A cloud ERP solution designed for the unique needs of the fashion industry

About CloudSuite Fashion

CloudSuite Fashion, a cloud-based ERP developed by Infor, is a fashion and apparel solution to help your business respond to consumer trends, industry regulations, and sustainability initiatives.

CloudSuite Fashion offers simplified ERP functionality built in, enabling you to adapt quickly while prioritizing sustainability throughout the supply chain. It continuously provides new capabilities for managing evolving business models and improving visibility from end to end.


  • Automated updates are done with zero or near-zero downtime
  • Preview new features with toggle on/off switches
  • Adopt innovative capabilities at your own pace without major upgrades
  • Tailor and future proof your applications, mobile apps, and extensions with extensibility tools
  • Design fabrics for reuse and recycling
  • Collaborate with partners to avoid waste in the value chain
  • Create value in durability
  • Ensure new business models and initiatives are sustainable
  • Create a single connection with your partner network
  • Enable better supplier collaboration
  • Support e-invoicing and payables automation
  • Take advantage of innovative supply chain finance tools
  • Leverage transportation sourcing and execution
  • Monitor and manage multileg, multimode shipment tracking, and monitoring
  • Create a visualization of products in 2D or 3D models
  • Automate order pass-through and customer proposals
  • Provide an optimized buying experience
  • Guarantee fast and accurate orders
  • Accelerate new product introductions
  • Improve sales efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Quickly implement preconfigured fashion industry best practices
  • Decide which processes to adopt as is and which to adjust to your unique business needs
  • Identify opportunities to improve quality, boost process performance, and reduce costs

User Reviews of CloudSuite Fashion

Submitted on August 12th, 2021 by Rod Stanton from Munro Footwear Group

The business will always want more—better reporting, visually informative dashboards, faster tools—and we knew with CloudSuite Fashion we’d get the best value technology for our money.