An accounting software system designed by Brainstorm Concepts for distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About StormPlus

Is a Business Management Solution for your Business. This product will handle all aspects of your business, from the entry of sales transactions to printing monthly financial statements.

Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable module is a comprehensive system that allows your company to track and control information about money that your company owes. It provides detailed information about year-to-date Purchases, Payments, Current Balances, Cash Requirements, Distributions and Audit Trials. It helps to determine which invoices to pay to take advantage of discounts, print checks and keep a detailed check register. It may be integrated with the general ledger in real time.

Accounts Receivable

The accounts receivable module is a comprehensive system that allows your business to track and control information related to money owed to your company.

When a business sells its products or services on credit it is crucial for that business to record such transactions in a well organized manner so that they may obtain at anytime, a record of who owes the business money, how much is owed, and how long the money has been owed to the company.

Delinquent customer or client accounts and uncollected receivable are likely to cause cash flows problems. This module will provide the information you need to run a well organized program of cash management, which will greatly accelerate receivable turnover, and as a result, cash flow and profits

General Ledger

General Ledger GL categorizes and summarizes your accounting information. Custom designed financial statements clearly show the company’s profit (or loss) as well as its assets, liabilities and equity position.

You can also review various expense and income categories, and compare them to budgets, prior periods and last year’s amounts. Using this information, you can spot and reinforce income generating areas, eliminate waste, locate areas which are over budget and implement actions for correction, etc.

General Ledger provides vital management information that can be used to increase the profits of your business.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management can help you track and control your inventory and minimize the need for physical inventory counts.

Having too much cash tied up in slow, or non-selling items or being under stocked on items needed by your customers can have a major impact on your business. With inventory Management you will always have complete information about the value of your inventory, quantities on hand, quantities committed and the flow of inventory items sold.

Precise control of inventory is an essential ingredient of a successful, well organized company. The goal of the Inventory Control Module is to provide timely accurate information pertaining to inventory location, movement and valuation, receipt of goods, the sale and return of goods and profit, at any time.

Merchandise purchases are a large part of total costs of a merchandising business. Therefore, an effective inventory system is needed to control merchandise inventory.

Order Processing

Order Processing / Point of Sale Order Entry can be configured to Meet Your Business Needs. Order Processing is the heart of the StormPlus program. You can easily enter information on sales, inventory items, customers or receivables from this screen. This helps reduce costly checkout errors by allowing your cashiers to automatically look up prices, item descriptions and customers.

At the time a customer’s order is being entered, you need to be able to access a lot of information. You need to know the customer’s mailing address as well as their shipping address, and must be able to enter it at this point if it is not on file. You need to know the availability of specific units of inventory or alternate items if those being ordered are out of stock. You need to ascertain item pricing, quantity pricing, and specific customer pricing and credit limit. The information must be available fast and with only a few key strokes.


Payroll helps you maintain employee payroll information; handle voluntary deductions calculate taxes, and print payroll checks, forms and reports. You can eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time gathering and preparing quarterly tax information, W-2s and 1099s - or save money on continuous payments to a service bureau for these functions.

Point of Sale

You can enter sales, returns, quotations, pay-ins, and pay-outs from a single screen. Entering an invoice will cause inventory to decrease for items sold and increase for returned goods. This entry screen is the only one your checkout person needs to learn since all functions are displayed on the screen.

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