AXS-One Enterprise

A full ERP system designed by AXS-One.

About AXS-One Enterprise

AXS-One Enterprise is suite of integrated solutions that deliver enterprise and departmental information sharing solutions, while managing four critical business processes including the Procurement, Expense, Revenue, and Business Management processes. The degree of success or failure of these processes is measured in terms of speed, accuracy, control and accountability and are fundamental to the success of the enterprise.

AXS-One Accounts Payable

AXS-One Accounts Payable is a sophisticated and internationally proven creditor management system, equipping you with a highly efficient, easy-to-use method of managing suppliers, creditors and the purchasing cycle. It embraces purchasing statistics, cash management forecasting, employee expense and advance handling, electronic payment capability, built-in invoice logging, tracking and authorization procedures.

AXS-One Accounts Receivable

AXS-One Accounts Receivable is an efficient cash collection and debtor management system that equips you with a complete view of all money owed to you from invoicing through cash management.

AXS-One Fixed Assets

AXS-One Fixed Assets helps provide managers with quick access to accurate and comprehensive asset information to help ensure effective decision making. AXS-One Fixed Assets fulfills statutory and management requirements, provides extensive facilities for the physical management of assets from initial purchase to ultimate disposal including ýWhat ifý analysis on the effects of acquisitions, disposals and changes in valuation bases or depreciation methods; and give users complete control of all functions and structures to achieve a rapid response to organizational change and business information needs.

AXS-One General Ledger

AXS-One General Ledger helps provide comprehensive financial accounting and management information across multiple companies/divisions, currencies, and reporting calendars. It stores and maintains financial, statistical, and budgetary information for summary, comparison, calculation, inquiry, and reporting. It fulfills statutory, consolidation, and management requirements. It provides complete flexibility in defining the Posting Account structure to meet management and statutory reporting requirements and multiple ýsoftý roll-ups for true ýwhat ifý analysis.

A powerful report writer helps you design reports and automate the process of producing standard periodic operational analysis. Plus, you can extract the present ad-hoc, EIS-like analytical graphical information. It supports all journal types, including standard journal entry, accrual reversals, and recurring. It includes a flexible interactive inquiry tool; an extensive, user-definable allocations module; a comprehensive, user-tailorable security module; and integrates fully with other AXS-One applications.

AXS-One Inventory

AXS-One Inventory software product is a highly flexible inventory system with full integration to both AXS-One’s Purchase Order and General Ledger systems. It features extensive inventory transaction capabilities and detailed reporting functionality.

AXS-One Purchase Order

AXS-One Purchase Order can help your organization provide requesters, buyers, inventory managers, contract managers and others with online access to important information such as item, requisition, purchase order, receiver and invoice data. This will help them to track orders through the entire processing cycle - from the initial creation of a requisition to the receipt of goods and payment of invoices. Users can benefit from improved productivity, optimized purchasing power and better control over spending.

Budget Cycle Management

AXS-One Budget Cycle Management is designed to reduce the cost to produce, manage, and distribute budget information. It can improve the value of the budget information by decreasing the cycle time, while improving the quality of the information through better process control.

Expense Cycle Management

AXS-One Expense Cycle Management helps organizations to decrease wait time (speed the process), reduce manual effort, and improve their control over the payment process, while increasing the overall productivity and quality of the organizational process. It is a complete application that integrates portions of AXS-One’s financial modules with workflow technology delivered with a graphical process design wizard.

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