iOS devices. Current apps include CRM, Time-Clock, Inventory, Pick and Expenses.

“There have been several occasions in our company strategy meetings where the question is asked, ‘Can aACE do that?’ And it’s a pleasure every time when I get to say, ‘Yeah, that’s already built in.’”

  • Derek Navratil, IT Administrator, Essential Water Solutions, Inc.

Order Management

Managing the order fulfillment process is likely the most difficult aspect of your business. Empower your order writers with the tools they need to do their jobs quickly and accurately. Reduce transaction times to mere minutes, eliminate mistakes, ensure compliance, improve oversight, and increase customer satisfaction.

“We wouldn’t be able to do what we do without what aACE does for us. We used to spend hours entering each piece of data by hand – aACE automates ALL of it, freeing up our employees to handle our increasing volume of orders. We can do a lot more now thanks to aACE’s near-limitless functionality.”

  • Cory Elliot, Founder and President, Troy Filters Ltd.


aACE helps you coordinate the many moving parts of your production process, including job tracking, task management, time entry, inventory application, purchasing, and related digital assets. Eliminate multiple systems and spreadsheets and reduce time to delivery with aACE’s comprehensive production management solution.

“aACE software is easy to use, intuitive, logical, and easily customized. It is clear that the architecture of aACE has been very well thought out. We were able to automate some previously manual processes that is resulting in literally 100’s of saved labor hours each month.”

  • Daniel Chapman , Founder & CEO, Redd Remedies

Shipping & Receiving

Master your pick, pack, and ship process with aACE. Full integration with the rest of the system allows your team to properly schedule shipments, accurately invoice customers, prevent the shipment of unpaid goods, and reconcile courier statements. Bridge the gap between your shipping department and the rest of your team.

“The more we use this program, the more we love it! The biggest asset to our company has been the automated workflows, especially in our customer care and shipping departments. We have been able to reduce order entry errors, minimize order approval due to built-in double checks and accuracy of promotions / campaigns, and drastically improve our ship time from order entry to out-the-door. The shipping integration has helped reduce picking errors and assist in a speedy pick and pack process.”

  • Daniel Chapman , Founder & CEO, Redd Remedies

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User Reviews of aACE

Submitted on December 18th, 2013 by Wendy from M&R International

This was a customized product for us covering order entry to invoicing, the related purchasing through payment and general ledger through financial statements.

The Good…

We sell paper, which has its quirks. We required all potential vendors to prove their system could handle it before we would make a commitment. Some companies refused, some couldn’t “get it”. Aegis “got it” and proved it immediately. The time to enter orders was reduced dramatically.

The Bad…

The format of the financial statements is not GAAP as I am used to seeing it along with budget comparisons, so I created what I need in excel and it is easy and quick to take the data from aAce and set it up.

I am also not fond of the excel export function. It requires a lot of sorting afterwards to be usable.