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About BUSINESS by Miles

BUSINESS by Miles, the most affordable ERP system in the world, is designed to help companies of any size and industry. Their current user platforms range from 500+ workers to only four employees. This cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is for businesses who want to gain a competitive advantage, increase their bottom line, streamline efficiency, and improve the quality of life of their people. It’s BUSINESS, as it should be.

This straightforward system allows users to navigate and customize with great ease. Information flows seamlessly across departments and job functions. No longer does a company have to string together a variety of different software systems. Everything that a company requires, from the CEO to a candidate, can be done in BUSINESS. Workflows and tasks can be accomplished more efficiently, leading to faster decision-making. BUSINESS is fully responsive on all devices; from desktop, tablet and even mobile. With the responsiveness of BUSINESS on any device and the mobile app, BUSINESSbymiles, working remotely has never been easier.


Accounting is one business core module included in this cloud ERP software that is simple, yet powerful! This comprehensive system has security protections, strict financial controls, and state-of-the-art technologies. Companies can see exactly where they stand financially through many aspects. They also have the option to manage report building, sales order approvals, bank and credit card integrations, collection and much more.

Security within BUSINESS has been created to be easy to use and customizable for system administrators. Assigning each employee a User Role will also insure the appropriate permissions for your employees. These User Roles are unlimited and customizable to fit any employee role imaginable. Having the capability to have such transparency and security will make an accountant’s job much more effective. A game changer within BUSINESS is the ability to have visual auditing which allows you to view any changes to transactions. Auditing throughout the system has been implemented so when human error occurs, appropriate training can be conducted to insure it does not happen again.

Financial reporting will allow you to sort and filter by date range or period, customer or vendor and more. Reports can be created and viewed on accrual or cash basis. Utilizing the saved searches on your financial reporting is also helpful to quickly view the information on a needed basis. Within BUSINESS you have your standard P&L, Balance Sheet, AR Aging, AP Aging and more. Users have the ability to create custom reports to drill down for more detailed information.

Customer billing has never been easier when using BUSINESS. Allowing the option for your customers to approve their orders and pay their invoices online will make things easier for not only you but for them as well. The Partner Portal will give your customers an overview of their open orders, projects or tasks that are currently being worked on by employees. This feature eliminates unnecessary calls and emails when status updates can quickly be viewed by customers by them signing into their customer portal.

BUSINESS allows for a streamlined collections workflow to more easily automate the process. System generated notifications can also be edited on a global scale. The use of merge-fields within these notifications will allow for the personal-touch in each notice created by the system. Having notifications go to customers automatically will keep a clear communication every step of the way during the sales process for your company. Sales Reps will no longer have to spend portions of their day making status update calls.

Purchasing and subcontracting within BUSINESS is another useful feature for your company’s daily workflow. Similar to the customer portal, an acceptance process can be set up for your purchase orders. Selecting a group of vendors or subcontractors and allowing them all to be notified for a purchase order will insure it is accepted quickly and efficiently. There will be no need to contact each subcontractor at a time to see if they are available to complete work for your company. Instead, a designated group will be notified and whoever accepts the purchase order first will gain the work.

The Customer Relations Management (CRM) module within BUSINESS will streamline efficiency for potential sales and opportunities. Within BUSINESS you have the option to take a customer through the complete process. Having your prospect enter the system as a lead will then allow you to convert them to a customer. When saving a customer you have the option to save and add opportunity from the very start of the sales process. Opportunities within BUSINESS will allow you to track important information such as status, follow up date, expected close date and estimated value. Having an ongoing log of every step of an opportunity will help your company run better reporting for future leads and prospects.

Messaging and surveying is another useful feature within the CRM portion of BUSINESS. The ability to initiate messages from within BUSINESS will allow you to work from within one system throughout the work day. Any message that is replied to the initial email will then be logged within BUSINESS to insure no communication is lost. The option to create and send surveys and forms to your customers will also give you a great insight into their overall happiness with your company’s products and/or services.

Human resources (HR) is another major aspect of BUSINESS with an extensive list of capabilities. It helps companies manage and communicate better with potential candidates, as well as the existing workforce. It enables companies to coordinate everything from time and attendance to onboarding and expenses in one easy-to-use cloud-based system. Top talent can be secured through a comprehensive recruiting process. The candidate portal allows recruits to upload resumes, fill out applications, schedule interviews, and complete assessments. Once hired, these employees go through a smooth onboarding process with customizable workflows and electronic agreements. Companies can keep track of employee information, such as benefits, salary, job history, and more. Also, keep record of employee time off and expense requests. This HR system can improve employee collaboration with company news, calendars, document storage, surveys, and forums. Employee’s calendars can be integrated with GMail and Office 365 calendars. Utilizing Buzz, an up-to-the-minute feed, allows employees to share news and announcements to improve company culture. The HR module of BUSINESS includes all of this and more.

Project management (PM) is the final major core business process within BUSINESS that helps companies organize and improve their daily workload for jobs or projects. This feature helps employees stay on the same page, get projects done quickly, and streamline the process for more efficient work completion. Create, assign, and track projects to make sure they get achieved on time and hit their milestones. This dynamic ticketing/task system allows for detailed descriptions and attachments, along with setting roles and expectations. Status notifications keep all staff informed on newly assigned and soon-to-be-due tasks. Project management also enables customers and vendors to connect with businesses efficiently through a collaborative portal. Customers can view current or ongoing projects and submit requests when needed to internal employees, teams or pools. BUSINESS allows companies to gain full control over all their projects.

Onboarding to BUSINESS is extremely easy due to unlimited support and the robust migration tools built within the system. Importing tools in the system will make the transition process a breeze. BUSINESS was built to be easy to use and navigate. Every employee, no matter their role, will be able to use BUSINESS efficiently starting on day one.

BUSINESS by Miles has bank integration with PNC, US Bank, TD Bank, Capital One, Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, USAA, and BB&T. Some credit card integrations are Capital One, Chase, CitiBank, US Bank, Bank of America, American Express, Visa, and Discover. Payroll integration involves service companies, such as ADP, Paychex, Guto, Zenefits, Paylocity, PayCom, and more.


Pricing for BUSINESS is simple and straightforward. The monthly cost of using this cloud ERP software is $299 a month plus $8 per user a month. No overhead cost. A free 30 day trial is available which includes consultation with BUSINESS Advisors.

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