Clients & Profits Classic

A multi-module management system designed by Clients & Profits for marketing companies.

About Clients & Profits Classic

Clients & Profits Classic is a complete job tracking, costing, billing, and accounting system for small ad agencies and graphic design firms. Includes CRM and calendar tools, Production Planner, and Rush Manager for better client and job management. C&P Classic includes the C&P Media Link to import media buys from Strata, SmartPlus, and Tapscan.

Account Management

Set up accounts for both active and prospective clients. Track contacts and activities with diary entries. Keep billing information such as billing rates, finance charges, and sales taxes. Track budgets, jobs, and billings with client projects. Schedule automatic monthly retainers. Review open jobs, billings, account balances, and year vs. year stats by client.


The integrated one-write, double-entry General Ledger supports 15 accounting periods (i.e., 12 for the current year plus three for the next year) with a customizable Chart of Accounts that can contain an unlimited number of accounts for up to 99 profit centers. It tracks client deposit, client payments, and account balances. Checks can be written for vendor payables or direct purchases from any number of checking accounts. Overhead expenses can be tracked with built-in budget reports. Payroll entries can be imported from CheckMark Payroll or keyed in from a third-party payroll provider, like Paychex or ADP.


Seven different billing types (i.e., job billing, estimate billing, progress/final billing, multi-job billing, media billing, retainer billing, and miscellaneous billing) can handle any kind of billing need for even the most demanding clients. Bill clients for jobs at any point during their progress, whether the job is finished or not. Any job can be billed any number of times for any billing amount. Billing amounts are applied to job costs, automating work in progress. Scheduled retainers can be billed to clients and applied to job billings. Sales tax is automatically calculated and summarized on a special sales tax report. Best of all, printed invoices look like estimates to prevent payment-delaying questions from clients.

Financial Management

Print a complete set of financial reports including the Income Statement, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, audit trails, account ledgers, budgets, cash flow, and more (see the Report-o-Matic for a complete list and samples). Analyze profitability and productivity for any time period by job, client, AE/team, project, and more. Best of all, financial and management reports can be printed at any time during the month, as well as for any month during the year.

Job Costing

Add and print purchase orders that update job tickets automatically. POs can be added for job costs or agency overhead purchases. Purchase orders can be approved online. POs and vendor invoices are automatically reconciled without double-entry when the invoice is entered into Accounts Payable. Vendor invoices can be added for job costs, overhead expenses, or both at the same time. Staff members can enter their hours throughout the using a pop-up time card or a weekly time sheet.

Job Tracking

Open online job tickets for any kind of work. Creative briefs, work orders, and printing specifications forms describe the scope of every job. Estimates can be created from jobs without rekeying. Define billing rates, contingencies, and specifications for similar types of jobs to prevent errors and confusion. Add change orders to document revisions. Review the job’s progress and work in progress at any point from any computer. Close a job with a single mouse click.

Media Estimating & Buying

Create media estimates for all kinds of media. Create insertion orders automatically from media plans and estimates without rekeying. Insertion and broadcast orders can be automatically billed with a single mouse click. Import media buys from media buying systems such as SmartPlus, Strata, and TAPSCAN with the C&P Media Link.


Print daily job status reports, weekly traffic reports, and work-to-do checklists for creative and production staff without rekeying data. Track jobs by production status and billing status. Manage both billing and unbillable (pro-bono) jobs. Traffic reports highlight the job’s milestones. Job schedules show due dates for individual tasks assigned for staff members. Sub-tasks allow a task to be delegated among several people, each with its own production details and deadlines. Print timeliness for each job’s deadlines. Production and traffic reports show up-to-minute job data, so are always dependable. Anyone can update job status, milestones, and schedules any time, including from their time card.

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