CompuTrain Fund Accounting

A multi-module management system designed by CompuTrain Enterprises for government & public administration and utilities companies.

About CompuTrain Fund Accounting

We offer a full range of completely integrated Fund Accounting modules. All modules are State Specific for reporting and procedures. Municipalities and Public Libraries are our only Clients because our programs were designed by them for them.

Accounts Payable

Print all laser checks for all of your Vendor payments, create recurring entries to speed the process each month, track major projects by expenses paid.

  • Create recurring payments for vendors
  • Track expenses by department
  • Post budget line items across different funds
  • Warning if exceeding appropriated budget
  • One Time Entry

Attachment Manager

Attach pictures of employees, as well as drivers license and other needed HR documents, pictures of Capital Assets, Invoices, W9s, Permit Applications and Licenses, and any type of document that you deem important to your organization and the applicable CompuTrain Module.

Bank Reconciliation

  • Download transactions from your bank
  • Automatically compare transactions between bank and software
  • Print Bank Reconciliation Reports

Capital Assets

GASB34 compliant, track assets by value, type, location, etc. Calculate depreciation and report the assets.

Cemetery Management

Track information of the owner including relatives, are they a veteran, do they own other grave sites, store a scanned image of their deeds and maps of the sites. List of available gravesites and of those sold gravesites and owners

Direct Deposit

Employees can setup to have their paycheck divided and allocated to go to different options such as savings, checking, auto or house payment, etc. These allocations can be by percentage or dollar amounts. Direct deposit employees will still receive a facsimile of a check, showing there gross, all their deductions, net pay and it will be clearly marked Direct Deposit.

  • Unlimited payroll designated deposits
  • Complete Audit reports for deposits

Fixed Assets

  • Track assets across multiple funds
  • Group assets by type
  • GASB 34 reporting
  • Track depreciation of assets
  • Report assets purchased and disposed by date range
  • Track Add-Ons of an Asset
  • Add Asset from Purchase Orders or Accounts Payable

General Ledger

Produces your Annual Budget Reports and assists you with Projections and Comparisons of past budgets. Creates Financial Reports such as the Appropriation, Funds, Income Statement, Balance Sheet and moreý

  • Create a customized chart of accounts.
  • Multiple Fund Management and Reporting
  • Powerful User defined security
  • State Specific Reporting
  • One Time Entry

Human Resource

Track personnel information such as Last raise, Education or training completed, Changes in job description, Recommendations or Disciplinary actions, Dependent information, Insurance information.

  • Track personnel information not in Payroll
  • Education or training completed
  • Changes in Job Description and last raise
  • Recommendations or Disciplinary actions
  • Dependent information
  • Detailed Insurance information
  • Interfaces with Payroll

Inventory Control

Track all inventory and inventory levels, create orders of items needed, send order to POs, move inventory and track between departments and locations.

Investment Management

Track CDýs, Treasury, Money Market and Now accounts and Calculate total interest and maturity dates. Group investments by funds or banks. Report investments by type, renewal, expiration date or show all current investments.

  • Track Investments by Fund or investment vehicle
  • Search by date for maturing investments
  • Track interest payments
  • Calculates interest and maturity dates
  • Interfaces with General Ledger and Accounts Payable


Calculates and tracks vacation, sick, personal time, etc. Pay employees from multiple funds, accounts, departments and at multiple rates and Interfaces with the TimeTrax module

  • Unlimited number of additional deductions
  • Calculates and tracks vacation, sick, personal time, etc.
  • User defined detailed check stubs with notes
  • Pay employees from mulitple funds, accounts, departments and at multiple rates
  • Sends claims to Accounts Payable for Taxes, Insurance, etc. after posting payroll

Permits and License Applications

Take applications and store them for easy retrieval, print out the Permits, retain pertinent info on the applicants and businesses, reminds you when insurance or bonds for businesses are about to expire.

PO Request

Let the department heads or anyone with access to create a Purchase Order Request. It can then be reviewed, accepted or denied and then merged with other purchase orders.


POS acts like a cash register on your computer. Use a Touch Screen monitor and a keyboard is not necessary. We attach a cash drawer that opens immediately after printing a receipt from the POS receipt printer and the program will tell you what change to give. Receive money for anything that you charge for, animal license, building permits, business license, park fees, etc. Scan a payment stub for a water bill and it will pull up the customers name and balance, enter the payment and it applies to the Utility Billing module.

Purchase Orders

Create all of your purchase orders, email them directly to the Vendor, receive all or partial orders, send them to Accounts Payable for payment, track what POs are outstanding, what is paid and what is not.

  • Create Purchase Orders from multiple funds
  • Receive and track back orders and partial receipts
  • Strong reporting capabilities, outstanding balances, backorders, paid, etc.
  • Select from vendors list of product for easy input and pricing
  • Send entire PO for payment or just partial PO
  • When sent to Accounts Payable, claims are created, just print the check
  • Encumber funds when posted


Allows employees to clock in and out from designated workstations as if they were time clocks. Hours worked import into Payroll for easy payroll calculations. Print time sheets for employees to review and sign. Create printable employee work schedules

  • Software based Time Clock
  • Clocks employees In and Out by Department
  • Provides supervisor with time sheets and other reports
  • Interfaces with Payroll and Scheduling

Utility Billing

Setup as many services to bill customers by; Water, Sanitation, Electric, Gas, Trash, Cable, any thing that your community needs to bill. Post payments to accounts in arrears according to priorities you establish. Print one bill per individual showing multiple accounts. View graphs for client usage over a specific date range. Reprint lost or damaged bills for clients. Print duplicate, one-page bills for landlords

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