A web-based multi-module management system designed by Averiware.

About Averiware

AVERIWARE is a solution that allows anywhere, anytime access to your organization’s information. Averiware is a cost-effective solution for your business that provides a lower cost of ownership. We are 100 percent Web-based solution means no installation or software maintenance required. We believe you will find Averiware to be the best integrated businesses application on the market today!

Averiware is the first and only web based business solution that combines Accounting and Financial Reporting, eCommerce, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Human Resources in a single integrated application that can be offered as an on demand application as well as a shrink wrapped product. This flexibility, in delivery gives Averiware a huge advantage over our competitors.

All our modules and features are available at one low price to give you total visibility into your organizations activities without using multiple applications. Month pricing starts at $39.50 per user.

Averiware delivers what growing businesses need to improve communications, gain visibility and streamline their business operations. A complete Web-based solution, Averiware delivers exceptional business value at a low total cost of ownership.

Accounting and Financial Management

At the core of Averiware offers a world-class Accounting and Financial Management module. You can now have access to real-time data from any of your company’s divisions or locations - including orders from your Web site storefront. With over 40 standard reports, plus the ability to define customized reports, you can get all the information you need to run your business better.



  • User-defined periods for ageing
  • Multiple AP control accounts
  • Batch check printing
  • Void Check with automatic reversal of GL entries
  • Multiple payment capability - Checks, Wire Transfers, Credit Cards
  • Records and tracks credit card purchases
  • Payment and/or purchase hold
  • Prepayments without invoice
  • Automatic or manual application of payment
  • Advance payment with automatic application to invoices
  • Debit Memo for returns, discounts and other reasons
  • Early payment discounts with Vendor Discount Analysis
  • 1099 vendor reporting
  • Miscellaneous bill creation and payment


  • Single click creation of invoices from packing slips
  • Unlimited ship-to addresses
  • Full fledged sales tax rules engine, with State, County, City and Zip demarcation tax rates, handling item and customer sales tax exemptions and exceptions
  • Credit memo for sales returns or discounts
  • Returned checks
  • Freight calculated automatically
  • Advance receipt and auto apply of advances
  • Multiple GL control accounts
  • Customer aging and statements
  • Sales outstanding and collection analysis

General Ledger

  • Seamless integration with automatic posting of entries by other modules - immediate or deferred
  • 24-digit account numbers
  • Bank reconciliation
  • GL detail reporting with drill down to individual transactions
  • Unlimited number of accounts through chart of accounts
  • Custom grouping of accounts for reporting

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Empower your employees with the tools they need to give quality, personalized, and informed customer service. Our Customer Relationship Management module automates the processes around customer interaction, improving productivity and customer satisfaction. Our logical one-screen presentation delivers a wealth of customer information in a user-friendly format making it easy for your employees to respond quickly to waiting customers.


  • Customer setup, quotes, sales orders, and credit status in dynamic screens
  • Record and review current and past conversations, satisfaction index, personal information, customer wish list, and competitive data in one central location
  • Calendar and scheduler for customer interaction and follow-up
  • E-mail, fax or print quotes, sales orders, invoice, and statements
  • Price and discount overrides during sales order creation with gross margin display
  • Credit limit and inventory availability warning
  • Put order or customer on hold
  • Force prepayment of order before delivery
  • Track price list, quotes, sales orders and open invoices for customers
  • Order tracking and delivery capture on mobile handheld device
  • Commissions tracking for sales
  • Links to FedEx and UPS websites to track shipping
  • Customer purchasing trend indicator

eCommerce - Storefront

Until now, integrated e-Commerce solutions have only been available to large companies with deep pockets. Not anymore. Our cost-effective e-Commerce solution - complete with storefront, shopping basket and credit card processing - is a powerful tool that will help grow your business while streamlining your e-business strategies. It is completely integrated with our Business Management database, so when an Internet shopper purchases an item from your virtual storefront, all modules - CRM, Financials, and SCM - are made aware of the purchase. Your customers can self-order and self-care with access to order status, past invoices, past orders, and other information.


  • Integrated storefront
  • Secure site with credit card and purchase order processing
  • Product search by product category, keyword, description and price
  • Customer self- service for purchase history with order, shipping and invoice tracking
  • Unlimited Featured Items and Groups
  • Display item images and detailed descriptions on storefront
  • Restrict certain items for sale only on storefront or through back office
  • Specify maximum total quantity limit for storefront orders
  • Tracking of end user clicks on storefront
  • B2B and B2C configuration
  • Visitor registration for promotional mailings

Human Resources Management

With our Human Resources Management module, you will reduce administrative costs and improve your ability to make the best use of your resources. Automating and streamlining your human resources administration and reporting procedures will also have a positive effect on employee satisfaction and retention rates. The HR module provides administration, payroll, benefits, time management, and reporting functionality.


  • Track employee information
  • Link employees with departments and divisions for sales commission, data security rules and reporting
  • Unlimited job description
  • Restrict employee interaction with the system based on job roles
  • Hire dates
  • Salary information, including raise history
  • Emergency contact
  • Employee lookup
  • Benefits selection
  • Time card printing

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Boost profitability and improve the quality of customer interaction by giving your sales force the tools they need to be more productive. Fully integrated with our other modules, the Sales Force Automation module puts opportunity, customer, order, and inventory information at your sales people’s fingertips. With automated order management, your sales force will be able to process orders more quickly and accurately and make more sales calls per day - increasing revenues, reducing operational costs, and improving responsiveness to customers.


  • Opportunity management
  • Forecast and Sales Plan
  • Account and contact management with seamless integration with Customer Care
  • Integrated calendar and scheduler
  • Mass e-mail and fax capability for campaigns and promotions
  • Competitor tracking
  • Customized pricing and promotions management
  • Mobile handheld device order processing with bar code scanning and remote printing
  • Single point customer set-up
  • Multiple price list capability
  • One click conversion from price lists and quotes to sales orders
  • Comprehensive sales commission calculation
  • Sales and Gross Margin analysis with drill down capability to individual transactions

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Leveraging your supply chain can mean the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss. Averiware automates your purchasing and inventory management - eliminating manual efforts, improving accuracy, and controlling costs. Our Supply Chain Management application provides you with the information and control you need to make and implement sound business decisions. With greater insight into the supply chain and streamlined processes to help you manage it, you will be able to anticipate problems and take steps to avoid situations like stock-outs that can negatively impact customer loyalty.



  • Requisitions convert to POs at the click of a button
  • Creating and tracking of purchase orders for inventory, non-inventory and service items for multiple locations
  • Drop-ship to customer
  • Unit of Measure (UOM) conversion
  • Unlimited notes and memos in line items with flow-through from purchasing to inventory and sales
  • Warning when credit limit exceeded
  • Purchase request authorization includes digital signature
  • Vendor price list management
  • Electronic transfers of POs to vendors
  • Backorder visibility
  • Item association to multiple vendors


  • Unlimited number of items
  • Create inventory items on the fly from transaction entry screens
  • Standard and average costing
  • Item serialization
  • Multiple pricing and discount levels with quantity tier
  • Soft allocation of items
  • Reorder point and minimum order quantity
  • Inventory adjustments for quantity and cost
  • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) with one click Material Receipt and Credit Memo
  • Inventory handling for multiple locations with transfer capability
  • Kitting and de-kitting of inventory and service items with automatic cost calculation
  • Automatic buyer notification of items below reorder levels and pending requisitions

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