A web-based ERP system designed by BizzTec Online for professional services companies.

About Bizztec

Bizztec is a full function accounting and ERP system which has been built from the ground up specifically for the Internet. It is designed to give the user optimal control of their business without the need to have any knowledge of bookkeeping or technology. It is extremely user friendly and because data entry points are designed to correspond with how the business operates, very little keystrokes are required to maintain the system in real-time. It is designed for SMB and provides real-time access to data from anywhere, anytime. Our modern ERP solution seamlessly integrates third party applications into our unified database for real-time data entry and reporting

Bizztec features easy-to-use modules and real-time reporting, all accessible from a unified database. No software to download or any special hardware to be purchased, all that is needed is an internet connection.

To ensure the security of data being transmitted over the Internet Bizztec employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL encrypts the data during transmission and is the same technology used by banks and trading companies globally. Bizztec is also less prone to viruses because there is no downloading or installation necessary.

Bizztec’s innovative technology enables us to deliver superior products with significant advantages:

  • Easily customizable
  • User specific solutions
  • Low cost due to little or no delivery costs
  • Upgrades are seamless and automatic
  • Solution is scalable to any size
  • No software to download or specific hardware required
  • Full ERP characteristics. Covers all the core functions of an enterprise, regardless of the organization’s business or charter Integrated and operates in real-time with no periodic batch updates Accesses one database to prevent redundant data and multiple data definitions All modules have the same look and feel Users are able to access any information in the system without needing integration work on the part of an IT department or consultant

Bizztec helps companies manage business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes:

  • Management and fulfillment
  • Inventory and Product Costing
  • Finance
  • E-commerce and web site management
  • Employee productivity

Bizztec is delivered as an on-demand service. Our real-time dashboard provides a view into role-specific and up-to-date business information.

Industry specific solutions are created by seamless integration with third party software such as Payroll service providers, Salesforce, Shipping, POS, etc. Our Inventory and Product Costing module is extremely flexible and robust. Our Online Webstore, Automated Sales Order processing, credit card processing and shipping automation provides a total supply chain solution for organizations with multiple remote locations.

Bizztecýs accounting ERP software components are integrated, giving access to real-time business intelligence and offers a comprehensive business suite. It helps manage financials, order fulfillment, purchasing, inventory, time and billing, payroll and more.

It is possible to automate business processes across the company; therefore, an entire business can run in real time. Employees can move faster and smarter. Customers are served better. Orders can be filled and tracked more quickly and easily. There is full visibility into inventory by sales representatives for order promising and by planners for purchasing. Also companies can lower inventory levels, analyze inventory costs, and collaborate with vendors more effectively.

Our application resides on our servers and is accessed by authorized users using any computer. Real-time KPIýs, reports, alerts or system authorizations can be received on smart phones as requested.

Bizztec supports all our users with the following services:

  • Technical support
  • Accounting support
  • Training
  • Data backup
  • System upgrades
  • Full scalability
  • Set up and data migration

In summary, with Bizztec:

  • No networks to set up ý just an Internet connection
  • Work from the office, hotel, airport or anywhere in the world. All data is entered directly into a single database
  • No software to download
  • Full ERP characteristics and internal control functionality
  • System upgrades free and seamless
  • Upgrade premium modules as required. Pay only for what you use
  • Seamless integrated with third party software

Subscription to our application entitles the user to:

  • Accounting and technical help desk
  • Daily data backup
  • Ongoing system training
  • Accounting set up and data migration

Customer access to our help desk is via telephone, instant messaging, teleconferencing, video conferencing or email. An account manager is designated to each customer to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Extensive customer satisfaction surveys and feedback programs will be employed. We also have extensive detailed call analysis data available.

The systems granular user permissions allow access to authorized users only and can be restricted from full administrator to a ýview onlyý access to a report ý and anything in between.

Bill of Materials

  • Bizztec’s fully integrated Product Costing module keeps you on top of your Inventory and Gross Margins per product.

  • Maintain an accurate inventory of all products, prices and period ending totals

  • Simple and easy method to accurately costing your products

  • Automatically update all your product costs as product prices change

  • Automatically calculates cost when product is sold and adjusts inventory in real-time

  • Print easy to read product construction sheets for every price list item with instructions and other information important to managers and staff

  • Calculate the product cost percentage and gross margin of each item on your price list as well as the averages for each price list category

  • Determine the ýtheoretical product costý based on how many of each item you sell.

  • Measure Actual v Theoretical from detailed reports


  • If you can visualize the impact of your next move before you commit to it and are agile enough to act decisively, you can outperform your peers.

  • Bizztec’s planning and consolidation software improves your performance.

  • Plan and budget in real-time with dynamic plans that provide real-time feedback to everyone who is part of the process.

  • Secure a single, accurate view of key information by consolidating multiple diverse ledgers into a single, common chart-of-accounts structure.

  • Make adjustments as necessary with flexible plans and rolling forecasts that let you realign as events occur rather than annual budgets that are out of date as soon as they’re printed.

  • Engage all necessary participants with inclusive plans that improve buy-in, rather than the pain of multiple, unlinked spreadsheets.

  • Communicate plans throughout the business and with external partners as necessary to keep everyone on the same page.

  • Bizztec offers the complete range of software to let you create plans, forecasts and budgets, and consolidate and report on finances.

  • Create plans and budgets - Build consistent, interconnected business models.

  • Access current data to assess fiscal performance. Proceed from the ýwhat-isý to evaluate the ýwhat-ifý scenarios critical for future success.

  • Consolidate and report financials - Secure a single, accurate, corporate view of key information.


  • Financial consolidation of financial data ý Bizztec provides a fully integrated, real-time consolidated view for your overall company. With this option, your companyýs management team is able to see up-to-date financial performance by division, or on a mouse-click, a consolidated view.

  • Bizztec makes it easy to provide side-by-side analysis of each divisionýs performance on-line and promotes answering of ad-hoc queries.

  • The multi-entity business structure flexibility will result in your companyýs ability to act proactively based on the key performance indicators suggested by each division. This flexible view will make it easier for your company to focus on business strategy and face the demands of your constant evolving industry. This totally new view of your business components will promote a sense of competitive advantage.

  • With Bizztec’s fully integrated, real-time consolidated view for your overall company, no matter how geographically dispersed it is, you will be able to:

  • Visualize information for analysis and decision support across all business units

  • Reduce the amount of time required to affect proactive changes to business processes

  • Effectively share data across the Company

  • Deliver both de-centralized performance reporting AND consolidated fiscal performance information on demand

Consumer Tax Management

  • Bizztec has been designed to automatically calculate consumer taxes on sales and purchases.

  • Our unique consumer tax function allows you to preset all taxes that apply to the region in which you do business - wherever in the world that might be.

  • Simply set your tax details and percentages on setup and the system will automatically calculate your applicable taxes on all forms and reports

Estimate Management

  • Create estimates on site.

  • Convert estimate to Sales Order or Sales Invoice at the click of a button.

  • System automatically creates Purchase Order for items not in stock.

Foreign Currency Conversion

  • The international marketplace has never been stronger, and the Internet is making that huge market more accessible to even the smallest enterprises.

  • Companies with Web sites suddenly find prospects from halfway around the world can order their products as easily as a customer down the street.

  • Businesses that have never dealt with any currency other than (for example) U.S. dollar are finding they must contend with pounds and rubles and yen and Euros, and for the first time they must consider the need for accounting software that supports foreign currency transactions and reporting.

  • Enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in foreign currencies

  • Automatically perform foreign currency accounting and conversions to Home currency - in real-time

  • Deal in an unlimited number of multi-currencies simultaneously

  • Create sales receipts, invoices, credit memos, estimates, purchase orders and sales orders in other currencies

  • Enter and pay bills from foreign vendors

  • Automatically calculate foreign exchange gains/losses and process accounting entries - no manual intervention required

  • System automatically updates currencies at regular intervals

  • Activity Log tracks changes made to exchange rates or currency details

  • Foreign exchange movements and fluctuations are recorded in detailed reports

General Ledger

  • Fully integrated GL allows for department and class tracking with ability to measure the real-time results against budgets.

  • Detailed reports with drill down options allow for detailed analysis of each account.

  • GL account is easily exported to MS Excel at the click of a button.

  • The system maintains clear and transparent audit trails of each entry.

  • Make accounts inactive without losing any historical data.

  • Let the system allot account numbers automatically or allow for manual number allocation per GL Account

Inventory Management

  • Inventory management module helps you identify inventory requirements, set targets, and report actual and projected inventory status.

  • Weak inventory control leads to inefficiency and wasted capital expenditures on products that sit on the shelf. Optimize your inventory levels, eliminate stock-outs, increase sales, and squeeze the most out of your supply chain.

  • Bizztec provides a real time, interactive picture of how inventory flows through your organization and is fully integrated with the accounting system to provide you with a ýbig pictureý view of your business- in real-time.

Online Webstore

Our Online Ordering system creates an automatic order when minimum level of inventory are reached; set by the user. Manual orders can also be entered into the system where required.

The Bizztec Online System stores:

  • Reports
  • Order status
  • Order history
  • Back order management
  • Vendor messages
  • Attachments
  • Memos/Notes to the vendors


  • The user has full access to all of their inventory and purchase reports.
  • For internal control purposes each order is authorized by selected management.
  • No entering of invoices is required as the purchase order is converted into an invoice at the click of a button.


  • Update your Payables from anywhere, at any time.
  • System automates the Purchase Order process thereby eliminating time consuming data entry.
  • Set credit limits and keep track of your cash flows by accessing reports by due dates and amounts owing.
  • Record payments with minimal keystrokes.
  • Easily and quickly record adjusting debits or journal entries.
  • View reports with drill down capabilities through all layers. All the way down to original entries

Point of Sales

  • Built specifically for the Internet.
  • No software to download or costly cabling or networks required ý just an Internet connection.
  • Our Online POS system is fully integrated with other functions of Bizztec and is not a mandatory requirement.
  • Included in Bizztecýs module offerings and only pay for it if needed.
  • Updates the inventory and accounting systems in real time and can be viewed from anywhere, anytime.

Purchase Order Management

  • The system automatically generates an Online Purchase Order when minimum inventory levels are reached.
  • Before the purchase order is executed, predetermined managerial authorization is required to ensure financial control compliance.
  • Purchase Order Processing with automatic data capture software enables enormous savings in time and money.
  • Automated purchase order processing reduces human errors to a minimum. Therefore the data quality of purchase order processing also increases.
  • Supports regulatory compliance by implementing internal controls and clear accountability.
  • Provides evidence of effective controls by reports generated in real time.
  • Efficient- expedites the execution of the work through email alerts.


  • Update your Receivables from anywhere, at any time.
  • Set credit limits and keep track of your cash flows by accessing reports by due dates and debt aging.
  • Record receipts with minimal keystrokes and easily and quickly record adjusting credits or journal entries.
  • View reports with drill down capabilities through all layers. All the way down to original entries

Sales Order Management

  • Business performance depends on how well a company manages its internal sales processes. Companies with effective sales process management are able to analyze key performance indicators and monitor the efficiency of day-to-day activities and employees against operational targets.
  • Traditionally, most sales orders arrive via fax, and processing these can be a costly, manual and time-consuming process. Bizztecýs sales orders are delivered electronically by our customerýs online orders in real-time.
  • Because Sales Orders arrive electronically no key strokes are required therefore response time is faster and human error is minimized.
  • The process of the Internet based electronic order also makes strides towards future sustainability because it is a lot more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

System Log

  • Bizztec’s fully integrated system log is a step-by-step recording of user interaction with the software program.
  • The level of detail recorded is a useful way of tracking user preferences and navigational choices. It provides real-time auditing and change management that not only detects unauthorized changes or security breaches, but automatically intercepts and stops attacks before they can do any damage.
  • While many companies place a major emphasis on securing the perimeters of their business networks from external attacks, they often fail to protect their valuable digital assets from loss, misuse, or unauthorized access and modification by internal users. Whether it’s an employee with unauthorized access to servers and proprietary data or an outsider that has managed to breach external barriers on the network’s perimeter, the threat of internal attacks requires security solutions that alert managers in real time when unauthorized access occurs.

Time & Billing

  • Employees enter time remotely directly into the system.
  • The system automatically creates the bill

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