An ERP software system designed by ConnectedBusiness Systems.

About ConnectedBusiness ERP

A true Omnichannel ERP & POS solution designed by ConnectedBusiness. Connected Business is a fully integrated omni-channel business solution designed to increase the operational efficiency and profitability of Distribution, eCommerce, Retail and other product related companies. It includes ERP, CRM, eCommerce, Warehouse Management, Shipping, Point of Sale, Business Intelligence and more.

Every application and module of Connected Business is designed to work seamlessly together in real-time, sharing a common business logic and database. Say goodbye to tedious, costly and unsuccessful synchronization between your web store, your retail store, your warehouse, and your back office applications.

With Connected Business all of your customer and inventory information is centrally managed. This allows you to seamlessly sell and service your customers across multiple channels - providing the same exact experience to your customers no matter which sales channel they choose. With Connected Business your inventory availability is always correct (down to the second) and coupon codes, loyalty points, gift certificates, credit memos and more can be processed and shared across all of your selling channels. Stop selling across channel silos and focus on providing the Omni-Channel experience today’s buyers are expecting.

Benefits Include:

  • A completely integrated ERP and Retail POS OmniChannel solution.
  • POS Retail or Mobile Sales or Trade Show orders & sales
  • Designed for both local area networks and hosted OnDemand Cloud connectivity.
  • Simple, easy to use GUI Graphical User interface.
  • Intuitive, graphical dashboards.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence & Report Writer
  • Robust customization options.
  • Powerful, high-performance SQL database technology.
  • A new standard in affordability. Available both licensed and hosted.
  • A free SDK Available
  • Integrated CBE ConnectedBusiness Shopping cart with free Source Code included

ConnectedBusiness eCommerce Module (CBE)

ConnectedBusiness eCommerce Module (CBE) is a complete integrated website and shopping cart ! CBE goes beyond eCommerce by giving you true ‘eBusiness’ capabilities that can power both the company’s web store and back office operations in one fully integrated application. Whereas eCommerce is only designed to run your web store, ConnectedBusiness is designed to run your entire organization. Transforming eCommerce to eBusiness: By using one point of access for data and business rules, CBE eliminates the need to import and export data between applications because information entered into the system is accessible throughout your entire organization. As an eBusiness, there is no separation between your web store and the rest of your company. You are now able to provide your customers the same service at your CBE web store or POS Retail Store or over the telephone. Includes:

  • A complete integrated website and shopping cart.
  • Multi-Store capable out of the box. Have as many websites as you want with one back office database.
  • Browser based Content management system (CMS) for maintaining the web store’s content.
  • Easy, step by step checkout process.
  • Unlimited categories, departments, manufacturers, products and services.
  • HTML editor for summary, description and warranty pages.
  • Search engine optimization options.
  • Topics, news, polls and product ratings.
  • Page settings (show buy button, hide price until cart, require registration to view, etc)

ConnectedWarehouse Management System (CWMS)

Connected Warehouse is complete with most features for your warehouse operations including:

  • item picking & packing
  • shipment label printing
  • receiving orders in
  • stocking
  • transfers
  • adjustments
  • physical inventory checking

Retail POS ConnectedSale (CBCS)

True OmniChannel & Multi-Location Retail POS application. Powerful POS Retail solution that is included with ConnectedBusiness ERP or ConnectedSale products. Each product designed to fit your individualized business needs. Starting as low as $50 per user

  • Run locally or cloud based
  • No Limits to number of customers or inventory items in system
  • CBE eCommerce included at no additional cost
  • CWMS ConnectedWarehouse Management System included
  • Gift Cards redeemable in store at any location or online with CBE eCommerce, included
  • Loyalty Points redeemable in store at any location or online with CBE eCommerce, included
  • Matrix & Assembly items included
  • Multi-Tier pricing for Retail or Wholesale price levels included
  • Run on existing equipment or update to IPad terminals
  • Touchscreen enabled
  • Payment at Terminal or on account

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User Reviews of ConnectedBusiness ERP

Submitted on February 14th, 2019 by Steve

Overall good system until an upgrade to newest version is required

The Good…

Seamless integration between ecommerce sales and back end.

The Bad…

Versions become unsupported which requires upgrading to the newest version. This is by far the biggest problem. There are very few partners of the system. Every upgrade costs at least $30,000 - $40,000 and takes over a year to implement.

Submitted on April 30th, 2018 by an anonymous ConnectedBusiness ERP user.

We use Connected Business to run our company and sell online. We like that we can self-host the solution, but they also offer a cloud version so I’m not sure what the previous reviewer is talking about.

The Good…

Before Connected Business we used different eCommerce and ERP packages. We found that to cause a lot of problems and the integration between the eCommerce and ERP has allowed us to solve those problems and grow the business. What we like the best about the solution is that is is totally customizable and the business intelligence tools

The Bad…

The package was a bit hard to learn at first. We hired one of their partners to be on site the first week we went live which worked out well. They wrote a few little custom add-ons to help some of our employees speed up routine tasks we had not considered prior to going live.

Submitted on January 16th, 2018 by Jared

Connected Business is a full ERP, at a reasonable licencing cost.

The Good…

Not much at all. its everything in 1 system, but there are a lot better products with that feature, at the same cost.

The Bad…

Very buggy. horribly expensive to repair, and modify. very few third party developers available, and they all expect you to have lots of cash to throw their way. not cloud based, and no plans for it. visually unattractive. no graphs, and standard reports are minimal.

Submitted on November 3rd, 2017 by an anonymous ConnectedBusiness ERP user.

A sophisticated small-company ERP that is especially-suited for distribution companies that grow past the capabilities of Sage 50 or Quickbooks; handles inventory tracking at multiple ship-from locations and works with multiple currencies.

The Good…

The capabilities are strong for any company that finds the mainstream micro-business accounting packages to be too simple for their needs. Strong website integration makes operating a brand easier, no matter how orders come in.

The Bad…

Difficult to implement and buggy. Support is in Asia. Email marketing module is dated and unusable now. Annual support cost is high. More hours are spent tweaking the software than a small business can really afford without a specialist on staff.

Submitted on September 29th, 2017 by Max from Gearbox

Connected Business helps us manage our business and sell online

The Good…

We moved from Sage and we really like how everything is integrated. Our eCommerce sales have grown quite a bit over the past few years and CB has made that a painless experience. We also like how we can easily modify the menus and screens for each user role.

The Bad…

We started using the product 5 years ago and the initial experience was not good. The software was slow, buggy, not very intuitive, and we did not setup the system correctly in places causing more issues. They had us upgrade to version 15 which was a difficult upgrade, but solved most of the issues we had. We have since upgraded to version 18 which was a pretty smooth process. Version 18 has a auto update tool so I’m hoping future upgrades will be easy. The other issue we had is that there are not a lot of third party developers familiar with the solution and finding someone to customize your reports or website can sometimes be a challenge. This was a topic on their forum a few months back and I’ve seen where they have added some new partners so its nice to see that being addressed. The support is via a ticketing system but we rarely use support so that is not a issue for us. We prefer to use the forum as other users will voice their solutions as well.

Submitted on September 14th, 2015 by an anonymous ConnectedBusiness ERP user.

An all inlcusive ERP with many features. The system has come a long way since i last looked at it and used it. It is a usable platform with lots of features but lacks stablity and compreheive support. Support takes a long time to reply and is out of the bases off shore.

The Good…

All the features.

The Bad…

the lack of mature of the platform and the instablity.