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A full ERP system designed by The Versatile Group.

About Certiflex Dimension Business

The CertiflexDimension Business Accounting product series is designed to be a fast, flexible, powerful system for the growing business that is vast in its capabilities while remaining easy to learn and operate. The solutions are provided in a modular form. Modules include Point of Sale, Bill of Materials, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchase Order, Order Entry, Payroll, Inventory, Activity Monitor, Professional Time & Billing, Job Cost, MICR Check Writer.

Accounts Payable (With Check Printing)

Effective management of cash requirements is key for competitive companies. CertiflexDimension Accounts Payable is a full featured management system designed to handle all areas of vendor dispensation. You can be assured you are taking full advantage of all available discounts while paying your suppliers timely and consistently to maintain good credit standing. Split invoices and payments, multiple company vouchering, automatic check voiding and direct and manual check processing are all included in this all-inclusive payable management system.

Accounts Receivable (With Invoice Printing)

Your ability to understand and manage your cash flow will be enhanced dramatically with inherent features like industry specific invoice formatting, automatic recurring invoicing, compliant sales tax computations, discount considerations and versatile commission tracking. A complete repertoire of current and historical reports places critical data at your fingertips for timely analysis of sales performance. CertiflexDimension Accounts Receivable will fine-tune your company’s receipts faster, easier and more effectively.

Activity Monitor

Activity Monitor is designed for all Certiflex Dimension customers operating in a network environment. By concentrating specifically on workstations using Certiflex Dimension, Activity Monitor brings many of the features found in enterprise monitoring software to the accounting manager’s desktop. Whether peer-to-peer or client/server, Activity Monitor will dramatically enhance the monitoring and control facilities of your network. By utilizing the active data channel in Certiflex Dimension, Activity Monitor provides extremely fast access to current connectivity information without putting demands on network server or workstation resources. The result is instantaneous, easy to comprehend network activity information.

Bank Reconciliation

Manual bank reconciliation methods are slow, costly and often flawed. Automating the process will boost efficiency, save money and improve accuracy. CertiflexDimension Bank Reconciliation is ideally suited for today’s volume and complexity of transactions. Automatically balance any account whenever you choose. With CertiflexDimension Bank Reconciliation, you can know your true cash position at all times.

General Ledger

Timely and accurate collection and presentation of information is vital to understanding the financial condition of your company. CertiflexDimension General Ledger will collate data entered directly, or interactively from other integrated systems, to formulate a true, comprehensive picture of your company’s position. This highly developed ledger system features an incredibly powerful financial statement report writer, a full featured budget management system and consolidations for an unlimited number of companies. CertiflexDimension General Ledger has the power, speed and functionality to easily handle the uniqueness of your business.

Inventory (With Bill of Materials and Serialization)

Whether you are managing tangible or intangible inventory in a single site or multiple warehouse operation, CertiflexDimension Inventory presents an array of sophisticated features. Unit-of-measure conversions, multiple costing methods, inter-company transfers, serial number tracking,and a multiple of pricing levels stand ready to meet your special needs. Powerful, multi-layered bill-of-materials logic for assembly and disassembly of finished goods is also available. A wide selection of reports is readily available to track receipts, withdrawals and transfers, as well as sales and cost data. CertiflexDimension Inventory is designed to handle your most demanding inventory management requirements.

Job Cost

If your construction business dictates controlling project costs, CertiflexDimension Job Cost can easily handle the task. No more running your business by speculation. You will have accurate, timely information essential to increasing profits. By using the robust features of CertiflexDimension Job Cost, you will be able to better organize your projects, track commitments and match resources with project demands. With an improved insight into your company’s project costs, accountability and profitability, you will soon be back doing what you do best – construction.

MICR Check Writer

Certiflex Dimension MICR program works seamlessly with Version 8 Client Write-up, Payroll and Accounts Payable.

  • Supervisor only access to maintain MICR Bank Accounts
  • MICR Bank Account access by each bank account
  • Supports unique password protection on each bank account
  • All check numbering is strictly maintained and controlled by the MICR Bank Account System
  • Additional security controls on each check
  • Optional pre-print feature for complete supervisor control

Order Entry

The entire cycle of order entry, fulfillment, shipping and customer data management is a time-consuming process. CertiflexDimension Order Entry will streamline most of those actions, allowing your sales staff to spend more time closing orders and you can go back to growing your business. Whether it’s preparing quotes, chasing backorders, keeping track of shipments, or simply managing the paper flow, CertiflexDimension Order Entry will radically increase the efficiency of your sales process.


Acute business owners and managers are continually concerned with escalating direct, out-of-pocket payroll expenses and associated administrative costs. CertiflexDimension Payroll offers you the best solution for managing and controlling those costs. From the basic necessities of fast, efficient time entry and check printing to the most advanced management tools available, CertiflexDimension Payroll will make a world of difference in the success of your business.

ProTABS (Time and Billing System)

ProTABS is a comprehensive time and billing system designed to let you do what you do best - generate revenue. ProTabs is a smart management tool enabling the tracking and billing of daily time and expenses. Flexible practice management reporting helps analyze the effectiveness of staff operations and billing procedures. CertiflexDimension ProTabs offers the functionality, flexibility, and ease-of-learning you have come to expect from CertiflexDimension software.

Purchase Order

Streamline your complete procurement process with CertiflexDimension Purchase Order. A real-time tracking and reporting system keeps you appraised of all your purchasing related activities – from requisition to receiving. Analyze supplier performance, price fluctuations and purchase trends to exercise backlog planning and purchasing control for significant cost savings that transfer directly to your bottom line.

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