Freedom Series/EC21

A full ERP system designed by Butler Commerce Solutions for professional services and distribution/wholesale trade companies.

About Freedom Series/EC21

Freedom Series/ec21 brings you a functionally rich and fully integrated real-time solution to carry your wholesale distribution company through the 21st century. Freedom Series/ec21 provides one solution for all of your wholesale distributions operational and financial needs. This enterprise solution is available at your site in a fully scalable platform, or can be hosted by Butler Commerce Solutions, Inc. (BCS)in a full service SaaS Model. The SaaS Model does not require expenditures for computer hardware and maintenance,or computer software and support . . .Freedom Series/ec21 is designed to give your company the edge necessary to take your distribution business to the next level.

Hosting Methods

BCS offers Freedom Series/ec21 in two business model environments - Traditional and SaaS. The Traditional business model environment is available when you want to manage your own hardware and networking equipment at your facility. BCS launched its SaaS model to manage your networking,hardware and software applications in a fully managed data center. This new trend,SaaS, is sweeping the technology industry with its numerous benefits such as low technological risk, minimal technology staffing, and reduced costs for world-class applications. SaaS allows you the ability to focus on your core business environment and leave the headaches and worries of networking and hardware maintenance to BCS through Service Level Agreements and guarantees to you.


When you’re ready to launch your e-business plans over the Internet, you’ll be able to utilize FreedomSeries/ec21with BCS’s companion web product. The web product seamlessly integrates with Freedom Series/ec21 in a real-time mode over the Internet and allows your customers the freedom to view your electronic catalog, process sales orders, and view customer service functions 24 hours a day/ 7 days per week.

Accounts Payable

The Freedom Series/ec21 Accounts Payable System is designed to improve the accuracy of merchandise costing, increase the productivity of invoice handling, and provide the control necessary to ensure the accurate handling of all transactions. Freedom Series/ec21 enables you to track payables through their entire life-cycle.

Accounts Receivable & Credit Management

The Freedom Series/ec21 Accounts Receivable System provides the tools you need to improve the management of your accounts receivables. With Freedom Series/ec21, you will be able to improve the quality of your receivables, improve your cash flow, increase the productivity of your staff and reduce your total exposure.

Business Analysis Module

The Freedom Series/ec21 Business Analysis Module (BAM) is designed to address the needs of the distribution executive. It gives the executive user a powerful, easy and efficient way to stay current with activity occurring throughout his company. Every part of your operation, from accounting to sales, from purchasing to inventory is covered on the BAM Dashboard Inquiry.

Business Performance Management

Business performance management is a business intelligence solution utilizing a core online analytical processing engine (OLAP) to develop a powerful, robust data warehouse from the Freedom Series/ec21 ERP suite of business applications.

Customer Relationship Management/Market Segmentation

The objective of this powerful contact system is to provide a comprehensive list of contacts with your company. Once established, you will have the power to perform in-depth analysis of the needs and objectives of your contacts.

This business solution provides an efficient means of identifying customers and prospects, enabling you to target market and enhance your customer service.

This business solution can be used for management of company relationships, company contacts, individual customers and media relationships.

Demand Planning & Forecasting

An accurate, well-built demand plan is one of the most crucial pieces of information a distributor needs for strategic decision-making and planning. However, most businesses use very rough processes to judge upcoming demand, which makes it difficult to optimize inventory levels. Our demand planning and forecasting solution automates and simplifies the process of developing accurate forecasts and facilitates the process of creating a solid demand plan.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Over the last decade distributors have seen the growth of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) as the means of communicating business documents, especially orders, between trading partners. EDI is a timely, cost effective, computer-to-computer methodology which is becoming a necessary part of doing business. Freedom Series/ec21 gives you the means to start or grow your utilization of EDI in every phase of your communications with customers, suppliers, and freight handlers.

Different industries have developed over the years different formats that your various business documents (Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, etc.) must be in for common use by your trading partners. Freedom Series/ec21 supports all the standard formats used within the distribution industry and provides the tools to implement new formats or change existing standards if necessary.

Most EDI documents are moved between business partners using an EDI network provider as an intermediary. The network provider solves the problems different computers have communicating with each other, and the network eliminates the need for you to have sufficient data lines to handle the volume that could result if all trading partners communicated directly with each other. Whether you use a network provider or direct communications with your trading partners, Freedom Series/ec21 includes the software to handle all your EDI communications needs.

General Ledger, Budgeting & Financial Reporting

Freedom Series/ec21 provides you with quality accounting systems specifically designed for the distribution industry. Fully integrated with the operational sub-systems, the accounting systems are easy to use, easy to audit, and include sophisticated analytical tools. From the simple handling of recurring journal entries to the production of quality financial statements, the Freedom Series/ec21 accounting systems will be a powerful addition to your operations.

Internet Order Management & Customer Service

The value of business-to-business Internet commerce is clear. Companies are selling millions of dollars of goods and services through this fourth channel. Industry analysts projected business-to-business web commerce to rocket to $4 trillion by 2009. Electronic Commerce for the 21st Century (ec21) web commerce was designed in collaboration with wholesale distributors to offer Internet customer service and order management functions required for wholesale distributors.

When you’re ready to launch your e-business plans over the Internet, you’ll be able to utilize FreedomSeries/ec21with BCS’s companion web product. The web product seamlessly integrates with Freedom Series/ec21 in a real-time mode over the Internet and allows your customers the freedom to view your electronic catalog, process sales orders, and view customer service functions 24 hours a day/ 7 days per week.

Inventory Control, Purchasing & Replenishment

The Freedom Series/ec21 Inventory and Purchasing Systems designs recognize that distributors must strive for the highest possible return on the dollars they invest in inventory. And that they must also provide their customers with high service levels. This section will examine the Freedom Series/ec21 features and functions that support these twin goals of Inventory Management.

Order Entry & Customer Service

Freedom Series/ec21 is designed to address the needs of every part of your operation, but particular attention is given to your Sales & Customer Service requirements. Freedom Series/ec21 offers several methods of order entry and customer service inquiries.

Any discussion of Freedom Series/ec21 Sales & Customer Service functions must begin with new order creation. The Freedom Series/ec21 Sales Order System is constructed to be simple to use yet handle the most complex order situations. From the simplest orders to those requiring split shipments, export documentation, contract pricing, or serial number tracking–Freedom Series/ec21 provides the answer. With the Freedom Series/ec21 Sales Order System you will be able to handle more orders with fewer errors (increase sales), improve your customer satisfaction, and reduce your order handling costs. Some of the additional features of this system can be found here:

  • Process any order, from the simplest order to those requiring split shipments, quotes, future shipments, drop ship, ship complete orders, and counter sales
  • Automatic backorder fulfillment
  • Product authorization
  • Contract, promotional, quantity, level, and base pricing
  • Serial number and lot control processing
  • Real-time stock status and availability

Real-Time Remote Order Entry & Customer Service

This product is designed for wireless handheld devices allowing your remote sales people and other employees to access Freedom Series/ec21 data for remote order entry, customer inquiries, etc.

This product is menu driven and operates in either real time or batch modes. This fascinating new addition to the business process available within Freedom Series/ec21 is designed to unlock the power of your database to remote employees.

Some of the capabilities include accessing your catalog, displaying pricing, inventory and order processing to enhance sales at customer sites and trade snows. Multiple hardware servers and software operating systems are supported.

Sales Analysis

Sales analysis with Freedom Series/ec21 is composed of online sales report selection of preprogrammed reports as well as sales analysis report writers. Examples of these offerings include:

Online Sales Analysis

The sales information available on-line has been pre-summarized for quick access. Sales and margin are available by customer, sales representative, location, product category, and type of sale. This information is presented by month for as many years as you have stored in the databases. You can do comparative analysis or display the data in color graphs.

Pre-Programmed Sales Analysis Reports

Freedom Series/ec21 provides many useful pre-programmed sales analysis reports, from high level summaries to a very detailed look at sales information.

Sales Analysis Report Writers

The most versatile sales analysis tools in Freedom Series/ec21 are a series of Sales Analysis Report Writers. These reporting tools allow you to view the information in the sales database in thousands of different ways. You can key on specific locations, customers, sales representatives, items, categories, vendors, sales types, promotions, and periods of time. You can see this data in detail or in summary. This information can be ranked by sales, margin or quantity sold. You can compare sales year to year, by month, quarter, year-to-date or in total. But most importantly, you can build the reports you need, without a programmer. The Freedom Series/ec21 Sales Analysis Report Writers will answer your most pressing questions.

Sales Commissions

With Freedom Series/ec21 you get an excellent sales commission system. The system allows for varying rates by customer, sales representative, product, location, or division. In addition, the Freedom Series/ec21 Sales Commission system can handle temporary commission rates and spiffs by dollar volume or units sold.

System Management

Freedom Series/ec21 provides you with several system management tools and applications. These functions give you the ability to control your processing environment, ensure the integrity of your data and simplify your processing functions.

Breeze Menu Management and Security System perform all the critical system management functions relating to your Freedom Series/ec21 applications. This includes dynamic navigation facilities such as hot keying from one screen to another, personalized menu creation and multi-level security and password protection.

Warehouse Management

Freedom Series/ec21 provides you with a variety of features to improve warehouse productivity, optimize space utilization, reduce errors, gain better control of inventory, and increase customer service. This section on Warehouse Management will highlight how Freedom Series/ec21 will help you better manage your warehouse operations.

Warehouse Management System (WMS) for Freedom Series/ ec21 has been designed to address the next generation of distribution system requirements, based on current trends in the industry, utilizing barcode scanning in a Wireless Network environment.

The WMS model is comprised of 4 broad categories of material handling processes in the distribution center: Space Management (warehouse mapping, multiple location types, location labeling, staging locations, intelligent put away) Outbound Product Management (order fulfillment, picking, packing and staging operations), Inbound Product Management (receiving, staging, item profiles, put-away), and Internal Product Management (replenishment, transfers, cycle counts).

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