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The problem that most companies have is that they have too many systems containing the same information and their processes are not defined. These unconnected systems are keeping them from operating efficiently because it takes so much of employee’s time and energy to keep the data synchronized and maintained. It talks lots of needless reminder emails, post it notes, and double entry to keep it all straight. Does this sound like your company?

360EnterpriseSuite stores all this information in one integrated solution with defined accountability, making doing business and getting things done friction-less.

More Integrated Features Than Other CRMs

In additional to lead and customer management, 360EnterpriseSuite has features like WebLeads, integrated HelpDesk, Smart eMail, Quotes, Project Issues, Timesheets, and other features that you won’t find in other CRM/ERP applications. Plus, additional modules including full ERP order processing and financials can be added to meet your company’s exact requirements.

Easy to Learn and Use, Immediate Results

360EnterpriseSuite is designed to be similar to the Outlook - style menu system that your employees already know. They can use the program instantly, being productive from the start. We train and answer questions as part of our service. No installation or IT costs - we do that for you.

Low Cost, High Impact

You are paying employees thousands of dollars per month. Give them software to help them do the best job for your customers and the company will reap the rewards in repeat business and new sales. 360EnterpriseSuite CRM is only $25 per user/month (less than 1% of your current employee cost). Enterprises with over 100 users have lower pricing.

CRM/Help Desk Enterprise

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is about giving your employees an easy-to-use information system they need to serve and enhance the relationship with your customers - including potential customers (leads). It starts by having all the customer and lead information at the fingertips, including quotes, orders, phone call notes, emails, projects - everything. This way, when you are servicing a customer, you know what you are talking about because you see all previous telephone calls, emails, quotes, orders, etc. with that customer. Same with vendors and suppliers.

360EnterpriseSuite CRM is designed for everyone in your enterprise including Sales, Marketing, Service, Operations, and Executive team to be working on the same information for better results.


  • Exceptional ease of use
  • Strong back-office ERP
  • .NET/SQL technology
  • Strong 3 - 500 person solution
  • Powerful, 100% web-based
  • Quoting/Ordering/SOP
  • Designed for personal, office, and enterprise productivity
  • SmartMail solves email chaos
  • Project issues management
  • Timesheet processing
  • Quotes and ordering
  • Product lookup/Inventory check
  • Service quotes & orders

Customer Portal/Help Desk

Customer self-service is a major trend that has developed recently. Customers want to help themselves when it is convenient for them. The HelpDesk module instantly connects your sales and support staff to your customers with a 24/7 online self helpdesk software system that is integrated with the CRM Enterprise system. Increase customer support and streamline issue management. Effectively give your customers the attention the deserve.


  • Lowers cost of customer support
  • Build knowledge base as your team supports
  • Provide customers with 24/7 self service from your website
  • Integrated with CRM


  • Integrated with back-end/CRM
  • Product news and information
  • Customer support handling
  • Project issues collaboration
  • Support knowledge base
  • Customer forums

ERP/Management Center

The problem facing some businesses is that they have islands of information in different systems - Customers in Accounting, Leads and Customers in CRM, Quotes in spreadsheets, Projects in spreadsheets or some other program, forms in network folders, timesheets on paper, emails in Outlook, etc. This creates more re-entry of data and lots of wasteful time hunting for information for the employees.

360 Enterprise Suite’s Management Center was designed from the ground up to provide a single database to store and manage all the information and assign it to the right people. It includes the tools for seeing, managing, assigning, delegating leads, customers, vendors, tasks, projects, etc. It provides quote to order processing and ability to enter items and manage inventory. This results in a lack of accountability - employees will perform better when there is clarity on what they are responsible for and by when.

360 EnterpriseSuite is 100% web-based with nothing to install on client computers, iPads, or phones. This provides the Flexibility it needs to meet today’s business challenges. This is especially beneficial in the following examples:

  1. You can assign a lead from the website to your salesperson while in the airport waiting for a plane.
  2. You have multiple offices, but no matter who takes the call from a customer, all the information for that customer is at your fingertips - including emails.
  3. One day, your after hours call center may be in India, your sales in USA, and your manufacturing in China - all working together in the same system.

As your company is adapting to the mobile / global economy, your system can handle it without skipping a beat.

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