Carillon ERP

A full ERP system designed by Carillon for large enterprises.

About Carillon ERP

Carillon ERP is a fully-integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) and contact relationship management (CRM) solution that streamlines not only your company’s financial information, but also your operational data, to help you run your business more efficiently.

A review by The Journal of Accountancy, named Carillon® one of the Top 10 Mid-Level ERP Packages. The solution’s superior functionality, real-time updating, complete integration, unparalleled customer support, seamless implementation and mobile accessibility allows you to stay up to date, giving you an edge over your competition.

More than an off-the shelf system, Carillon® ERP is routinely enhanced at the client’s request. This means our solution has over 22 years of customizations available immediately. We incorporate the enhancements into the core system, eliminating any trouble in applying future versions or maintenance releases.

We are committed to staying on the forefront of technology so our product can go above and beyond our client’s needs. Carillon® ERP includes database support for Sybase, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. The server can run on any operating system supported by the selected database platform including (but not limited to) Windows, Unix, Linux and Novell.

Carillon® ERP is also one of the first solutions to be Know it nowSM certified. Know it nowSM management is a revolutionary new business methodology that combines operational guidelines and software recommendations to lead any company to instant, accurate information. With this new Know it nowSM certification, executives using Carillon® ERP have one more reason to be confident in the information they receive from their systems.

If you want a system to grow as your business grows and a system that can be enhanced to meet your functional requirements, then Carillon® ERP is your solution!

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable was designed for real world situations with simple and flexible check printing options. Checks can be printed from six different windows, with or without the invoice having previously been entered in the system. If an invoice needs to be entered and paid immediately, either of our voucher entry windows will allow you to enter the invoice information and print the check immediately.

The cash requirements report uses the due date, terms due date and invoice date to determine which checks should be paid on this check run. By simply entering the date for this check run and the date of the next check run, Accounts Payable provides a listing of the checks that should be cut before the next check run.

The Accounts Payable clerk can then modify the list by partially paying invoices or removing them from the check run.

Accounts Payable is tightly integrated with General Ledger to verify account numbers, open periods and years, and to automatically post balances in the cash disbursements and purchases journals. Accounts Payable is also integrates with the Time & Billing and Purchase Order.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable combines ease of use with the power of a client/server based system. Whether invoices and credit memos are entered directly into Accounts Receivable or posted through the shipping process in Order Entry, the updating of customer accounts is performed automatically and immediately.

Throughout the drill down windows, payment information may be displayed by clicking on the amount received, and detailed invoice and memo/bad debt information may be displayed by clicking on the Invoice Number/Amount or Memo Amount, respectively.

The inquiry capability is so good that, combined with our ability to reprint and invoice at any time, you may find it is no longer necessary to file a copy of your invoices in customer files.

Cash Receipts processing was developed to be as easy as possible. Once a customer is selected, all of the unpaid invoices for that customer are listed in the window. The cash receipts clerk can then check a box to fully pay one or more of the invoices, or enter in the amount of any partial payments on an invoice by invoice basis. We have a full ASCII import capability for invoices, cash receipts and even customer master information.

Collection activities can easily be recorded or reviewed on-line in our Contact Management module. Customer IDs in Accounts Receivable are the same as the Address IDs in Contact Management. Carillon is truly one integrated system.

Bill of Materials

Carillon® ERP’s flexible bill of materials is a construction and distribution favorite because you can create a unique bill of materials (including the operations) for any individual production order. Carillon® ERP supports unlimited levels so users can build kits or assemblies specific to their job and industry. You can even include tasks and work centers on your bill of materials. This module is closely integrated with the Production Order Management module, making for easy configuration and ordering.


Carillon ERP is a fully integrated CRM, so you can manage customer, vendor and employee relationships more efficiently. You have an unlimited number of contacts with multiple look-up possibilities for quick retrieval of information. The system allows you to capture as much or as little information about each contact as you like.

Anywhere in the Carillon system you are working with a person, you are working with a Contact. Anywhere in the Carillon system you are working with a Company, Customer, Ship To, Vendor, or Supplier, you are working with the addresses that can be set up in the Contact Management module. So in addition to setting up contacts at customers, you can also set up contacts at suppliers, vendors, or anywhere else you like. We use Contact Management to record all sales activities with a client, credit and collection activities, as well as all support activities.

For each contact (person) set up, you can track the following information:

  • Name
  • Address (mailing address, physical address and home address)
  • Multiple Phone Numbers
  • Title
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday
  • Overall Comments
  • Email and Web Site Address
  • Whatever you would like in multiple user defined classes

You can assign the contact to:

  • Multiple user-defined mailing lists (that interface with Microsoft Word);
  • Multiple Sales reps; and
  • Multiple Lead Sources indicating the source of the lead.

For each contact you can track:

  • Unlimited Activities with unlimited text;
  • Unlimited To Do’s with unlimited text; and
  • Unlimited Documents that have been sent.

Executive Desktop

Most executives have certain factors that they use to run the business. It may be cash in the bank, orders received, orders shipped, total receivables, or any of hundreds of different factors.

Executive Desktop allows the executive to customize his desktop to display and update these factors as often as desired. With Carillon’s real-time capabilities these factors are more up to the second that what the executive can get by calling the Controller.

Financial Desktop

Sophisticated full year trend analysis is as easy as choosing a graph to print. You can obtain a full year’s worth of analysis all on one page in 3-D color graphics. Analyze whether your company is getting financially stronger as the months go by. And if you’ve forgotten some of the material covered in your finance classes, comprehensive help is available to explain how each ratio is calculated by the system and an easy to understand explanation of what each ratio tells you.

Below find a list of graphs you can view in your Financial Desktop!

  • Current Ratio
  • Current Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Quick Ratio
  • Quick Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Debt to Equity Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Debt to Assets Ratio
  • Debt to Assets Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Long-Term Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Long-Term Debt to Equity Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Long-Term Debt to Total Assets Ratio
  • Long-Term Debt to Total Assets Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Asset Turnover Ratio
  • Asset Turnover Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Net Income Ratio
  • Net Income Ratio Trend Analysis
  • Return on Equity Ratio
  • Return on Equity Ratio Trend Analysis

Fund Accounting

Fund Accounting functionality is fully integrated. Fund Accounting features include user definable funds, encumbrances, unlimited number of funds, balance sheets for each fund, ability to close funds to different fund balance accounts, generation of financial statements by fund, full inter-fund transaction capability with automatic generation of inter-fund payables and receivables, user definable chart of account number and chart of account searches by fund.

General Ledger

Real time processing is finally here. With Carillon, transactions entered in anywhere throughout the system are updated to the General Ledger immediately. Cumbersome posting processes are no longer necessary.

General Ledger Functionality found throughout Carillon is listed below:

  • Real-Time transaction processing;
  • Unlimited open years;
  • Up to 366 periods per year;
  • Elimination of year-end and month-end closing processes;
  • Automatic reversing entries;
  • Recurring journal entries;
  • Account allocations;
  • Ability to import journal entries from a tab-delimited ASCII file (like you can create in Microsoft Excel);
  • Three budgets per period, per year, per account. For example you can have an original, revised and final budget for every account for every period/year;
  • Ability to reprint any portion of your audit trail as of any period in the past at any time;
  • OLE links to Microsoft Excel;
  • Multi-currency capability;
  • Powerful Drill Down capability;
  • Unlimited companies;
  • Unlimited branches/divisions;
  • Up to 32 character account numbers with full dynamic masking capabilities

Inventory Management

Inventory is designed for tight inventory level control. The system tracks inventory quantities, costs, prices and vendors to provide businesses with on-line inventory information that is mission critical in any industry. Information from how an item is acquired, to what is available to sell decides how successfully your organization can operate.

INVENTORY is a FIFO based system that tracks unlimited FIFO layers. A unique Inventory Maintenance window allows the user to do the following:

  • Specify how an item is typically acquired (Purchase or Transfer)
  • Assign packing costs to an item
  • Access additional information on Standard Yield, Lead Time and Case Pack
  • Specify if an item is serialized

Additional information, such as weight, substitute items and extended descriptions can be easily entered.

ATS Dashboard, which allows appropriate personnel the ability to access Available To Sell (ATS) information is also a unique feature of Carillon’s inventory element. ATS Dashboard will tell you how much of a product you’ll have on the promise date after considering all the demands and supplies for that item. Not only will it factor in what is physically in your warehouse, but also future production, other sales orders, receipts, lead time, planned transfers and shipments.

Job Costing

Job Costing provides the ability to track all related costs and revenues associated with an unlimited number of projects within your organization. Each project or job can be tracked at various levels of detail, depending on the job.

The job number is mandatory and represents the highest level of detail where costs and revenue can be recorded. The Sub Job, Phase, and Task levels are optional, and represent increasing levels of detail. Cost Codes are categories of costs common to all jobs that make cross-job comparisons meaningful. Cost Types explain the type of cost. Examples of Cost Types include: Labor, Material, Overhead, Sub Contracting, and Equipment Rental.

Not only are actual and committed costs tracked at the various levels for each job, but also budgeted costs and budgeted revenues are tracked at separate levels within a job. The total costs incurred, total committed costs, and total hours incurred are tracked at the lowest level of detail and rolled up to all higher levels for reporting.

Journal entries can be posted with valid jobs assigned at each line item. When creating customer and vendor invoices, an unlimited number of valid jobs can be assigned to each line item of the transaction. The creation of purchase orders updates the committed costs of a job, while the vouching of vendor invoices move the costs from committed costs to actual costs. Issuing of inventory also increases the actual costs of a job.

Revenue is recognized based on the Percentage of Completion or Completed Contract method. Each transaction that updates the costs of a job or any change in a budget amount will trigger the system to automatically recalculate the percentage of completion for you (including the recognizing of revenue) on a transaction by transaction basis. The on-line transaction processing and real time processing capabilities of Carillon allows for up to the second cost and revenue information.

Mail Module

Sales Order Entry allows the user to choose File, Send and a popup box will allow you to send the quote or order acknowledgement to the ordering contact, ship to contact, bill to contact and/or to the sales rep. You can fax it to some and email it to others. That’s a typical example of the power of the Mail module.

The most common way to implement this functionality is via a Carillon supplied Windows server-side process that interfaces to Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange on the server.

For emails, the forms/documents are sent as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) attachments.

Order Entry

Order Entry is fast, easy and thorough. Pop-up windows provide quick access to Unlimited Customer Addresses, Unlimited Ship-To Addresses for each customer, Unlimited Items, and Unlimited Price Files (one for each ship-to if you desire). On-line real-time processing provides up to the minute Available to Sell and credit limit availability figures–accuracy that is not possible with batch systems.

A true Available to Sell amount, which considers ship dates, on-hand quantities, item lead times, outstanding orders, outstanding purchase orders and outstanding production orders is available for every line item entered on the order. In addition, complete RMA capability exists including the inventory receiving function and integrated Credit Memos to Accounts Receivable.

Line items can be defaulted on the Order Entry window to help you push certain items or to assist the Order Entry clerk by not having to type in items that most customers purchase, and projected orders may be entered and later converted to real orders. Projected orders can affect the Available To Sell figures, ensuring that projected orders can be filled on the expected ship date.

Order Entry allows both serialized and non-serialized items to be tracked. Upgrades and maintenance plans can be sold and tracked (with their own price files and expiration dates by the serial number of the items with which they are associated). Order Entry also includes full shipping and bar-coding capabilities. The Shipping windows in Order Entry even allow multiple orders to be sent in a single shipment to a particular Ship-To. Of course, partial orders and backorders can be processed as well.

Orders are posted to General Ledger and Accounts Receivable at the time of shipping. The shipping windows process freight and brokerage, as well as providing unlimited sales tax jurisdictions per item and per Ship-To.


Carillon’s Payroll module is a complete real-time payroll module supporting direct deposit to an unlimited number of bank accounts. Unlimited pay types, tax jurisdictions, and deductions help show the power of the module. Electronic W-2s are standard and the module fully integrates with General Ledger, Job Cost, and Time & Billing functionality.

Production Order

In Carillon, companies can have easy access to vital production details including, waste factors, standard and actual yields, and more are accurate and available on-line.

The production order functionality allows for the assembly or disassembly of items. If an item, such as steel, arrives at your company in raw form and will leave in a finished form, the disassembly feature would be needed. The assembly capability can be used if materials will be assembled in a kit or a bundle, such as software tutorials and disks. There may be unlimited line items associated with a production order.

Production orders are entered by location, allowing companies with multiple locations to keep track of production throughout the organization. Labor costs and the cost of goods sold can also be tracked directly to a job in Carillon. Standard and actual yields and waste factors are also accounted for and updated throughout the system.

The actual quantity required to assemble a good is calculated for you in Carillon. The system calculates the actual quantity by taking into account the yield and waste percentages.

Production Order is tightly integrated with Inventory to provide fast, accurate production information and inventory updates.

Once a production order is released and printed, the Available to Sell (ATS) dashboard is automatically increased by the amount of the production order, providing to-the-minute inventory information. The cost information of the FIFO layers in Inventory is also immediately updated upon completion of a production order.

Purchase Order

Carillon’s Purchase Order module allows companies to maintain consistent stock levels, improve merchandise quality and minimize costs by increasing accuracy and efficiency in your purchasing department. Purchase Order allows companies to deal with real-world situations like partial shipments, combined shipments or delayed invoices. Goods will no longer sit on the loading dock while employees sift through piles of paperwork.

Purchase Order allows for tracking of each item down to the smallest detail. For example, users can indicate if an item was acquired at a discount, and, whether or not savings should be passed on to your customers.

Purchase Order also provides a separate payment for freight. This payment can be made to either the vendor or the carrier.

Tightly integrated to the entire Carillon suite, Purchase Order updates the General Ledger, giving an accurate view of your companies’ bottom line at any given time in financial statements and other reports.

Inventory includes incoming purchase orders when calculating the true Available to Sell amount. Your inventory levels will always be accurately portrayed through the on-line integration of Purchase Order and Inventory.

When items are received, purchase orders are converted to vouchers, automatically updating Accounts Payable. With Carillon, you save time and money through on-line information and accurate reports. Open Purchase Order reports can be generated both by Account and by Vendor.

This well-rounded, state of the art Purchase Order functionality will help guide any organization as it streamlines the process of ordering, receiving, and paying for everything your company needs to operate efficiently.

Time & Billing

Carillon’s Time & Billing allows you to easily manage all aspects of billing for a project–from producing reports on projects to billing clients and reimbursing employees. If employees are working on a project in several different billing capacities, employees can be listed for projects at different billing rates and these rates can be changed mid-project, if necessary.

Time and expenses are easily entered by day or by pay period. Employees can record unlimited comments detailing chargeable and non-chargeable time. The comments can be required, if desired by project managers. Expenses can have required comments as well. Expenses can also be billed to clients, if desired. Employee reimbursement checks are easily produced through tight integration with Accounts Payable.

Not only is Time and Billing tightly integrated with Accounts Payable, it is also integrated with Accounts Receivable. After clients are billed, Accounts Receivable is updated to show what is due, and the General Ledger is also updated to reflect the appropriate balances.

Time and Billing has many other useful functions. Client invoices can be previewed on-screen, so changes can be made before the final draft is printed. Billing can be produced in summary or detail with user-defined frequency. Time reports can be printed to show all time and expenses associated with a particular project or a specified employee.

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